Private Practice 6.06

Absolute perfection. Addie will always be my most favorite character.


Private Practice 6.07

I thought Jake’s episode would be boring, and there I was surprised! Seeing Kate at the cinema, yes, God, yes.


Dexter 7.08

‘You’re a serial killer and I’m more fucked up than you are.’

Is this crazy? You and me just sitting here eating breakfast?
I always eat breakfast, it’s important.


SVU 14.08

‘I’ve been doing this for a long time… and I understand the shame and the stigma. But keeping the abuse secret… doesn’t make it go away.’


Castle 5.08

We’re here to save you.

You parked here? Are you kiddinh me, don’t you see this neighboorhood?
Yeah, keep on walking.
Kate broke the car’s window.
Hidning in the playground.
Martha’s all ‘pricinct is my theatre’.
Oh, please stop, you’re a terrible actress.
You got trouble written all over you.
Martha and Kate’s father.
Just an average white guy walking through the Bronz in the middle of the night, what could go wrong.
Shakespeare over here made a call.
How she threw her hands on him.


Bones 8.07

I’ve never smelled anything like that. I suppose this could be…
Do not fall into the evidence, Dr.Hodgins. It would only add to your humiliation.
Dr. Hodgins foolishly inhaled nauseous gases emanating from the remains and he fainted.
How are you gonna fit a murder into that?
Why does your office smell like Thanksgiving?
You’re a political ezile, that’s so cool, in a terrible way of course.
I’m not buttering her up. You want some wine?
I think you did.
Oh my God.
Yeah, I know.
I love you. You’re my corroborator.
Who dreams about murder at 3 am in the morning?
The hell you are.
I don’t have reasons.


X Factor 22.18 and 2.19

Vino Alan came in third third week in a row and Tate Stevens lost to Carly Rose, but that’s okay, cause she was incredible! Beatrice Miller was my third favorite, and even though she sang Chasing Cars (Hi, Greys), this week was her weakest. Very sad to see her go. Carly and Cece Frey are up one spot on my list! The rest of the contestants can go home.

Go On 1.09

Nothing special, not really funny.


American Horror Story 2.06

The second season is disappointing.