Greys 10.04

What a lovely way to celebrate 200th episode!

Overture, curtains, lights. This is it, the night of nights. No more rehearsing and nursing a part. We know every part by heart. Tonight what heights we’ll hit, on with the show. This is it!


SVU 15.04

I love when Amanda goes undercover. I am so sad Richard is leaving the show.

‘What did you think? That he was gonna leave his wife and his kid for you? You spent the last five years sitting in that car hoping that one day he would look over at you and suddenly realise that you were the woman that he couldn’t live without.’


Bones 9.04

First of, remember when all the episodes were this good.

To hell with the FBI.
I have to go do scientific things to catch a serial killer.
Oh here we go down the rabbit hole.
You and I are destined to die together.
Think about all the innocent lives you’re saving by doing absolutely nothing.
That’s what you call a tortured soul.
Up until the moment he discovers that she’ll never have him.
I’ll take that as a yes.
That son of a bitch left her a love note, that only she can understand.
Who cares, we were here for the big happy ending.


Castle 6.03

She’d be sleeping on the couch with him.
Nobody tells you how it feels like when it’s gone. Plenty people around you to help you spend it though.


Revenge 3.02

Can’t wait to see Victoria and Aiden join forces!

Freelancing is not a profession, dear. It’s a hobby one has between bartending shifts.
Convince Conrad to confess. To everything.


American Horror Story 3.01

Apparently I’m a witch, it runs in my family. It doesn’t show up in every generation, or in every girl. My cousin Amanda’s just bulimic.

It’s a cliche. But like all cliches, it’s the truth. Your life can change overnight.

When levees broke the people of New Orleans were tested. Those who stayed stayed for a reason. With that came a sense of purpose and community. That’s what happens in a crisis. All the bullshit falls away and what’s left is just so raw and vulnerable. It’s agony to let people see you so exposed. It takes a huge amount of trust and for most of us, that trust was shattered long ago. But like it or not, we need each other and we need each other desperately. My mother was right. The world isn’t safe for a girl like me but maybe I’m not safe for the world either. And since I’ll never be able to experience real love, I might as well put this curse to some use.


Scandal 3.02


Masters of Sex 1.03

Thinking of quitting this show.


The Simpsons 25.02