Greys 5.08

All the George mourning, Bailey’s ‘George was my favorite’ n his mom is Callie’s mom now, and our 3 talking about him, couldn’t stop crying.


Private Practice 5.06

Brilliant. Jessica Tuck was on Private Practice! Why did Coop say Sheldon, why not Violet, I needed a Judging Amy flashback! Char’s story was goood!


The Slap 1.05

Melissa George was absolutely amazing. Rosie’s story was very moving, though I think she should really stop breastfeeding plus I hate Gary. Plus I was a little bit dissapointed with Rosie’s plot, but still.


Bones 7.01

This season is gonna be hella differnt than previous 6, I did not like the first episode of season 7 as much as I thought I would.


Desperate Housewives 8.06

Weird. Desperate Housewives like. Loved it. I knew what kind of cat It’s going to be before them, that was pretty obvious, right?

‘I’m asking you, please, back off, okay? We have five kids, one of them is just a baby, I’m not letting my husband go without a fight.’


American Horror Story 1.05

Better than part 1.


Revenge 1.07

Good. All of it.


The Secret Circle 1.08

Pretty good.


Suburgatory 1.06

Hilarious and pretty good.