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I just love this film so much! It’s my 8th or 10th watch and it never gets old! Sally and Tom are fantastic as stand-up comedians. Sally plays a housewife married to a Polish man and is a beginner comedian. She spends 500 dollars on poor jokes, and enlists Tom Hanks’s help to reinvent her act. Tom falls for her, even though she’s happily married and has no feelings for him. Sally’s husband doesn’t think she’s funny anymore and doesn’t like her evening trips to the comedy club. There’s a stand-up contest both Sally and Tom take part in. Sally’s husband sees her perform for the first time, and not only finds her funny, but is proud of her. Sally wins, but gives her prize and title up as she realises she doesn’t need it, because she already has everything she needs, and because she thinks Tom is funnier and should have won. Tom does win, and Sally leaves with her husband, discussing all the jokes she’s going to tell at next stand-up night.


blackfish themanin wedding easter


I’ve been a vegan for 10 years and vegetarian for more than I can remember, so it’s true that I’m not a fan of most zoos and some of their practices. I do however have friends who’ve worked at zoos and they’ve explained to me on numerous occasions the importance zoos have in animal conservation. I like zoos that rescue animals, and only keep the ones that cannot be released back into the wild. I accept zoos that have fancy, big animal enclosures, but most don’t. Dolphin and whale shows along with artificial animal insemination are things I’ll never understand and want no part in, so even though I may visit my friends at a zoo, and feed and hug a koala or two, I’ll never set foot in Sea World. Apparently author John Green decided to scrap a scene from Paper Towns’s film adaptation after seeing this film, wheras Colin Trevorov, director of Jurassic World, based raptors’ responses on Tilikum’s behaviour in captivity. I only watched Blackfish 3 days ago, but it was all I could think about, so I watched it again.


The Man in the Moon

I forgot how beautiful this film was! Little Reese steals every scene she’s in! It’s a wonderful coming of age story of 14 year old Dani and her first crush. The crush likes her, but doesn’t want to be with her because of her young age. Her older sister falls for the same guy, who just happens to be 17, just like her. A tragedy strikes, changing their lives forever.


Wedding March 4

Watching Hallmark films with my family means one thing, it’s Easter time! After the 3rd one, I could feel my brain melt, thankfully this was my second one and I managed to watch this before that happened. I haven’t seen the other 4 films from this series but I’m familiar with Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett from When Calls the Heart and Melrose Place. This was okay, and I think I will eventually watch the other 4 of them. I couldn’t concentrate on the film after they mentioned pistachio cake. I know what I’ll be getting myself for birthday this year.


Easter Under Wraps

Hallmark has 20+ Spring rom-coms, but only one Easter film? I’ve only watched this because it was on HBO Go and I was looking for rom-coms to watch with my family over the Easter break. The film centered around a chocolate factory and, according to my mom, starred ‘Kevin’ from Chesapeake Shores.