Castle 4.12

Tense episode, just excellent. You’re a writer, finish this sentence. Many good lines, of Castle wanting to protect Beckett. ‘Trust me when I say, it’s not your concern.’ ‘It is if it involves Beckett or her mother’s murder.’If Weldon had been run out of office…’ ‘…I’d be gone from the 12th precinct.’ ‘And then who’d keep Beckett from looking into things she shouldn’t? Who’d keep her out of harm’s way?’ ‘What am I supposed to do, Rick?’ when she calls him Rick. it’s even better than when he calls her Kate. ‘I can’t just stop being a cop, because it’s inconvenient.’ ‘When he’s gone, the first thing she’ll do is get rid of Castle.’ ‘I know.’


Revenge 1.11

An excellent Revenge episode. ‘How much collateral damage are you willing to accept? I may have Jack’s blood all over my jacket, but you’ve got it all over your hands.’ ‘The Graysons framed my father. They were responsible for that plane going down. They set him up to take the fall. While I was rotting away in juvie with you and my father was rotting away in federal prison, the Graysons were sitting in that house, living their lives spending their money, raising their kids, like nothing ever happened. So that’s why I’m here. I came back to avenge my father’s death. And to take everything away from them.’


The Secret Circle 1.11

Best episode of the entire series. This is one of the three shows, along with Suburgatory and Pretty Little Liars that I watch just in the background while doing something else, but today I was so in the story. Why do I think Adam’s father is Cassie’s father? Grave digging and dog’s skeleton, so good.


Greys 8.12

What the hell is Shonda doing to my favorite guy character of the show right now? Owen screaming ‘You killed our baby!’ in front of everyone, best scene this year so far.Owen’s ‘You’re drowning, Grey.’ and Mer’s ‘Drowning is a strong word.’ he may not know, but hell, she almost drowned in season three. Adele’s story was very good, Kepner acting all stupid. Everyone telling Mer she should continue her mother’s path, that was a good storyline, but chief’s speech was marvellous. ‘Meredith, look at everything you did today, this party for your daughter, what you did for me in that OR. You don’t have to ever worry about being anything like your mother. I knew her, and you’re nothing like your mother. You have a gift. Don’t waste it.’ I loved Sandra’s acting this episode and this line ‘You let me operate on her husband, and now he’s dead. She gets whatever she wants. Do you understand? Anything she wants from me, ever.’


Private Practice 5.12

Stop beating Violet up. She’s been through enough and she always ends up a victim anyway. loved the storyline and the new boyfriend of hers. Of course she believed that woman, who wouldn’t have? But how she bit Violet up, and the paramedic kid told her ‘I’m here for you, whatever it is.’ that was so good, and how she did not want Pete’s help and went to see the paramedic kid. Amelia is annoying again, but I loved how she told Erica not to do the surgery. Addie is done and drinking with Jake, I love that.


Shameless 2.02

They could get over the Liam masturbating all the time storyline, he’s just a kid. Veronica’s ‘If God loved me he would have made me white and rich.’ Grandpa died. Deb at the hospital. ‘Eat shit, Frank.’ ‘Well, I would, but I recently went vegan.’ this line. shameless at its best.


Desperate Housewives 8.10

Renees storyline and Bree’s ‘U’ll always b d person who saved my life. N now that I’ve had time to think about it, I realize that makes u d best friend I’ll ever have.’ Susan being the stupidest person on TV. Alejandro raped his other step daughter too, that was a good plot. Lynette screaming at kids, that now she has to do it all on her own, a very good speech. Bree sleeping around and drinking, ridiculous and good.


Suburgatory 1.11

Where did Lisa got all these condoms from? I thought she was the perfect kid till her ‘running around the neighborhood naked’ incident. George now thinks Tessa lied about what she was doing with her boyfriend.


Pretty Little Liars 2.16

Oh so ridiculous, Lucas’s storyline was so bad, no idea why they wrote it into the script. Ezra acting all I don’t know you kid is super annoying, but real at least.