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I, Tonya

This is mostly told from Tonya’s perspective and yet, those who haven’t read her autobiography, would never notice the one shocking detail that was omitted…Tonya’s gang rape.


Game Night

What a treat, epecially for fans of Friday Night Lights and Dexter, like myself! One of the scenes worth mentioning is the one where Jason Bateman’s character tells his Game Night friends that they need to try the cheese, allwhile Kyle Chandler’s character is being tied up. When they’re heading for the doors, Jason says ‘Drive safe’.


West Side Story

Sadly, it no longer leaves such a strong impression as it did decades ago. Does anyone remember these songs? Despite not standing the test of time, West Side Story is still a tragically beautiful musical.


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A Mother’s Rage

This is one of my favorite Lifetime films. Lori Loughlin, who hunts pervy guys here, is phenomenal!


The Wool Cap

I love that Frank Gallagher. I just don’t understand why the monkey had to die.


She’s Having a Baby

She’s Having a Baby is the most personal story for John Hughes. For some unknown reason, it’s highly underrated. I get that people go for his teen masterpieces and Home Alone and Uncle Buck and they don’t even bother to look twice at this one, but it truly is lovely. Kevin Bacon is sort of annoying at times, but the film as a whole is funny. Every time I watch an Elizabeth McGovern film, I think of the career she could have had if she never left the US, but on the other hand, Cora was my favorite Downton Abbey character and they could have cast someone who wouldn’t fit the role, so I guess it is what it is.


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Everybody’s Fine

Kept me extremely depressed, and left me that way. All those kids were ungrateful, and all four of them became artists? Four kids and none of them have regular jobs, and they are all artsy?


When Billie Beat Bobby

I liked how the film revolved around one match and not Billie’s personal life. I don’t understand why this was remade. Is anyone actually suggesting Emma Stone is a better actress than Holly Hunter, because I just laughed out loud.


Kindergarten Cop

I was the kid who always talked about death. And though I didn’t go as far as stealing other kids’ lunches, I sure liked food.


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You report the rape, not take a shower. Jesus. It’s not the rape that is disturbing here, it’s all the consensual sex…some of it with the rapist. The video game rape and the constantly horny lead character made me angry. I was surprised when it wasn’t one of the intern/employees who raped her.


Who Killed JonBenet?

The child actress’s narration was wonderful.


Maze Runner: The Death Cure

‘That’ original character dying made it all worth it. But Thomas’s blood is the cure? That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard.


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Imaginary Heroes

I blame myself and ‘Prayers for Bobby’ for assuming that Sigourney Weaver plus her film offspring’s suicide would make for a good film.


Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens

How many kids do they have?! Definitely the worst one of all. Even the 5th one was better.


Sharknado 5: Global Swarming

Oh no! The Queen is trapped, because the sharks are blocking all the entrances to Buckingham Palace! And Tara Reid can fly in this one? I used to get all excited for shark week and this series made me start hating it.


To see what other films I watched this year, please check out my letterboxd account https://letterboxd.com/joanneholly I’m planning on watching 500 films this year and I’m currently at 200.

Have a great day.