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Modern Family has ended, more on the finale, below. I’ve got 4 days left until my holiday, which I’ll spend in my living room staring at the TV. I’ve had the watchlist ready for weeks. Yesterday I’ve started watching 911: Lone Star and my parents and I are hooked on it. It’s not as good as 911, but It’s interesting enough. I’m not a fan of Rob Lowe’s, but we did love Brothers and Sisters, and I did watch The Leftovers. Both 911 and 911 Texas have been renewed for new seasons. My dad and I watched the new season of Ozark two weeks ago, and honestly, I liked the 3rd season so much, it’s all I can think about. That and the Blackfish documentary I watched on Netflix 4 days ago. Ozark returned after over a year and a half, and I really hope there’s a 4th season. I’ll post much more often once my holiday starts, even though I do feel I’ve been consistent this year. I’m writing this post while watching Madhouse starring Vincent Price. I just love all these dark, gothic, Poesque horrors with Price. Once lockdown finished TV studios including Netflix will need to re-think their scheduling and prioritise TV shows. Dead to Me is back in 3 weeks, but Younger normally returns in June and The Handmaid’s Tale soon after. The Society hasn’t filmed much, but should be back in May too, and 13 Reasons Why is a summer show too. Not sure how much has been shot though, but all shows, including the Fall season ones could come back even 6 months late. Let’s say the lockdown is lifted in July, won’t actors complain that they haven’t had a proper holiday, even though they would have been off for 3 months at that point? We’ll see.

Greys 16.19

We learn that Teddy is bisexual and the girl she was seeing and was in love with, died in one of the Twin Towers. We learn that Teddy named her daughter after her. I don’t know why they spend so much time on Maggie, we don’t want to know anything more about her. I’m just happy Richard is not leaving, after Karev’s disappointing exit, I’m not ready to get to know anyone new.

Do you miss her?
Every day of every week of every year of my life.
You were the last person she was trying to call.
Yes, Alison loved me, but she also loved you.


SVU 21.17

Ballerinas are recorded having sex with male ballet dancers, and then they’re forced to sleeping with producers and choreographers. I really liked the Norma Rae reference coming from a millenial. It’s like the Riverdale references to 40s films no 17 year old would know of, like Gaslight. I guess I should just be happy I know them.

He would watch the videos like the girls were auditioning for him.
He pressured you, he extorted you, that’s rape.
Rape culture is such a big part of this company, they don’t see it anymore.
This isn’t just balet, churches, news organisations, movie sets, when your boss is a predator, people are afraid.
You want me to be the Norma Rae of the National Ballet?
You want this life, you pay the price.


Modern Family 11.16

Mitchell, that was your last eye roll in this house.
These are the kids’ grandparents.
Mitch is struggling to say goodbye to the house.
That’s elder abuse!
You messed with the wrong Gamma.


Modern Family 11.17/18

I usually cry uncontrolably during series finales, and yet I didn’t get emotional once. All kids have moved out with Alex moving to Switzerland, Luke to Oregon for college and Mitch, Cam, Lily and the baby move to Missouri.


Schooled 2.18

Rick convinces Lanie to find her mother, who walked out on her and her dad 15 years prior, back when Lanie was a teenager.

You’re sure you’re right handed?
My shower is gonna look like the scene from Psycho, but Smurf.
Did I just think of a perfect movie pitch?
Wow, 15 years.
Oh my god, I’m dating Barry Goldberg.
Now I’m a music teacher at William Penn.
Rick Mellar, friend and co-worker.
5 years sober.


The Goldbergs 7.18

In that direction, pass the trees.
We’re not Hansel and Gretel.
You watch a lot of Lifetime movies, don’t you?
He slipped through the chimney like a turtleneck Santa.


The Goldbergs 7.19

Barry and Erika go on a Spring Break and Adam learns he doesn’t have the grades to get into NYU and we learn that the real Adam Goldberg got into NYU for submitting a great play he wrote.

I just wanna make movies.
You were talking about film school since you were in kindergarten.
We’re gonna wow NYU so hard they’re gonna have to accept you.
Adam, this play is incredible.


One Day at a Time 4.01

Ray Romano guest stars, they should have done everything in their power to keep him. After getting cancelled by Netflix last year and being picked up by Pop, the writers throw a diss at Netflix in the very first minute of the season. The Everybody Loves Raymond reference made my day.

It’s like there’s nothing good on Netflix anymore.
At this point, I would rather be murdered.
And now we know all the different ways in which I’m single.
There’s no box for happy.
I’m all 3, do I win something?
So this must be your husband?
God no.
Oh yes, they taught us this, it’s nice to meet…You?
I’m gay.
Right now I don’t wanna be me.
And Papito is single.
Right, because he’s a child.
Put down that my grandmother and I are just friends.
Privleged but woke.
They will all be saying ‘Everybody Loves Brian’.
Yeah, doesn’t sound right.
A Lifetime movie. I just love watching rich people in trouble.
She didn’t give an F.
Step one, start liking women.
Step two, turn to your right.
All that stupid small talk. Where’d you go to high school, how many siblings do you have.


One Day at a Time 4.02

I didn’t like this episode one bit.

I speak Spanish.
I’m young.


One Day at A Time 4.03

That’s better. Penelope and abuelita argue over female masturbation, after Penelope’s son walks in on her and her toy.