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I’ve decided to catch up after hearing Season 3 may be out soon. I haven’t seen Absentia since February 2018 and I haven’t realised how much I’ve missed seeing Stana Katic on my TV, but I hate how unwashed she looks in this show and her hairstyle here is awful too. I didn’t like season 2, other then the last 2 episodes. Here are my quick notes on Season 2.

Absentia 2.01

Speaking of Stana, her Absentia character, Emily is shooting up this season to remember how it felt to be in the fish tank. There’s a gas attack in this episode and a chair falls 30 stores down. After attacking a random homeless person, Emily learns the woman, is her biological mother.

I’m not a drunk, Jack, that’s your thing.
I’m your mother.



Stana walks into a hospital, dresses as a doctor and not one member of staff questions her. Emily’s biological mother is murdered.

She passed her citizenship test at 9am.
I tried to look for you at the orphanage.
Are you from the ER?
Why would I do that, I’m your grandmother.



She used his key to snort coke off? Emily’s back at work, as an FBI agent. She’s watching her mother’s autopsy.

She was found in the bathroom at a train station.
Someone killed her, I can feel it.
Flynn hit another kid.
I’ve rejoined the bureau.
He put a bully in a hospital.
He’s been staying in the basement.



Emily beats up and proceeds to strangle her boyfriend.

They found another body.
Nobody normal would want me.
I want you.
Then you’ve got to be crazy.


She’s my biological mom.



Stana wears a fancy dress and is almost raped, but manages to fight off a male twice her size.

Guys, let me borrow your bike.



Stana’s new partner clearly has a crush on her. Stana goes to Bulgaria and shoots rabbits. Stana’s boyfriend loses his job and commits suicide. This episode has a very good scene by the end of a landmine explosion.

I can’t remember my number.
I can’t forget.
This killer killed a lot of people, and myh mother.
The woman on the subway was my mother.



I’m sorry but Stana looks like a homeless person with that haircut, not Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which clearly is what she was going for.



Emily goes all Dexter on her son’s shrink, while someone very close to the kid may be the shrink’s helper. And we finally learn who kidnapped Emily and why they held her hostage for so many years and the reason is disappointing.

He had Flynn all this time.
I tried the whole therapy thing. It didn’t work.
Who’s the artist?
One of my patients.
Did he turn my son into a killer?
It was Laurie, she brought me to you.
Your blood was the genesis of the syrum.
You are connected to all the phynamol victims.
Your blood was in their veins.
You tortured me.
I made you what you are. Your resilience got stronger the longer you were caged. I did that.



Stana waited for them at the entrance to the woods is one of my favorite scenes this season.

FBI, get off of me!
There are years of Flynn’s blood tests.
The only people who could have known about it were Alice and Nick.
That’s Alice’s number.
Where was she when he was killed.
Please let me go.
If you leave now, you can never see Flynn again.
You know what he did to me.
I thought you were dead.
Alice, you killed a man.
Take care of them.


Overall grade: 4.75/10

Two years ago I rated season 1 of Absentia at 5.1/10, so a slight fall this year from average to slightly below average. Absentia will never be one of my favorite shows, but it’s intriguing enough for me to continue tuning in.

Are you excited for season 3?