Unfortunately I will not have enough time to comment on every show I watch this year. I wanted to write separate notes on where are we right now with every show after mid season finales, but I did not find time needed for relaxing this Christmas/New Years break, I only analyzed Castle, which I will post in a free time. I need to focus on my studies, I already have problem with watching every episode the first day it comes out. This week I only saw Shameless and Castle and the rest I left for Friday, on which I only managed to watch Greys, Private Practice and Bones, as it was already 1am when I finished watching Bones, so I still have 4 shows left for today. I have absolutely no time to go to the movies, last film I saw at the cinema it was the beginning of November, I think it was Dream House or Contagion? Don’t remember now. Last year I found time to watch all the award winning movies and others, about 20 new per month, but this year it is like 3 new movies per month, so I will just note which ones I saw and analyze them in June. Till June I will not be posting much, maybe, I will just in  200 words which episodes I likes most, without many details. I will try to find an hour to do that. I will watch all my series, because without them I would be dead already.

TV 2012 Scheldule

Mondays: Shameless, ends March 25; Desperate Housewives

Tuesdays: Castle; Pretty Little Liars, ends March 26;

Wednesdays: Private Practice, April  last four episodes are moved to tuesdays.

Thursdays: Revenge, Suburgatory

Friday: Private Practice; Greys; The Secret Circle; Skins, ends March 29.

Shows on hiatus.

Back this year.

Cougar Town, back in March.

Bones, back in April.

The Big C, back in April.

Back in fall.


American Horror Story

Till April I have: 10 shows

From April I have: 9 shows

I really hate how so many shows are on hiatus now, and I hate that The Big C will be back in April, not June, I liked when I had a good show to watch on holidays. Will try to make a note about favorite shows on 2011, like I did favorite characters, will see. I am not starting any new shows, but in June I will check The Finder and Hawaii 0. I hope all of my shows will get renewed  for next season, fingers crossed.