As I mentioned before, I have decided to rewatch Brothers and Sisters from the beginning till the very last episode. What pushed me towards the show in the first place, was the family aspect of this series. My whole life I lived with just my parents, away from the rest of my family. I have spent every Christmas with just the two of them, so the idea of calling siblings every day and sharing everything with them, just made this show really appealing to me and watching Walkers’ adventures and every day struggles makes me really happy.

Walkers in order of how much I like them, it’s hard, as I love all of them almost equally, but Sarah and Nora have always been my absolute favourite:
Sarah, Nora, Kitty, Justin, Tommy, Kevin, Saul

Favourite non Walker: Holly, I have always loved Holly. Rebecca is also amazing, but I’m really sad she left

One of my favourite endings of an episode was season 4 episode 21, Luc winning his green card, for me as a non US citizen, wanting to be one more than anything in the world that was great.
Favourite interaction between two characters: All the scenes between Nora and Sarah. Then Sara and Kitty. Then Kitty and Nora. Then Sarah and everyone. Nora and Saul.

Two favourite scenes from the series:
The Pool scene from season 1 finale.
Season 4 finale, the car crash.
Every single dinner when they are all together.

Weakest season: Season 5.
Favourite season: Season 4.

Transcript of Season 4 finale:

Oh, my God.
Are you okay?
Oh, God.
Scotty! Oh, my God. Kevin!
Scotty, Scotty, are you okay?
I’m fine. I’m fine. Justin!
I’m fine. I’m fine. Kevin, are you okay? Are you hurt?
Help the others. Help the others. Mom– what?
Are you okay? I think we hit Robert’s car.
Oh, my God. There was a- there was a truck–
Where’s my mom? This guy cut him off.
Holly’s in the car. I can’t get Holly out of the car.
Holly’s hurt. Mom! Mom!
Just sit down over here. Call emergency.
Just sit down, all right? Just sit- mom! You okay? Where’s Saul?
I don’t know. Where’s Saul?
I don’t know!
I see him.
I’m fine. Are you okay?
Yeah. Good. I’m–
Don’t touch me!
You can’t.
Kitty! It’s all right, Robert.
Kitty! Kitty! Oh, no, no.
Justin, Justin. I think he’s really hurt.
Okay, okay. I think he’s really hurt.
All right. Let me in. Let me in. Okay. I think he’s really…
Hey, Robert. Hey, the- there’s my man.
Justin, help! Mom’s bad.
I’ll wait for the ambulance.
Go. All right, Kitty.|Keep talking to him.
Oh! I’ll be back.|I’ll be back, Robert. Okay?
Oh, God.
Holly. Rebecca, clear out. Clear. Rebecca.
Holly? Holly, can you hear me?|I don’t know if she’s breathing.
Can you hear me, Holly? Holly.
Holly? Oh, good, good.|Okay, Holly, it’s Justin, all right?
I’m just gonna put this|on to keep you warm, okay?
You’ g gonna be okay.|She’s gonna be okay.
Okay, Robert, everything’s|gonna be okay, honey.
You’re gonna be fine,|okay? Talk to me.
Just talk to me, darling.|It’s okay. You were right.
I was right?
When we brought Evan home from|the hospital, I was scared…
That I wouldn’t be able
To keep up.
But then I saw you holding him…
So strong…
And so loving.
And I knew that…
You would.
I knew it.
Robert. Robert. Talk– talk to me.
Oh, God. Robert–
stay with me, Robert.|Right here. Robert.
Oh, my…
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.|Somebody…
Some–oh, rortrt.
Robert, please. Please.|Please, Robert.
Stay with me. Robert, stay with…
Oh, God, somebody…
Somebody help me. Help me.
Robert. Robert.
It’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be okay.
Just stay with me.
Stay with me, Robert.
Oh, Robert… It’s gonna be all right.
Kitty! Kitty! Kitty!

‘C’mon, Kevin, we’re Walkers! Let’s go do what Walkers do best.’ ‘Get drunk? Okay.’

She let me live at Nora’s house. She let me believe that I was a part of their family. I fell in love with that family. What am I supposed to do, just sit there, pretend I’m related to them? I was happy. For the first time in my life I was happy.’

I know that season 5 was weaker than the previous four, but the show has the family atmosphere that many lack. It will always be one of my favourite shows and I will always terribly miss the Walkers.