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The show that shocked us and broke our hearts and made us appreciate life more all in one. I think the secret weapon that distinguishes This is Us from so many other shows is Kate. No show has ever introduced an obese person and actually showed stuggles of the obese. There were shows that had overweight supporting characters, but their struggles were not shown on camera and they are usually introduced as the ‘always witty and jolly best friend’. There was a show called Starved that portayed lives of people struggling with eating disorders who are members of Overeaters Annonymous, unfortunately the group is not very supportive as they’re being told to hate themselves for depending on food or lack there of, so much. In This is Us, Kate is a member of Overeaters Annonymous and there she also finds her future fiance who faces similar issues and has had suicidal thoughts after his wife cheated on him. For the first month or so I said the show filled my Parenthood void, but it has now gone pass that. It has a seperate place in my heart.