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How about that HTGAWM finale, huh? I’m devastated about Bonnie and Frank. Station 19 ended for the year too. Captain Herrera’s horrific death shook me to the core, and there’s another surprise in the season finale too.

Station 19 3.09

This is an incredible episode. We learn more about Victoria’s past.

Andy Herrera deserves the job you gave me, she’s more than earned it and I don’t want it anymore. I think you made a mistake. I thing you gave me a medal I didn’t earn. Herrera has more experience, she has the respect of the team she was on deck, sir and I stepped past her. You were trying to protect her from her own grief. I’m requesting a demotion.
This is an ongoing assault.
We’re dealing with a troubled veteran.
I’m gonna blow up the entire block.
I’m gonna stay in case he needs back up.
We aren’t just fire fighters, we’re problem solvers.
Chad. To hell with Chad.
My tribe is dead.
He dishonoured those who lost their lives by wasting the only thing he had. He let the enemy take one more from our ranks. Don’t ket the enemy win. Stay in the fight.
Did those boots really belong to dead firefighters?
See that woman right there? That’s the woman I love, but I haven’t been honest with her. I have this chronic nerve condition. It’s seering pain that comes out of nowhere and knocks me off my feet. I’ve been self medicating to deal with the pain and I’ve kept it from her, because I don’t know what’s gonna happen when I come clean.
What if she doesn’t? What of she stays by your side, loves and supports you and helps you and what of you came out of it stronger?
He’s somebody’s family. We don’t abandom family.
Sleep on that, I know I couldn’t.
The boots represent the firefighters we’ve lost to cancer this year. And we aren’t covenring their medical bills. And I ask why? Why are we failing to help those who put their lives on the line to help us?
I had a little girls I never got a chance to meet. In my head I called her Debbie.
You can’t quit.
I miss you. I’m sorry I broke us.
Vasquez died this afternoon.


Station 19 3.10

Andy’s scared of racoons.

Critical incident stress debriefing.
Unless you want us to fillet Gibson for breakfast.
It was the worst call, because she was all alone in that crappy apartment. And somehow through the whisky and the loneliness, she got herself up off the couch and she got herself a tree, but she was all alone. She didn’t have any family photos or anyone to call, just that tree. And that tree burned down.
You were a smoke jumper?
Dance squad.
Well I’m not just sleeping with him, I’m in love with him.
He’s a salsa dancer. He can salsa.
I’m not okay with you outing someone else on my watch.
Also I got raped in the backroom when I was 17. And i didn’t want to go there after that.
I thought you said this was a public space.
You think I should keep it a secret that I got raped? I don’t have shame about that. The rapist is the one who should be ashamed. I hope he is. I hope he learned something. I hope he didn’t do that again.
What’s the angriest you’ve ever been?
When we fall in love with our friends, we often try to fix them up with other people. It’s common. But be careful, if you tell her you love her too soon, you could blow the whole thing.
I think about dying. Since I was twelve. It soothes me when I can’t sleep. When I’m anxious. I think about dying and then I can fall asleep. Eyes forward at all times, it’s exhausting. I’m exhausted.
Is it a suicidal impulse? Do you seriously consider hurting yourself?
No, it’s you know, it’s an escape. I would look down at the clouds and they looked like a bed. You know, they looked so soft. Like nothing could hurt inside those clouds. Like I could sleep in. Like I could rest. Like I could love. If I could just jump into those clouds. Truth is I’m a little jealous of Rigo right now.
Maya, isn’t it possible with everything else you’ve accomplished that you could learn to let yourself rest and sleep and love in this life? Instead of waiting for death to set you free?
You bought me groceries? That’s awful nice of you. Come on in.
Could you take some days off? Could we try to go somewhere?
I thought you have to work.
I have some personal days saved up.
How many?
Like a hundred maybe, I don’t take days off, but I would like to try.


Station 3.11

Owen, Teddy and Avery visit. Andrea, Sullivan help illegal immigrants get away from ICE and we learn that Sullivan’s grandfather was a Nazi.

ICE didn’t even exist until 2003.
If I can do more push ups than you, you buy us drinks and leave us alone.
Captain Herrera, Station 19.
If they want to run, without a warrent you would have no base to chace them.
What’s your ethnicity?
That paramedic is my child, you put a gun on her, and I’ll be the first to go to the press.
You had me at fire.
She’s mine. It’s my name on the birth certificate.
Five alarm means every fire fighter in the city gets called in.
I just wanted my head phones.


Station 19 3.12

Captain Herrera sacrifices himself to save Andy and his team. Andy gets married to Sullivan so her father can walk her down the aisle.

Stop naming inaminate objects after women.
I think there might be another person inside.
He pays extra for me to let him live in one unit. It’s technically against the law, but he lost his home and I fell sorry for him.
Right, cause where else would you store your propane?
We’re having trouble finding a way out.
I can’t find a way out. There’s no way out. Bishop, Captain, Maya! I’m trapped. I’m trapped. I got 5% left on my tank.
I eat crappy sugar cereal out of the box.
I OD’d and almost died.
Follow the hose line back outside.
There’s a middle aged male on the roof.
Everything okay, Captain?
Captain Herrera’s on the roof.


Station 19 3.13

Come on you got the body, you may as well make money from it.
Who OD’d?
I was not prepared to sacrifice him, no sir.
My former captain knowingly sliced through a roof and fell to his death to safe my entire team.
These are tears of gratitude and tears of amazement and wonder and I will not apologise for having them,
I think I have a friend they can stay with.
Andy, we’re orphans.
I’m an orphan.
Me too.
I’m gay.
There isn’t a club, but if there was, welcome.
What club?
Seattle Fire Queers. I’m only half gay, but it counts.
We are alive because of Pruitt Herrera. So pick a damn month!
Goodbye daddy. See you later.


Station 19 3.14

Maya’s mom visits her daughter after her split from her abusive husband. She tries to explain to Maya that her father pushing her and punishing her when she was a teenager was really abuse.

I’m sleeping at Sullivan’s, we got married.
My dad got to walk me down the aisle.
Abuse is making you walk 20 miles from your track meet for coming in second.
I came in first, actually, but I didn’t beat my own time.
I beat it next time. I agree you need therapy, I’m good.
If no one knows, it never happened.
It was you. You’re the cop who cashed in the favor.
I’m gonna take down Fire Chief Dixon.
Maya, denial is a strong force. And the abuse your mom described is still abuse.
I’m not in denial. I won a gold medal, because of my dad. I’m the youngest Fire Captain in Seattle and the station’s first female captain, because of my dad. I’m not in denial, I’m pissed!


The Simpsons 31.20

Smithers’s got a boyfriend.

Are you sure you aren’t just attracted to our handsome new pastor?
My knee is touching Milhouses’s dad’s.
Blessed be the poor? I’m just finding that out now? No one must know.
Way to preach, bitch.
I’m gonna pretend I heard Amen.
Oh, relax bitch.
Ah, sleeping in church, like father, like daughter.
Are you questioning a man who travels with extra bibles to put them in hotel rooms?
You called it Homer Simpsoning.
Yeah, don’t Homer Simpson you jerk.
Homer, does this Flanders guy ever annoy you?
I know this is a weird thing to say in a church, but we need proof.
Why is she leading this?
Dear God, please let the Simpsons never end.
I’ve just wandered the world, like a millenial on a gap year.


The Simpsons 31.21

Riverdale stars Lili Reinhart, Madeleine Petsh and Camilla Mendez lend their voices to 3 mean eight year olds. I think Camilla did best out of the three of them, but then again she’s the only one of them that actually went to acting school, so no surprises there. There’s also a joke about Lori Loughlin buying her daughters’ way into USC. A similar joke was in the interactive film version of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, when Jacqline gets her son to fly a plane, so she can get pictures of him as a pilot and send them to USC. To which the son replies that he wants to be an influencer. Then Jane Krakowski replies that no can do because he’s been suspended from youtube for posting Nazi content. Going back to The Simpsons, Lisa’s bullied by the three mean girls and decides to ask Bart for help.

How will I live without my paper emails?
She’s obviously lying, ketchup is free.
Her mother’s on a photoshopping retreat to get her son into USC.
Phones are for looking at.
She’s trying to influence you and she’s not even monetising it.