Grey’s Anatomy 9.06

Cristina is back, and Alex and her are living at Mer’s. Callie’s speech to Derek. Jo is annoying, but the rest of the episode was pretty amazing.


Private Practice 6.05

Weakest episode of the series? Sadly yes. I really thought there could not be an average episode of this incredible show, then Shonda tells us the story of the character nobody cares about anymore. Why do I have a feeling it was Addie who got drunk at her graduation party not her mother?


SVU 14.07

Not as good as the previous one, but still SVU good.


Dexter 7.07

To save her for your table.
Yeah, why won’t you guys wait outside while we’re in here vomiting.
Code, huh? Sometimes life just needs to be taken, there’s no need to dress it up.
I think you’re just afraid to admit that you enjoy killing.
You ever wonder what It would be like if you didn’t have all these rules?
She isn’t drown to my darkness like Lila or blinded to it like Rita, and she doesn’t need it like Lumen. She accepts both sides of me. The whole Dexter. So why am I walking away from this? Because when some chemicals mix they combust and explode.
That fucking bitch is gonna get away with it again.


Revenge 2.07

Incredible episode. I do wish they showed us less Jack and Amanda, and the bar story, and more Emily Nolan relationship. I do not like Aidan, there is something off about him.

‘You were this close, Mason. But u missed d one thing that’s been right under your nose the whole time. She’s not Amanda Clarke.’ ‘You are.’

‘You and I are already doomed. Let them think we’re laying down, and when the time comes, I say we drag them to hell with us.’

‘I have always been and will continue to be your strongest advocate. So don’t keep secrets. You’ll only have to regret them.’

‘Nolan, your company, everything that you’ve worked for…’ ‘Means nothing if it could potentially hurt the only real family I’ve ever had.’

‘Victoria had nothing to do with what happened to David. It was all me. The man was stealing my wife. I wanted him to feel the same level of pain that he’d inflicted on me.’

‘Shut up! Kneel down! The blindfolds! Put them on. Put them on now!’ ‘I’m sorry, Victoria.’

‘Penance is a sacrifice.A voluntary punishment to show remorse for a sin.The more grievous d sin, the greater the self-inflicted suffering. For some, the ultimate penance is death. But for others, it is simply a means to an end.’

‘To properly do penance, one must express contrition for one’s sins…And perform acts to repair the damage caused by those transgressions.’

‘It is only when those acts are complete that the slate can truly be wiped clean…And amnesty gives way to a new beginning.’


Bones 8.06

Incredible 9/11 episode.

I spent so much time trying to control my life. I thought it meant that I was strong, but… I was just afraid.
What the hell does that mean?
Some crazy ass white thing.
Follow me.
How can anyone of you do your job, if what you really want is for one of your other team mates to fail.
Every team has a star, my friend.


Castle 5.07

Espo wanting to kick guy’s ass.
You’re welcome, America. 
This is inappropriate workplace behavior! Our suspect’s alibi hinges on this. Oh. Oh Gates is my new favorite!
More than accommodating.
And Lanie too.
And Sir!
All footage, sir?
Espo singing.
I am starting to like Ryan a bit more this season.


American Horror Story 2.05

Beautifully sickening, but maybe a little over board, a little too much for one episode. I was right who the murder was, and the kiss her lips, I ripped other teeth was an amazing scene. Still I was disappointed that he was the killer.


Suburgatory 2.05

Slightly better than the previous one, but Tessa’s mother is terribly annoying.


Go On 1.08

Weakest episode so far. Not really to laugh and I don’t think anyone even likes Jolanda. Everyone dressed as Alice in The Wonderland characters costumes and a new intro.


X Factor 22.16 and 2.17

Tate Stevens earned the most votes second week in a row and Vino Alan came in third again! Yes, America, yes! Another incredible episode. I was sad to see Lyric 145 go, Simon should have let them stay with hip hop, they were amazing! What is Arin still doing there? I cried when they called Cece’s name and she was all ‘Oh my God’, that was beautiful. Cece is good, Demi just doesn’t know what to do with her. Someone should just tell her to choose songs for her where she can only sing with her amazing high note, not with the lower one, which she sadly cannot do.