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Punch-Drunk Love

Paul Thomas Anderson’s most uplifting film that I love just as much as pudding.


A Star is Born

They should not have put that nose scene in, seeing as this is what it looks like after a nose job. I’ve only seen the 1976 version of this film, the one with Barbara Streisand, but I really want to watch the 1954 one with Judy Garland and the original from 1937. This one was unnecessary and it certainly felt like it.


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A Simple Favor

Anna Kendrick has been playing the same awkward character since Up in the Air. I was probably the only person in the audience who hasn’t seen Gossip Girl. Not that I’m planning to. A Simple Favor is more of a comedy than a mystery thriller, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


3 Generations

This felt like a draft of a first act, not a full film. Ever since Thelma and Louise, no one can’t convince me Susan Sarandon is not gay.

‘My whole life I’ve searched my body for scars because I know a part of me is missing. Everyone assumes that who I am is connected to who they thought I was when I was born. They’re wrong.’

‘Having sex with women doesn’t mean you’re open-minded, it just means you’re happy.’


Winged Creatures

Very much like Crash, but not trying to be about race.


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The House with A Clock in its Walls

What a nice lullaby. I slept through most of it, as there was absolutely nothing happening till the last 15 minutes.


Mom’s Day Away

My parents have been telling me about this Hallmark film for the last couple of months after someone recommended it to them and we finally got to watch it today. It was not as good as they made it out to be.


Mad City

The ending made it good.


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We Bought a Zoo

I’m currently on holiday with my family, which means I’m watching some feel-good romcoms. I was surprised to see Matt Damon in a family film. My two favorite moments were my dad’s reaction to seeing Daisy Wick from Bones randomly pop up and me explaining to my mom who the heck Elle Fanning is.


Conrad & Michelle: If Words Could Kill

I remember reading transcripts of Michelle’s texts with 4 of her friends and I am disappointed Lifetime only chose to show two of those friends. I distinctively remember reading something about a male friend who was trying to get with her, to whom she replied she had a suicidal boyfriend, another friend who she didn’t know well, to whom she wrote that she loves new friendships, and I guess the two that were pictured in this film. To some of them she wrote panicky messages about Conrad’s family trying to locate him and to others that he phoned her from the car and didn’t say anything. The night after Conrad’s death, a few minutes after 7pm she texted the 4 friends the exact same copy-paste message pretending she just learned about his death. I was also disappointed Lifetime skipped a text she sent a few days before his death where she asked Conrad whether he had deleted their messages from his phone. Lifetime failed to draw conclusion as to what Michelle’s motive was, something that’s been bothering me for the last three years. Lifetime focused more on her eating disorder, even claimed Conrad mentioned it in his last texts. They portrayed her as a needy person desperate for friends and attention. Lifetime did not mention anything about her popular side, including her trip to Disneyland or her senior prom. I guess I still hoped that what drove Michelle to convince Conrad to take his own life was severe depression, but this film conviced me that her mental problems were fake and she is an actual psychopath.


The Unborn

I watch Shameless and The Middle, so that’s my excuse for giving this ridiculous film a go, as usually creepy kids make average horrors appealing. If you don’t know the answer to the lead’s question ‘Why now?’ at the beginning of the film, then you’ll probably enjoy this horror.