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the fff green book vic

The Favourite

‘She saved me my whole life. Without her, I’m nothing.’

I went to see it again today, as it’s nearly perfect and I’ve had a stressful week. It’s even better the second time, and even though the audience I saw it with sounded disappointed, I couldn’t stop smiling at the screen. It was impossible to route for Abigail, seeing how annoying she was. Yorgos Lanthimos streches history to squeeze that alledged romantic story line in there, which ends up being the only part that actually makes sense. Olivia Coleman and Rachel Weisz give beautiful performances. The music score is wonderfully chilling, the cinematography, in big part focused in Anne’s room is breathtaking. The costumes are amazing, epecially everything they gave Rachel Weisz to wear. And I completely missed that About A Boy reunion the first time I watched it. The Favourite is quickly becoming one of my new favourites and I may watch it again next week.

And no one in their right mind would ever choose Emma Stone over Rachel Weisz.

‘I am not food, you cannot just eat and eat.’

‘You sent for Abigail to try and make me jealous, I think.’

‘How good to see you’ve returned from…’
‘Hell. I’m sure you shall pass through it one day.’


Green Book

Viggo Mortensen is fantastic as the chauffeur. I still don’t understand why Viggo wasn’t offered more groundbreaking roles after The History of Violence, so I am over the moon about his role in Green Book.



The first half was too long and so boring, I fell asleep. Now how about that tiny Naomi Watts cameo?


side effects enemy.jpg copenhagen

Side Effects

I have been on my share of antidepressants, and I remember being put on this particular one at 16, just before I did this play, and it gave me the craziest side effects, including never ending dryness in my mouth. Needless to say I stopped taking it after opening night, cause it made me feel too uncomfortable.

Even though I didn’t like how the story unfolded, for once I liked Catherine Zeta-Jones’s character, so that’s something.


Enemy at the Gates

What a ride. I watched it twice today. Also, don’t tell me that this was not one of the films that inspired that disturbing underground sex scene in ‘In Darkness’.

‘On the train coming here, we were in the same cart, I saw you, you were reading and you feel asleep. I didn’t dare to look at you, you were so beautiful, it was scary. Afterwards, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. It made me smile. Then I thought of all the men who would get to hold you, who’d make you laugh. How lucky they were. And now I’m the one lying next to you’.



Just as wonderful as You & Me Forever.


escape ago-e1549723150153.jpg going

Escape Room

Am I supposed to route for someone who said ‘Downtown’ is elevator music? This felt very much like Cabin in the Woods, but not that good and not gory at all.

This is the 100th film watched with my Odeon Limitless pass.



Imagine if Amenabar showed us or even mentioned exactly what they’d done to Hypatia, instead of this PG 13 mercy killing. We would have been traumatised.


Going All the Way

These two hate women but expect sex from them. The film also laughs at suicide, no person would ever try to off themselves cause they couldn’t get it up. What an awful film.


the deep a date for mad dad in tr

The Deep Blue Sea

It’s based on a play by Terence Rattigan of the same name. The lighting seemed overexposed at times and I did not especially like that there were only 2 or 3 locations, but I loved the theatre feel, while all the suicide bits and talks and post Blitz London scenery were mesmerising. Falling head over heels for someone who doesn’t love you back can be devastating. I used to know a girl who drove herself mad, because someone a few years older did not want her. She ended up in therapy and is now happy with someone else.


A Date for Mad Mary

Another great little film I watched on HBO Go.


Dad in Training

As wonderful as it’s poster. Awful title translation.