It’s time to figure out which new shows I will follow this year. I’s time to make decisions.  Am I in or am I out? It turns out none of the new shows intrigued me. I only made it through this week’s episode of Masters of Sex, but couldn’t handle watching another episode of Hostages, because I simply could not care less about the characters, and only enjoyed the beginning, the being held hostage thing; The Originals, because let’s be honest, I have never been a fan of vampire shows and it is just another teen show. Back in the Game, feels like a kid show, but I enjoyed the granpa’s rules and the girl from Sugar Rush, or even The Crazy Ones, which is a show of Robin Williams being surrounded by people of no comedic feeling. I am not sure, maybe it’s the growing up thing. I think from now on the only shows I will follow are going to be those that focus around the actors I love the most, like this summer’s Camp with Rachel Griffiths. I am exhausted trying to find new talent who’s carrier I’d follow, but hell I am not Simon Cowell. I am starting to become sceptic about new shows, I think I am getting my sarcasm back too, and I finally realized that I should be watching films that I haven’t seen yet, not waste my time on mediocre shows. I have made my decisions, I am also thinking of quitting Scandal, I love Jeff Perry and Kate Burton’s performances and they are the only reason I started watching this show this summer. I feel like I need some major changes in my life, and I need to start with the shows, so this is it. I tried quitting The X Factor USA this week, but could not. I hate reality tv and shows, but we all end up watching some of them, and I watch this one, so what? I know it’s not very good, but I know I woud not make it through watching The Voice or American Idol, so whatever. Everyone needs a break, and I find this show really relaxing after a hard week.

Shows I am quitting:
Masters of Sex
The Crazy Ones
Back in the Game
The Originals

This leaves me with no new shows added to my list this fall. I am now waiting for Surviving Jack and other new propositions.