This week I’ve seen 9 episodes. I’m ranking them in the order of how good I think the episode was. This week’s the winner is:

Desperate Housewives 8.01

The perfect season premiere! The ending killed me! Pool swimming. Burring the man and the guinea pig! And all the other scenes! Clearly martha huber wasn’t the one paul should have killed back in season one. If this season is going to be as mysterious as season one, then I’m super happy about it!


Private Practice 5.01

Good season premiere, but not as good as the premiere of Greys and not good enough for Private Practice. Did anyone really think Pete was going to die? Absolute favorite scene was Cooper hugging Violet super tight! Amelia operating after drinking. Sheldon helping her. Switching places. How Addie took care of Lucas; loving the every episode shrink thing; The Figi guy! ‘God, You’re so beautiful’ Pete after anastesia. Violet helping a woman with her abusive husband. And can’t help it, but Amy Brenneman looked super super gorgeous.


Person of Interest 1.02

Need to admit, it was better than the pilot. Everything was right.


Pan Am 1.01

Good, super sweet and lovely. Absolutely impressed with their grace and kindness.


A Gifted Man 1.02

It was pretty good, maybe as good as the pilot. Every time the main charcter does something heroic I cry! But no Julie Benz, seriously?


Suburgatory 1.01

This shows looks pretty hilarious so far. Love the dad.


Greys 8.03

Clearly not as good as the pilot but not bad.


Revenge 1.02

Not as good as pilot. Liked when she ruined this guys company, but why didn’t he kill her then?


The Secret Circle 1.03

Not as good as the previous one but still good. This guy said Phoebe Tonkin’s character was born in ’95, when phoebe’s born in ’89 and it hit me, I’m too old for teen series, but that is just my sad digression.


Prime Suspect 1.01

A woman chasing a rapist, that’s brave, also how brutally he hit her. Love Maria Bello, but I think I won’t be watching it.


Ringer 1.01

Everyone would take a chance of getting the new life, so that’s good. Still I’m not impressed.


Will not be following Ringer and Prime Suspect.