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bhr animal tom sawye

Bohemian Rhapsody

Lucy Boynton upgraded from being a groupie for some made up Irish group in Sing Street, to a groupie for Queen. The two hour wait till We Are the Champions was worth it, but they never showed us how they came up with this anthem. Saw it once and then took my dad to see it with me. If you never got to experience Queen live, then seeing Bohemian Rhapsody at the cinema is close enough. If you love Queen, you’ll love the film, if you don’t care for Queen, you will not find the film special.


American Animals

Never seen thieves with such guilty conscience. The heist went so very badly you will cringe throughout the last thirty minutes. I’m so happy I got to see it on the big screen


Tom Sawyer

All the breathtaking shots of that gorgeous steamboat are what makes this film beautiful. There is something familiar in the scene where Jodie and Tom get engaged. The way little Jodie tilts her head, says her line, then smiles awkwardly. We’ve all seen grown up Jodie do that charming head tilt and smirk in many of her films and interviews. These two things were enough for me to enjoy this film, despite never being a big fan of Tom Sawyer’s. I honestly couldn’t tell you whether my year read this book in school or not.


almostfriends sweptgrn

Almost Friends

This coming of age drama was just what I needed on this sunny day. I could easily relate to Freddie’s character, putting his life on hold for a few years, everyone asking him if he’s depressed and the toxic relationship he had with a parent who loved him, but was stealing from the family on the side. It actually encouraged me to leave the house and go for a walk which never happens.

‘You okay?’
‘Yeah, I was just taking a breath.’

‘You know, I’m starting to think I might be depressed.’

‘You’re a strange guy, Charlie, you know that?’
‘Not so strange, maybe just a little different.’


Swept From the Sea

This film was shot over 20 years before Brexit, and yet the appauling way some of the British villagers treated the Ukranian and his family in this film mirrors the xenophopia part of Brexit so accurately, it’s scary.


The Grinch

Unnecessary and no singing? Absolutely nothing happened until he got to the girl’s house an hour into the film.


the favour blue freaky friday

The Favor

The husband did her the biggest favor by not divorcing her for all the shit she had pulled throughout the film.


My Blueberry Nights

I’ve owned this on DVD since 2008 and only watched it 11 years later. I liked the two smaller storylines so much more than the main love story.

‘He was so crazy about me, I couldn’t breathe. So we tried drinking our way back into love, but it never made sense in the morning. So I ran. And every time I came back, he was here. And he was still crazy about me.’


Freaky Friday

I’ve seen the original film starring little Jodie Foster and the remake with Jamie Lee Curtis many times. I’ve been looking for this made for TV version starring young Gaby Hoffmann and Shelley Young for 20 years and finally got to see it today. I’m happy to report It was everything I thought it would be.


fnt rad returntonimsisland

The Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Should have seen it on the big screen, in 3D, otherwise the rating can’t be any higher.



I liked the main song more than the film itself. This is the 500th new film I watched this year.


Return to Nim’s Island

I love the Irwins, but was the first film this boring and I never noticed it, because of Jodie Foster and her character’s OCD?