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Sophie’s Choice

This has always been one of my three most favorite Meryl performaces, the other two being Sikwood and Out of Africa. Sophie’s Choice could only be better if the ratio between the present and flashbacks was reversed, but the heartbreaking ending still takes my breath away.


Instant Family

I cried, I laughed and then I cried some more. Whether you considered fostering or adopting, or not, I promise this brilliant and heartwarming film is for you.

This was one of the best cinema experiences I’ve had in a while, nothing distracted me, not even for a second.


Happy Death Day 2 U

If you ignore the Back to the Future nonsense, you’ll find the sequel to be more fun than the first film, even though it did not feel like a horror at all. Sadly all suicide deaths were already shown in the trailer.

Still no sign of 50 Cent’s In Da Club though.


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Chain Reaction

I’m not a scientist, but that did not make much sense to me. I loved all the running and chasing, especially all the scenes on ice, in the snow and in that icy water.


Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween

Halloween decorations come to life! R.L. Stine has a 5 second cameo in the second film based on creatures from his best selling children book series, just like in the first one. Goosebumps books and TV show were a big part of my childhood in the 90s, and I always thought Slappy from the TV series was creepier than Chucky. This film is a watered-down version of one of the most fun children shows, but the Halloween decorations, costumes and gummy bears were amazing!


Nativity Rocks!

Coventry, recently named City of Culture 2021 waited years to come out of Birmingham’s shadow. Yes, the city centre is half of Bham’s size, architecture isn’t that impressive, thanks to the Blitz (featured in Navity Rocks) and Coventrians are getting annoyed with the Cov becoming a university town. But we have a Costco, an Ikea and now they’re building us an indoor water park right in the city centre. I like how Nativity Rocks managed to put 3 shots of that monument which’s move everyone has been opposing into the film. I wish they put more of Coventry’s businesses (Coventry Building Society would be a good one), a shot of Lady Godiva statue etc. They did include more of Coventry than in previous Navities. Coventry is a wonderful and inclusive city and I would be saying that even if I wasn’t a Coventrian.

Did anyone ask Celia Imrie how she liked Coventry? Is so, what’d she say?


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The Sweet Life

‘What do we do now?’

I liked ‘A Long Way Down’ better, but this has the Golden Gate bridge in it, a heartbreaking destination of many souls.


Beware the Slenderman

So this is the case that SVU episode starring Oana Laurence was based on, wow.



The only value this film has was that bulimic storyline.