Grey’s Anatomy 9.07

So this guy grabbed Ellen’s butt, and then her breast. Second McBaby! Poor Cristina. No, April, what the hell are you doing?


Revenge 2.08

Revenge is back to its best! And winter finale promo! Oh my, but just one episode left? Wasn’t Victoria boarding the plane like…yesterday? Victpria’s storyline is just what I expected it to be.

‘Was it worth it?’ ‘Some would say you owe all of that to me. You may think I knocked you down, but you landed on your feet.’

‘Victoria! Come here, quickly. You just couldn’t control yourself, could you? Batting your eyelashes like a little whore.’

‘And then one night, she saw him sneak into my room. And the next morning, she threw me to the curb.’

‘You threw me out on the street. I was a child. I was fifteen!’ ‘You drove a wedge between me and every man I ever loved. I should’ve listened to your deadbeat father, gotten rid of you before you were even born.’

‘It serves you right for choosing a pedophile over your own daughter.’

‘We do have a good number of rooms here. Pity, as you say, none of them are for you.’ ‘You vindictive bitch.’ ‘Goodbye, mother.’

‘We speak in hushed voices, so as not to wake our memories, the things we’ve done, the things we’ll continue to do, for fear of breaking the cycle, how fierce we were when we were young, when we were unafraid of coming unhinged.’
‘For fear of breaking the cycle…’

‘Was it worth it? Has the darkness finally been lifted?’ ‘Ask me tomorrow.’

‘Never thought I would see so many things that have come to pass, but here we are.’

‘Everything about my father’s conspiracy is in this box. Everything… about the girl I left behind when I started on all of this.’

‘Double infinity.’ ‘A journey with no end.’


Dexter 7.09

‘You can be absolutely fearless in the face of death and yet so afraid to live?’ ‘I’m not afraid. Death has always calmed me. It’s soothing, predictable, inevitable. With a knife in my hand I feel it’s mine to control.’ ‘It gives you intimacy. But it never /lasts.’


Bones 8.08

First time in a long time, I am disappointed. But Fisher will always remain my favorite intern. Depression and dark comedy all the way.


Go On 1.10

Way better than last week. Anne is my favorite, but no surprises there.


Suburgatory 2.06

That was actually…very good!


X Factor 22.20 and 2.21

Vino? Why Vino? America, you’ve made a huge mistake. ‘Anybody could take that number one spot, even the girl in eighth place.’ loved that line! Go Cece! Paige is the only one who had the guts to tell Demi she’s wrong. Tate blew d competition away. Josh Krajcik was my favorite last year, but I was not crazy about his performance or song. Same with Alicia Keys. ‘When you watched Carly Rose’s performance did you feel that she was number one?’ ‘Yeah.’ Poor Tate, but Carly was unbelievable last week.’I’m sure we’ll be seeing you accept a Country Music Award one day. You’re brilliant.’

I have made two tough choices, I have decided to quit on American Horror Story, but only this season. Season three is a new story and hopefully It will be closer to season 1’s one. I really loved the show last year, but this year is just average. It would be good, but the creatures and Nazi doctor, I have seen it so many times, I do not care about the storyline at all.
The second show is Suburgatory. The show was strong last season, but this one is just disastrous. There were two exceptions, the first episode of the season, this weeks episode, but the rest was terrible. I will watch the rest of the fall season, but the chances of me tuning in for midseason are very low.