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I haven’t been reviewing and adding my notes on TV shows I watch, because I am disappointed with every single one of them. Yes, even Shameless, SVU and Greys. The three shows still on air I swear by. Absolutely nothing is going on an it upsets me and makes it pointless for me to rate the show and give each episode a lousy 2/10. The show I am most disappointed with this season is Modern Family. There was one good episode, but for the love of God, the other 10 were disastrous. I am no longer interested in what any of these characters are doing. The Middle is in its final season and instead of going out with a bang, it’s going out with a… yawn. Shameless, so Ian is the gay Jesus now, and Debby lost 3 toes. That is it. Even Frank did not do anything interesting. Carl has a wife now and he’s been goody-goody all season. Grey’s, sweet old Grey’s. I am happy that Meredith got the Harper Avery award, but nothing else happened all half season. SVU, they cast Brooke Shields and instead of keeping her as Olivia’s friend, they have her kidnap Noah.

Greys 14.10

After four of her patients die, April loses her faith in God. She also runs into her ‘one that got away’, the paramedic she left at the altar back in season 9.


Greys 14.11

Bailey has a heart attack and fights for herself.


Greys 14.12

The big competition is here and the entire episode is a snoozeville.


Greys 4.13

A-freaking-mazing! They introduced the lead from the new Shondaland show Station 19 and I like her already! Ben was written off Greys and we saw him driving off in an ambulance. Ellen looked liked her season 2 baby self with that pink lipstick in the ambulance scene! The Asian intern took her hijab off to stop the kid’s leg from bleeding!

You look twelve. Can you find a grown up to tell her that.
Do not move your hand!
See, grown ups!
Can’t believe this project has not been founded!


When Calls the Heart 5.01

Some crook seller tried to kill little Opal with arsenic! Can we stop pretending that Abigail and Henry are not meant for each other? Are they actually trying to write our favorite villain off? I say this every episode, but Rosemary is just an extraordinary character. I usually cannot stand happy characters, but watching any scenes with her affects my mood. Elizabeth’s perky sister is back and she wants to be Elizabeth’s apprentice. Lee is left in charge of the town. There is something clearly wrong with Elizabeth’s wig and it’s almost as annoying. I still don’t trust or like Jesse. He’s a tool and Clara better leave him for good. There’s also a virus spreading, it all turns out to be the fault of some magical tonic, that even clears acne. Lori Loughlin runs into another Garage Sale Mystery co-star, who plays Henry Gowen’s defence attorney.

I need to leave someone in charge as acting sheriff.
So you’re testifying for the defence and you’re testifying for
Rosemary did chilli last week, and I was sick for four days.
Where is your badge?
For all the bad things that I’ve done, I must have done something right.
Why is that?
Because for some odd reason that I don’t understand, you still seem to believe in me.
Someone stole my wagon.
Lee! Go!
I don’t want you chasing horse thieves all through the night.
I took his wagon and I hid it in the woods.
Julie is trying to steal Jesse away from Clara.
And I don’t gossip, cause I don’t gossip.
Besides I heard that Clara and Jesse broke up.
Well, who’s gossiping now.
Elizabeth, telegram for you.
Lee, what’s going on.
I had to arrest him.
Michael, I need you too.
No, same cell.
You are now deputized.
Am I really a deputy.
As much as I’m a sheriff.


When Calls the Heart 5.02

Turns out railroad will not happen and everyone loses faith in Abigail’s abilities. Julie, Elizabeth’s artsy sister does not punish Robert for ripping Anna’s drawing. Rosemary is happy as her clothes sell well in the big city. Rosemary pushes one of the local girls to buy a dress she cannot afford and she comes back with her husband the next day to return it. Lee tried to save the town by blackmail. Cody saves the day by randomly telling everyone his life story.

Men aren’t emotionally sophisticated creatures.
You’re the best mayor this town has ever had.
You changed your mind.
Actually your whole town changed it for me.
Our childhood never leaves us.
You’re a great major, Mrs Stanton.


When Calls a Heart 5.03

Some random architect friend of Rosemary shows up in town and it looks like she’s staying. I thought the doctor was supposed to end up with the nurse, so why are they adding a love interest for him? Jack is back and after spending a couple of months apart, he is eager to marry Elizabeth, you know why. Why does the young journalist’s hair look dyed, isn’t she 12? The show gets very average when Jack is around.


The Middle 9.14


The Middle 9.15

Sue turns 21.


911 1.01

There is no way a baby would fit in that pipe, but I still loved every minute of the episode. The youngest of Lind sisters plays a little girl home alone and I really enjoyed when the young firefighter used the fire extinguisher to throw the bulglar off the motorbike.


911 1.02

Unrealistic with the firefighter remaining conscious through the whole thing, but I loved the rollercoaster incident.


911 1.03

The cop’s daughter tries to kill herself, because of some girl at school bullying her.


911 1.04

The plane crash episode was everything.


911 1.05

I am really into the age gap between Abby and the firefighter.

I am so much better when it’s somebody else’s emergency.
That I murdered my own family.


911 1.06

I see it now, Ryan and Brad are big fans of Parenthood and Friday Night Lights and Coach Taylor’s wife is supposed to end up with Adam Braverman.


911 1.07

Another Parenthood alum, Drew’s girlfriend did a guest spot in this episode. I don’t see why they changed her age to 32 when Lyndon Smith is 28, but that’s the only thing that bothered me. I absolutely loved the moment where we find out the intruder was in fact inside the house, standing right behind the woman, and it was his refection that she saw.


How to Get Away with Murder 5.12

How to survive a scandal.


How to Get Away with Murder 5.13

At least Connor is going back to uni.


Scandal 7.10

Quinn and Olivia’s father randomly starting to sing Britney Spears while Charlie looks confused. I just really cannot stand Olivia at this point, she became such a shitty character, but I’ve always loved most of the characters here except for Olivia.

That man spilled his DNA all over this White House.


Scandal 7.11

Quinn is back and Mellie talking about her mammogram was one of the two good scenes.

Shut up, eat your melon.


Scandal 7.12

Shut up Olivia, I love Megabus, it’s cheap and takes me to London without paying the city centre entry fee every time I need to buy somthing nice for myself and look at pretty architecture.

You had to haul your broke ass on the megabus to beg for my help.


Modern Family 9.14

It was good enough, especially Joe being in love with Claire. When did Mitch and Cam get boring?


The Good Fight 2.01

How did I not know Audra McDonald joined the cast! And how did Howard become a judge! He does not like wearing his trousers and forgets things.

I just have a few questions.
Oh dear God.
So, let’s talk about your job, miss.
He thought we were getting too close.
You said you worked at an amusement park?
And Alicia Florrick. I went to school with her.


The Simpsons 29.10

I’m just intellectually drunk.
Hey kid, I want to show you something.
Are you a pervert?
A beautiful hotel bar, just like in The Shining.


The Good Doctor 1.10

Oh, look it’s the Grey’s Anatomy wanna be.


The Good Doctor 1.11


Absentia 1.08

Emily’s son and his new mom are kidnapped and at first we assume it was most likely done by Charles, Emily’s friend/nemesis from the children’s home she grew up in. Emily poses as a patient at the mental institution Charles lives in and we learn that all the children hated her for something. Charles does not reveal who Patient B is, but we he is in fact Patient A. I really thought he would say she is patient B, but he didn’t which does not exclude her.

You want me to hurt you or her?
Hurt me.


Absentia 1.09


Absentia 1.10

This show finally got good enough seconds before it wrapped.