As I’ve been checking out new bands, I come across The Strokes. I’ve heard of them, but never actually their music. So I turned on one song, I believe it was Under Cover of Darkness and their music just didn’t suit me first as It was ‘too happy’ for my sad existence. I’m all about music first, not words, so If I don’t hear electric guitars/drums playing the usual rock or metal sound It won’t get my attention. I turned them off, then after few days I came exhausted after school and decided to give them another chance. Downloaded the ‘Angels’ album and started listening to it. My reaction was still ‘the music’s too happy for me’, then I just started doing homework with Angels album in the background. whatever I’m doing music’s always playing. After a few songs I was starting to like it, and after 2 times of listening to the whole CD, I started to actually enjoy it.

Still I can’t say I’m absolutely crazy about them, their music is still to energetic and happy for me, but puts me in a pretty positive mood, so If that was the idea, then The Strokes passed this test.

Some of the songs I now find very good.

Life is simple in a moonlight
Call me back
Taken for a fool
Machu Piccu
You’re so right
Under Cover Darkness