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Greys 17.21

It’s a good finale, but it’s not Greys good, simply because the final four episodes were cut short by coronavirus. Teddy cheats on Owen for the last time, and Owen overhears it over the phone. De Luca figures out what’s wrong with Richard. He recently had a hip replacement and the cobalt from the new knee has caused an infection. Meredith takes Richard’s blood in less than 2 seconds. Poor Link is taken away from the birth of his child to do an emergency surgery on Richard. Bailey stays with Amelia, and gets behind her just like George did back in season 3 when she was giving birth. Apparently one of the regular characters was supposed to die in the unaired season finale. There were bombs in a nearby hospital in Station 19, so I’m thinking it wasn’t just that one hospital that was targeted. My money is on Avery as the person who was supposed to die. But really it could have also been: Koracick, Owen or Amelia. I would rather sacrifice Avery.

You’re getting married in like two months.
I love Owen.
And me.
People who smile all the time are clowns and psychopaths.
I am marrying Owen, this was goodbye.


How To Get Away with Murder 6.14

Laurel’s the witness and Michaela testifies that Annalise and Wes were having an affair. Tegan and Bonnie gush over Annalise. Hannah is found dead.

You’re Annalise damn Keating.
I’m more than competent to represent myself.
I negotiated probation.
She was sleeping with him.
Did you report him to ICE? Is this not your voice?
That’s not me.
Michaela got a better deal.
I’m a bisexual woman.
Number 3 is not liking that.
A camp that never existed.
All this time I thought you were a good person.
Annalise freaking Keating, she’s no one if not a lawyer.
Or you’re just afraid you’ll lose her.
She makes me feel alive.
Why do you think I stayed all this time?
How to Get Away With Murder? Please, How To Ruin Everything.
You don’t say ‘No’ to professor Keating.
Annalise and Wes weren’t sleeping together.
Wes did it on his own.
I’m sorry I lied, Annalise.
Annalise Keating is dead.
I negotiated a new deal.
My brother’s dead.
Why would Frank kill Hannah?

Station 19 3.15

A junkie holds Ben and Avery hostage. Avery gets shot and the junkie is hit by a car and dies. Karina tries to convice Maya that her father was abusive to her. Maya is so upset she cheats on Karina. We learn Victoria was doing musical theatre until the play’s director died in fire and she met Captain Herrera.

Never apologise for you emotional life.
My grandmother died and my parents just went back to work.
I thought I was safe joggining in the middle of the day. Why would you go running in the dark?
My dad is bipolar 1 and my sweet little brother has inherited it.
If it makes you feel any better, the stabbing victim was a rapist.
Guess I am broken.
Herrera is the reason I became a firefighter.
I just slept with Jack an hour ago, so be mad at that.
I came out to my dad and I quit.


Good Girls 3.04

Once again, congrats to Good Girls on their renewal! I’m still a few episodes behind, I should catch up next week. Dean is adement he can kill Rio and buys a shotgun. Ruby’s daughter finds her mom’s money and figures out her mom hasn’t made that money legally. Ruby’s daughter steals an expensive pen and ponds it off. Beth shows Rico how she makes fake money and he decides she’s more useful alive.

I need to kill a man.
He reads US Weekly?
In Touch, the lady from next door gave him it.
She can’t be serious, snacks on snacks?
You’re the resident crime lord.
Why is there a shotgun on our bed?
I don’t know what you do, but it doesn’t come from painting nails.
You’re a big time now, you’re a criminal.
Need a hand?
Aren’t you full service?
What do you think?
I think I need you alive.


The Goldbergs 7.22

Beverly walks in on Adam and his girlfriend making out. They disposed off the replacement of his second girlfriend so fast! I didn’t even notice her leave? Was that last season? What happened there? I remember she was all goth-y looking when she replaced the girl from Girl Meets World, but why did her and Adam break up? Was she here more than 2 episodes? Beverly and her friends read Fried Deep Green Tomates. Lanie’s back.

Basement kissing ia s teen rite of passage.
You should be wearing pants,
I was, earlier.
The first marital pleasure?
What is that hanging in the air?
The loss of innocence.
That happened sooner than I thought.
The next time you need kisses so badly, you come to your momma.
Oh balls.
Manly taste and desires.
Why are all my friends into you? You’re built like Winnie the Pooh.
Middle aged man can’t tell children how to love?
I only made 875 dollars last year.
Can you imagine me as an adult, stuck in this town?

Riverdale 4.19

That was the most predictable plot twist the show’s had. Of course they joke, fantasise and write about killing Mr Honey, and then someone actually kills him. What else was gonna happen. The kids get their parents to convince the principal to reinstate prom.

There will be no yearbook this year.
The only thing that would stop Mr Honey is if we killed him.
Killing Mr Honey.
RIP, Mr Honey.
Who else has experience in getting rid of a dead body?
He’s like the Grinch who stole prom.
And what will you do to me?
We’re just muscle.
Don’t mess with us in our own town.
In this town, we’re all monsters, we’re all monsters.
The question is are we going to be monsters in college or in jail?
I am Stonewell Prep’s new headmaster.


911 3.15

A boy gets stuck in a well and this episode reminded me of The Descent. I love that film so much. Eddie goes down to get the boy out, but the team lifts him too early and he decides to cut the rope that holds him. He’s close to drowning whe he decided to swim and finds his way out.

I’m still alive down here!


911 Lone Star 1.09

Another The Descent reference! Why on Earth would you go exploring random caves. A kid stuck a little racing car up his nose and the father does the same to see how the kid got it up there so far.

You were lucky your brother in law threw you in the pool.
Smell the carpet.