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Last month I finished watching Party of Five, only a few days before it was removed from Netflix. My favorite character is Bailey, couple, Bailey and Sarah, I’m sad Jennifer got that spin off and just took off. Notable guest stars I liked: Patricia Heaton, Marla Sokoloff, Lauren Ambrose and Jodie Sweetin. There are so many good storylines, but sadly also many romantic encounters that I just couldn’t stand, first Charlie’s, then Julia’s and finally Bailey’s. Despite that, it was a wonderful family show and some of my favorite episodes and moments include:

  1. Bailey’s Intervention episode – Season 3 episodes 18 and 19
  2. Julia’s teacher hits on her – Season 2 episode 11
  3. Julia’s abortion – Season 2 episode 18
  4. Claudia’s friend played by Marla Sokoloff, best known as Gia from Full House’s stepfather pedophile storyline
  5. Kirsten’s depression arc
  6. The Salingers come across their parents’ killer and tell him how he ruined their lives
  7. Julia’s abusive relationship and the way Bailey reacted when it turned out to be true
  8. Sarah leaves for New York
  9. Claudia is almost raped and it leaves a toll on her, even though she didn’t report it, I liked all the conversations she had with Julia
  10. Charlie’s cancer storyline
  11. Claudia waking Bailey up in the middle of the night to answer a call, yelling ‘Bailey wake up, they want to speak to the oldest.’ Aknowleding the fact we knew very well, that Bailey is the most responsible one, and yes this was before his drinking problem, but he’s still the most responsible and caring of all Salingers