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Bad Girls

Madeleine Stowe kicks ass, while the other three wait around and disappoint.


At Middleton

Beautiful film about emotional adultery, something that most experience at least once in their lifetime.



The ‘They’re hurting my sister’ scene, the ‘if she’s so brilliant, how come she’s sitting in our neighbor’s car’ line and the sight of little Bryce Dallas Howard in the audience never fail. Also this is a great base for the tv series of the same name that I loved so much.


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Face 2 Face

You can guess what the disturbing secret is early on, but the way they revealed it was amazingly more sinister than I thought It would be seeing how cheerful this film was up till that point.

‘You called me back from the party, because you thought I was lonely or something and then suddenly I had one friend and that was enough’


Ocean’s 8

It’s flawed but still fun. I rewatched it with someone who hated it and it ruined the whole film for me.


The Lodgers

I would buy this story if the 6 generations before didn’t look exactly like the twins.