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to the stars jack the bear julia 8

To The Stars

A bullied teenager befriends a new girl in town. The new girl is a mystery to everyone and likes to lie to everyone about herself and her family. She’s hiding a personal secret that is soon going to come out and change everything. My kind of screenplay. This is probably my favorite LGBT film of 2019. Time to update my Favourite films of the 2010s list.


Jack The Bear

Exactly what I needed today. The relationship between the two brothers is what’s running the film here. What happened to Miko Hughes’s career after the nineties? He was awesome in every single one of those kid roles he played including in Pet Sematary, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, Mercury Rising, Full House and so many more. Jack the Bear must have been shelved for years, because the ages of child actors were at least 3 years off from how old their characters were, Reese Witherspoon would have been 16 in 1992, but looked 13 in the film, and Miko was 3.5 in the film, but would have been 6 in ’92.



A writer goes to meet her friend who was injured in the war many years ago, and whom she had a crush on as a little girl. I wish I realised she’s the writer of The Children’s Hour before she mentioned it an hour and a half into the film.

‘There are women who reach a perfect time of life when the face will never again be as good, the body never as graceful, powerful. It had happened that year to Julia.’

‘Act gay. Can you act gay?’

‘After all, the whole world knows about you and Julia.’
‘What does the whole world know, Sammy? What does the world know?’
‘Don’t be that way. I’m a sophisticated man. If anybody understands the sex urge of the adolescent girl, it’s me.’


the woman in the window unbreak deadly shor

The Woman in the Window

A film noir classic. This film was originally supposed to end with a suicide, but the studio said that would be too horrific, so we got this highly disappointing ending instead.


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend

It took me almost 3 hours to go through all possible scenarios and some of them were clearly better than others, for example how on Earth is my favourite character accidentally ending Times Up funny? There’s also a diss at Lori Loughlin and the USC scandal. I won’t miss this show that much, I’d rather re-watch 30 Rock.


Deadly Shores

Carly Schroeder’s last film before she retired from acting and joined the army. I loved Mean Creek as a kid, and I think her acting was better when she was younger. It’s been a month and I couldn’t possibly tell you how this movie ended, I know a young wife followed her writer husband to a property by the seaside, where his deceased wife lived, there she finds out he’s in love with someone else and is planning to get rid of her.


ophelia opoeye nothing in common


Let me guess, Naomi Watts refused to do this little adaptation unless they let her play two characters?

Fun fact, I once played Ophelia in a school play, back in 8th grade, I think? This took me back.


Popeye the Sailor and Sindbad the Sailor

Why this particular Popeye, Mubi? I grew up watching Full House, so whenever someone mentions Popeye or I see someone wearing a Popeye T-shirt, I automatically think of Joey Gladstone and his Popeye impression.


Nothing in Common

This is what Mad Men would be like if it was a comedy.