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dis mn stan


‘Do you still only fancy women?’

Beautiful film. It’s made it’s way to my top 10. The first kiss Ronit and Esti share is the prettiest kiss I’ve ever seen on screen, partially because Ronit’s eyes are open through a big part of it.

It’s sad that Disobedience was shot in London and yet it didn’t get a proper national cinema release. Is this because only <0.5% of British population is Jewish or because of the LGBT aspect of the film?

‘I used to think about your life in New York. I tried to imagine your room. I kept track of the time difference, so I knew when you were awake and when you were asleep.

‘I wanted it to happen. And when we were girls… Even then, it was the same. It’s always been this way! I have always wanted it.

‘Why did you get married, Esti? Why didn’t you just leave? So everything was all right when I left?’
‘No. I was ill.’
‘What sort of ill?’
‘In my head.’
‘If I had to sleep with a man, why not with our best friend?’
‘Oh, Esti…’
‘It hasn’t been a complete disaster.’
‘And that’s enough?! Do you have to have sex every Friday?’
‘It’s expected.’
‘It’s medieval. What happened to you?’
‘Nothing. You happened to me. And then I started teaching and that became important. I give them ambition.’
‘To do what? Push out seven babies and be a good wife?’
‘Don’t. Don’t. I help them to value themselves.’
‘Okay, but what about you?’
‘That is me. And you? Are you happy?’
‘Yes, I am.’
‘Have you been with other women?’
‘No. Not really. And you?’
‘But, Esti… Do you still
only fancy women?’


The Old Man and the Gun

Story of Forrest Tucker, a criminal best known for escaping from prison 18 times. This film starring Robert Redford in what he claims to be his last role, shows Tucker’s addiction to the thrill and focuses on his innability to stop robbing banks. I really hope this isn’t Redford’s last role. Stong redhead game though, I’ve counted three actors with red hair.


Stan and Ollie

Wonderful performances from leading and supporting actors. My parents used to love watching reruns of Stanley and Oliver’s films when they were kids 50 years ago. I am happy there’s a film about S&O’s lives after the peak of their careers and that I spent the last 30 minutes of it sobbing.


landd thempit four we

The Land Girls

I wish this was more about female friendship like the poster suggests and less about all three of them being sexually or romantically linked to this village idiot who was a sex addict and never got called out for cheating. Were any of the conversations the girls had not about men and sex?


The Money Pit

A colleague recommended this to me and it’s honestly the best recommendation I’ve gotten in years! Both Tom Hanks and the film are hilarious!

‘Always a bridesmaid, never a bride!’

‘How long will it take?’
‘2 weeks.’


Four Weddings and a Funeral

Even though I didn’t like the main relationship that much, the film has many fun smaller plots. My favourite storyline was with the girl that picked up a little bit of sign language because the lad she was into, but hadn’t even been introduced to, was deaf. I know this was made in 1993, but that joke about Lady Di did not sit well with me.


hell fest a dog's way home abd

Hell Fest

My favorite kind of fest. The film is quite realistic, and I am the kind of person who would have volunteered for the beheading too. I especially liked it when the decapitation didn’t work, so the killer tried again.


A Dog’s Way Home

A cheap version of Homeward Bound, sadly as bad as Homeward Bound 2.


Abducted in Plain Sight

Devestating documentary. The parents failed this kid so badly. They didn’t know pedophiles exisited, they literally let the sex offender sleep in the girl’s bed for years and on top of all, they were both in love with him and ended up having affairs with him! The alien story makes it all even more shocking!