Downloading Nancy

Had a pleasure to see it again. This movie shows the need to feel something. By self harm you can finally feel, the problem is that it’s just for few seconds. It is based on a true story of Sharon Lopatka who who found a guy on the Internet who was willing to take away her life, but first, fulfill all her needs. My favorite scenes was the one with a shrink (Amy Brenneman) going after her to the bathroom, as she felt she want to harm herself. Excellent movie, great topic.


Things You Can Tell Just by Looking At Her

Which story did I like the most? I found all very good, except Cameron Diaz’s character. I think I liked Holly Hunter and Calista Flockhart’s stories the most, loved the atmosphere in the scenes with Glenn Close. Hoped to see more Amy Brenneman, who was excellent as always.


Mother and child

I found it very interesting, loved the first few minutes. Loved the blind kid (Brit Robertson), and her interactions with Naomi Watts’ character. Can I say my favorite scene was that uncomfortable scene in gynecologist’s office. Also not enough Amy Brenneman.


Shark Night

Was surprised to like it. I always find an idea of revenge worth watching, so the main problem was good. Sara Paxton and Joel David Moore got all my attention. There are at least 10 better shark / water creatures movies better than this (counting the whole jaws series as one movie) but it was good, though 3D sucked.


The Runaways

Joan Jett was producing it? I am shocked. It wasn’t even good. Two main characters, badly acting, annoying, and nothing special. Spending every day with Joan on set and not being able to show it. I am with the people who say Taylor Momsen should play Dakota’s part. She would be a good Cherry, she can act a nice person, proved it in Gossip Girl (never seen one episode, but heard so), and she is wild. I found Dakota’s acting bad, and annoying. Not even starting the singing. Kristen on the other hand, maybe Joan’s character suited her personally, I could see she was nervous but still pretty confident and I did not like it much but I could believe this character, she did her best. The sex/lesbian’s scenes were all uncomfortable, and just bad. I liked the drums girl character the most, she was reliable.