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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

This certainly is an odd take on the Sharon Tate tragedy. Tarantino spends too much time on the made up action films DiCaprio’s character stars in, but overall, I liked the film a lot until the last 15 minutes. I know I should be glad about Tarantino’s ‘humane’ ending, but the change to real events is almost…disappointing?

If you’re in the UK, go see it at Odeon to get 3 character postcards.


Nymphomaniac Volume 2

Most of the first 4 hours of the Nymphomaniac project are intriguing, sadly in the very last minute of Volume II, just for a shock effect, von Tier chooses to piss on asexuals, leaving viewers disappointed, angry and confused.


A Short Film About Love

What makes this film brilliant is that everyone has longed for someone they couldn’t have at least once in their life. Nowadays kids obsessively stock their obsession’s online activity, back in the 80s, there were binoculars. What I’ve always wondered was, is this a coincidence that Kieslowski named the Peeping Tom, Tom?