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Sad to hear Schooled has been cancelled. At least we still have The Goldbergs, which was just renewed for season 8. The Resident got renewed too! I just need to know about Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and that’s all my shows for the year. Now I’m just waiting for Younger to come back, which should be sometime next month. These are my last reviews, I have nothing left in my notebook. I now need to catch up on Good Girls, The Good Fight, Killing Eve and Top of the Lake, and finally watch Little Fires Everywhere and Mrs America. For the next few months you’ll see a lot of film reviews (I’ve been obsessed with Mubi the last few months).

Four of my Netflix shows are coming back in June, and I’m not happy that they’re all returning one by one. What am I going to look forward to between July and 2021? No shows will be filming this summer. The shows coming back in June are:

Fuller House – 2nd of June
13 Reasons Why – 5th of June
F is For Family – 12th of June
The Politician – 19th of June

I’m scared of what I’ll rate The Politician. I only started watching it because of Jessica Lange working with Ryan Murphy again. It didn’t look like something I might like, but then I was working a night shift and was on my break and I was too tired to follow a film plot, so I thought I’d give it a try. I hardly liked it. I’ll probably give season 2, 2 ouf of 10 and that will prove what a waste of time this show is. Later in June I’ll catch up on the 6 shows I mentioned above. I’m currently watching Mad Men before it expires from Netflix, and it upsets me almost as much as it did when I started watching it all these years ago. Don Draper is not a good guy. What I do is I fast forward through the storylines I’m not interested in, like relationships I know won’t last and watch all or most scenes with Joan, Peggy and little Sally.

How To Get Away With Murder 6.15

The series finale. Goodbye, How To Get Away With Murder, you were so good! Thanks for being a wonderful addition to my life for the last 6 years! Now I’m forever stuck crying over Frank and Bonnie. The episode starts with them making us believe that someone shot Annalise on the court’s steps. Bonnie doesn’t make it and that’s the one thing that leaves me heartbroken. No one deserved a happy ending more than Bonnie. Wes’s son riding his bike just like Wes did in the opening scene of the show and then taking over Annalise’s How To Get Away With Murder class? Brilliant. And he went to Middleton and Annalise was his mentor? Tegan finally professes her love to Annalise, who turns her down, or does she? They’re seen dancing in flashforwards.

You’re the one who kept us together, Bonnie. We pretended like it was Annalise, but it was always you who kept us safe.
Frank is ride or die for you, just like Bonnie, just like me.
Dead witness when I get my hands on him.
7 grand, just don’t take the stand against Annalise.
Your dad made me kill your sibling.
Your dad killed Lyla, and you know how I know? He had me do it.
I’m a survivor. I survived getting taunted by the N word when I was in grade school. I survived the sexual abuse by my uncle when I was 11. I survived losing my first love, Eve, because I was scared to be gay. Then the death of my son in a car accident, then the murder of my husband. Then alcoholism, depression, grief. And every death leading up to this trial. Who I am is a 53 year old woman from Memphis, Tennesse, name Anna Mae Harkness. I’m ambitious, black, bisexual, angry, sad, strong, sensitive, scared, fierce, talented, exhausted. And I am at your mercy.
I think I’m in love with you Annalise. I tried to fight it, but I’m taking my mask off too. I cannot not have you in my life, because I love you.
What do you really want?
Love, and I can give that to you. I can make you happy.
I can’t promise you the same.
Oliver, thank you. Now I know how to love.


Station 19 3.16

We learn Andy’s mom is still alive, which is the opposite of what her father let her believe. Andy spends the entire episode thinking her mother killed herself, but she is in fact, very much alive, despite not having any contact with Maya for 20 years. Maya’s father visits and abuses her by pulling her hair. Maya then decides to chop her ponytail off. She then runs to Karina, apologises to her and they get back together. Teddy Altman witnesses it and tries to help Maya convince Karina to take her back. Pac North was bombed and according to rumors, the same was supposed to happen to Grey Sloan Memorial on Greys. Bombs were most likely left in all Seattle hospitals. Apparently one of the Greys regulars was supposed to die too, and my money is on Avery.

Now I think my mother killed herself.
The body remembers the event, the body remembers the trauma.
Sometimes a breakthrough can look like a breakdown.
Why are we carrying rodents, 19?
See, I told you, sex offender.
I ruined the best relationship I’ve ever had, because of him.
You should forgive her.
I love you Maya.


911 3.17

In this episode, a kid gets stuck in an air balloon, after her mother doesn’t even think to hold onto the rope, after disembarking the balloon first. And like my mom said while we were watching this, she didn’t even thank the team for saving her daughter! Kid is saved after Buck jumps into the balloon. A lady gets electrocuted after carjacking a truck, later a male gets stuck in a freezer. Athena pretends she’s SVU’s Olivia Benson. The serial rapist is still at large and Athena decides to stupidly chace after him herself. While Athena is dying, the team including her husband Bobby listen to her getting beat up. I can’t wait to see next week’s episode with the train derailment and Abby’s big comeback! Good for Hen for wanting to go back to school, I’m going back to uni after years of working, so I can relate, but I just hope there’s a way we can keep her on working weekends? I’ll miss her too much.

He took pieces of me.
Send an ambulance, two.
Hearing her struggle.
I’m thinking of going to med school.
There’s been a derailment.
Sounds like you’ve done this before.
I’ve sat where you are.


One Day at a Time 4.06

It’s the midseason finale. Rita Moreno has a wonderful monologue by the end of the episode about how where she grew up is no longer her home.

I guess my mom knows how to get chicks.
Sometimes I just say random stuff. 2 months ago, the In and Out cashier said ‘Have a Good Day’ and I said ‘Thanks, Mommy’.
There’s like sex and then the next thing you know, you’re married and then you get a divorce and then I’m a single mother struggling to have it all.
So, am I looking at a man now?
Mom, Elena’s being mean to me.
Hey, do you guys know pudding can last a year?
This could be her last chance to see a moon.
Max makes her happy, not pudding happy, but happy.
You’re here for a couple of months and then you’re gone for a couple of months? That’s like my dream!
I waited so long to do this.
I’m just glad we’re finally going to do it.
Are you sure you’re ready?
I’m r-r-ready.
Should we just jump off the roof?
Leslie, help me take this top off!
Don’t scare an old man like Leslie like that.
It was not the Cuba that I remembered. Everything was still there, but it wasn’t home anymore. I guess I wanted to walk back into a photograph, but you never can. I realised, wherever we are is home.
She always spoke so highly of Roberto’s zuccini.
Abuelita always says I remind her of you. I get it, you were a good looking man.
You loved me, I know you would have accepted me.


The Simpsons 31.22

The Simpsons adopt Santa’s Little Helper’s mom.

Dogs love people clothes.
What a waste of 3 digital photos.
It ate my shorts, now that it’s happened, it’s not that funny.
You have difficulty hearing the female voice. Therefore I’ve deputised Bart to speak for me.
You dog sees everyone who’s ever been here.
In aknowledgements she thanks all 101 dalmatinians.
I feel like that Pixar logo.
Let’s see if they have HBO Go.
It’s so great everyone in this family worked out their issues.