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I  finished another film diary, and what I’m planning on doing now is brining my home printer downstairs to the living room, so I can print little posters of films I watch and stick them in there, because let’s be honest, I spend most of my time off in front of TV. For the last two weeks I’ve been having a massive Miranda Otto marathon, which is making me miss Australia, a lot.

reaching for the moon reacchh

Reaching For The Moon

A flawless film portraying how pure, fragile and problematic love truly is. I loved Elizabeth’s relationship with alcohol, almost as much as I loved her relationship with Lota. This couldn’t last because Elizabeth made it clear she didn’t want to live in Brasil, while Lota had everything she wanted in Brasil. There was certain disdain in Cookie’s voice when she talked about living in Brasil. Even though Elizabeth knew her college friend was in a relationship with this woman, she raised her chin for the woman to kiss her again. The ending reminded me of The Favourite, with how the 3rd woman kept the two main characters apart by destroying letters one sent to another, single handily ruining their lives. Get yourself a lesbian girlfriend who will wash your hair every night.


‘How are your parents?’
‘We don’t speak.’
‘What happened?’
‘I live with a woman.’

‘How close were you in college?’
We were both very busy pretending not to be who we were while being attracted to each other for what we thought the other might be. No, we didn’t, but we were close.’

‘There was this boy who was crazy for her. I don’t know what she did to him, but he sent her a postcard saying ‘Go to hell, Elizabeth’ and then he killed himself.’

‘I hear one of my poems and I’m mortified.’
‘Yes, I guess this is why you should never meet authors.’

‘A kiss and wake up situation.’
‘Something like that, but without the kiss.’

‘Still want to kiss me?’

‘To everything in life that may seem improbable, but is not impossible.’

‘I want you to stay.’

‘We are great friends, we love each other, but basically, we’re roommates.’
‘Does Mary know you’re roommates?’
‘Of course she does. Maybe she doesn’t want to admit it.’

‘So, I’m leaving. I’m going back home until you can figure this out.’
‘Mary, this is your home.’
‘Then send her away.’
‘I can’t.’
‘You don’t know her. She screws everything up. She was like that in college.’
‘Let’s adopt a baby.’
‘You’ll buy me a baby, so you can have an affair with another woman?’

I should warn you. Unless I’m rather drunk, I’m very shy.

‘I have no other option than to love you.’

‘It’s okay I’m not drunk, I’m just crying in English.’

‘I already have a commitment to pessimism. Pessimist is never disappointed.’

‘I don’t drink because things go wrong. I want to drink every minute of every day. Things going wrong just gives me the excuse I’ve been looking for.’
‘But why?’
Because if I don’t have what I want, I’m lonely and sad. And if I do have what I want, I’m sure I’m gonna lose it. And the waiting is unbearable.


bombshell dance the jackb


I couldn’t stop comparing it to The Loudest Voice. Best friends Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts ended up playing the same character this year, Gretchen Carlson. Bombshell focused more on Megyn’s story, whereas Showtime’s mini series on Gretchen’s. Mark Duplass, who was recently seen in Apple’s The Morning Show, also heavily based on this scandal, here stars as Megyn Kelly’s husband. 15 years ago Charlize Theron starred in a brilliant film about sexual harassment at work called North Country. I recommend you watch North Country and The Loudest Voice and skip this one.


Dance Academy: The Movie

I’ve seen a few episodes of Dance Academy here and there back when I lived in Australia, but never really got into it. The film version shows the hardships that come with auditioning. I found it oddly satisfying how they haven’t befriended any new people since leaving the academy. Maybe school friendships last despite what everyone says? I certainly hope so.


The Jack Bull

Miranda Otto goes into the town to convince people to give her what her family needs, because as she claims, she’s better at politics than her husband. Red flags light up in my head, ‘oh sweetie, don’t, you’re gonna get yourself raped.’ What happens you may ask? Not only doesn’t she fix anything, she dies in the most absurd way.


king lear like a boss dark waters what

King Lear

They really did a poor job modernising this Shakespearean play. The only good thing about this film is that one third of it was shot at the gorgeous Hatfield House.


Like a Boss

This was fun and I would recognise Lisa Kudrow’s voice straight away.


Dark  Waters

Before they mentioned teflon, it was just like that John Travolta film ‘A Civil Action’, and then it got real. If you’re reading this, get rid of all your teflon kitchenware. Then again, It’s already too late.


What Did Jack Do?

I’ll watch anything David Lynch has and will ever make and Netflix decided to buy this little short of his. I liked Rabbits, another short of David’s starring Naomi Watts more. Why do the monkey and David talk like they’re in the Black Lodge?