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The fact that my parents and I are the only people I know who are forced to continue coming in to work, despite not being coppers, pharmacists or medical staff is making me upset. I want my parents to sit at home and for me to work from home, but that’s not going to happen. They’ve closed cinemas and gyms, which means I’ll have time to clear off my Netflix and HBO Go watchlists and catch up on my shows. Two of my closest friends, a nurse and a pharmacist are also physically at work, but that’s understandable with their professions and I’m thankful for their bravery in this scary time. Everyone else though? Working from home, social distancing or self isolating. Here are my notes from the last few episodes I watched. They’re not reviews, because spending the world pandemic at work is making me question my life choices and just feeling resigned and upset with life in general.

Greys 16.17

Finally, a fantastic episode. Exactly why Greys will always be my favourite show. Jo and Link run into two teenagers in love at the train station. They later end up in the hospital when one of them is hit by the train. Mer tells Koracick what she would do if she was the chief. Richard quits surgery after showing early signs of Parkinsons. Link tells Amelia he loves her and we finally learn who’s the baby daddy.

OMG, Link, it’s the face eaters from this morning.
Amelia’s baby may be yours.
If you have a baby with Amelia, what does that mean for us?
Don’t push Amelia away.
I go with my gut.
I’ve decided to step away from surgery indefinitely.
Richard, this place needs you.
And that’s how I want to step away. At the top of my game.
We’ve both seen people clinging to their scalpel for more than they should.
One by one, they dropped off until Torres and I were the only ones left. Then she left. At some point it stops feeling like victory and just feels lonely. I just don’t know how to do this without him or if I want to.
Richard Webber is stepping down from surgery.
I hate that that hurts you, because you’re such a good guy.
I’m not a good guy!
I don’t think that’s true.
That is true.
You’re not okay. You’re not yourself. Listen to people when they tell you that. Get help before it’s too late.
You are not a replacement for anyone and if you need to tell me anything. My answer will be I love you. And we’re gonna figure it out. That’s my answer today. That’s my answer tomorrow. That’s my answer always. I don’t wanna live without you.
I was hurting, I was in pain. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love you , because I do, I want you. I fell in love with you, Amelia and I fall in love with this baby and that’s what matters to me.
I really needed to hear that, because I hot the results, the baby is yours.


Greys 16.18

This show is inconsistent at this point. One good episode, and then another two mediocre ones. DeLuca asks everyone to surround the child trafficking mother, but they form a chain around DeLuca. DeLuca ends up in the looney bin, and we learned that the mother may actually be trafficking the girl.

Do you know what they call pro-bono day in Ireland? Every day.
She fits the profile.
For what?
Human trafficking.
I gave up my European work visa.
Code purple. Someone’s getting violent with the staff.
Arrest this woman for child trafficking.


SVU 21.16

Amanda’s sister is back and she has a kid now. We meet Amanda’s dad, who’s a drunk. Amanda seems to have messed her knee up, possibly while running. Kim claims a doctor is extorting her for sex. Mariska pretends she’s on Grey’s Anatomy and goes undercover as a doctor. Amanda gets temporary custody of her sister’s kid. That doesn’t go according to plan, as the father overdoses. The new cop makes out with a woman while undercover. Amanda’s mother is moving to New York to help out, and that’s definitely going to work out too.

Doctor Benson.
He’s my nephew and I promise to take good care of him.
I’m not interested in how the doctors get laid.
That woman is undercover NYPD, and so is she.
Papa has a rolling stone.
No matter how fast you run, you can’t outrun your family.


Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 1.02

I didn’t know Jane has such a good singing voice. This episode made me super stressed about my work, so that’s not good.

Dad can communicate now.


Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 1.03

I need this entire soundtrack released at the end of the season, as I’m going to download all songs performed by Lauren Graham. In this episode, Lauren sings The Rolling Stone’s ‘Satisfaction’ and Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’. ‘Weeds’ brother in law was cast as Joan’s husband.


Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 1.04

Zoey learns that Mo is scared to show her real identity in the church. She also learns she doesn’t know much about religion.

Is this job really worth the cheaper rent?


Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 1.05

You know what’s extraordinary? The song Just Give Me a Reason by Pink.

It’s too passive aggressive. I like aggressive, aggressive.


Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 1.06

I’m here for the songs and Lauren Graham. LG sings Kesha’s Don’t stop in this episode.

I should check on Joan before she becomes a HR situation.


Carol’s Second Act 1.18

Here it is, the season finale of the show that made me miss The Middle and Everybody Loves Raymond. Kyle MacLachlan’s character loves pistachio ice cream? That’s my favourite flavour! Kelsey Grammar plays Carol’s ex-husband and becomes the chief of staff. We should see a lot of him, if the show is renewed.

I am not interested in Dr Kenney.
My great weakness is, I’m gonna say, pistachio ice cream.
I may have feelings for Dr Kenney.


Good Girls 3.03

Beth tells the bad guy she’s pregnant with his baby, because she thinks that’s the only way he won’t kill her. Beth convinces her husband Dean to have sex with her multiple times a day, so she can fool the bad guy into thinking the newly conceived baby is his. The problem is, Dean doesn’t want more kids, seeing how they already have four. I miss how good the previous 2 seasons were, this is a mess.

Am I just a sperm bank?


When Calls the Heart 7.03

Clara gets everyone excited about her wedding and asks Bill to walk her down the isle.

You’re going to be far too busy. You’re gonna be walking me down the isle. You’re the closest thing that I have to a father.


When Calls the Heart 7.04

While we’re dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, Hope Valley is infested with chicken pox. Faith may have just exited the show when we weren’t looking. Everyone who doesn’t have children with  chicken pox, is selected for jury duty.


Modern Family 11.15

The shelf fell from the stairs while Claire was having her interview and Mitch and Cam are adopting a baby boy.

Daddy’s 44 and you’re 48.
I’ll be 66. And he’ll be 61.
I know that I can go into my office and file bills in a color coded divider and experience one moment of peace.
Yes, my husband and I would like to adopt him.


Schooled 2.16

The Beverly Goldberg Schmoopie Pie rule.


The Goldbergs 7.17

Jeffrey noticed Erika has become grumpy since giving up music. I liked this episode, because I could relate. As a teenager I used to do various creative things every day, wheras now, I don’t anymore and I’ve become pessimistic, and I’m always negative, sarcastic and annoyed by everyone and everything. Then I do something creative for a day, and suddenly it’s 2012 again and I’m happy.

Music was your life, it brought you so much joy. And now you’re just kinda frowny.
Erika hadn’t been a fan of a capella in the past. But in that moment, she didn’t just hear it with her ears, she felt it with her heart.
Molly Singwalds.
Go fuck yourself.
Cramps? That’s not a real name.
We definitely did it.


The Simpsons 31.13

I like this version of Cats more than the one with Judy Dench and Taylor Swift.

Vegan restaurant.


The Simpsons 31.14

Homer shares Martin Scorsese’s opinion on Marvel films, something I agree with too.

Flag yourself challenge.
As a grown up, I know that muscle jerks in tights with magic powers punching and hugging each other is boring BS for babies.


The Simpsons 31.15

The Simpsons go to a phone rehab after they realize they spend too much time staring at their screens.

Marketing a murderer.
Most likely to murder.
Oh I thought they were donuts, just really far away.
Did you know our second dog is a cat?
Must retweet!
I could help you with your food addiction.
What do you mean?
Psychologically, you’re a baby with a gun sticking food in his mouth. Eat, eat, eat all day.
Wow, you’re such a great profiler.
With you, we wouldn’t even need DNA evidence. So sick of getting criminals to give semen samples.
Chief, you don’t need semen. A lock of her will do.
It would?!


The Simpsons 31.16

Bart is at doctor’s appointment.
Milhouse, you didn’t tell me your dad got another bad job.
You have no idea how far up there I went.
Listen, stupid Flanders.
Let me just walk away with dignity (said Homer with a dog stuck to his butt).