Shameless 4.05

Lip is right to be pissed at you Fiona. You’re a 30 year old acting like a teenager. You are going to lose custody of the kids and Lip is gonna have to drop out of college.


Cougar Town

One of the best episodes of the show, every minute simply hilarious and I just love when they all do something together and I love portrayal of yard sales on screen, excellent episode.

If Bobby’s scattering the ashes, why is he sitting in front?


Switched at Birth

The show is not doing good at all this season, I do not see why the girls always have to be messed up with love triangles. There are so many plots they could come up with but no Bay has to have two guys, and guess what? So does Daphne. Don’t even get me started on John cheating on Katherine.


Pretty Little Liars 4.19

I’ll tell you what, for the first time I saw some good acting from the lead actresses, Lucy and Ashley I mean. Troian and Shay did not live up to the noir acting and acted just like in any other episode, meaning I don’t give a rats ass about acting I’m just gonna say the lines like I was talking to whomever wherever. Lindsey looked gorgeous in this episode and the scene she had with Shay was beautiful. I think episode a la noir was a bad idea in general, but again, gave them more time to mess around with us as we did not learn anything new.