So many shows this semester, already lost truck. Had to split the post in two. It looks like during the move, or actually two moves I’ve missplaced some notes on a few episodes, all notes on Revenge for example. I plan to rewatch them on Thursday and post them the same day.

Parenthood 6.04

I’m sorry I woke you. Why did I do that?
I’ll just put some clothes on.
That’s what they all say.
I clearly apologised.
Hi Sarah.
Here you’re headmaster Braverman.
Oh you’ve already had that discussion.
She calls me Asbergers.She also calls me a freak.
I’ll talk to her.
You might wanna rethink that.
What did I win?
I don’t want to start a boyband.
I hope to God It’s gonna stay.
Your sister Sarah was just here. She threw your mom under the bus after 2 seconds.
Parents screw their kids up.
What do you do when you like a girl?
If you’re mad at me it’s okay.
Of course Kristina’s the only one who gets it.


Parenthood 6.05

The show is so much less interesting without Lauren Graham.

Studying the trash.
You can get a ticket for driving too slow, you know.
How did Sarah get out of this thing?
That’s terrible advice.
Your dad’s number is undergoing a change as we speak.
I can work with you two.
I imagine I have a decade maybe more to change your mind.
Drew has a new room.
I still can’t believe she likes horses more than lizards.


Greys 11.04

All the flashbacks.
My memory of her is a little bit different.
Karev’s back and Maggie is going.
The carousel never stops turning. You can’t get off.
My mommy tried to kill herself.
Pierce’s in AA?
Oh my God. You don’t know anything.
Like mother, like daughters.
You and I know something about crazy mothers.
Ellen’s reaction during You gave it up for me, but I don’t want it.
You might have saved your mother’s life.
She’s my sister.
I love sisters. I’m glad you told me. It’s nice to meet you.
She’s my daughter. Mine and Ellis Grey’s.
Then she took me home and then she attempted suicide.
I should be making a lot more money.
Her water broke all over the kitchen floor .
Meredith showed Maggie the journals.
They’re not so warm. She wasn’t either.
She wanted you to be okay.


Greys 11.05

Addison was mentioned two times this episode, which is all I needed.

I came back for you. I came back for you.
I was so in love with you. I just wanted to be with you no matter what.
We find a way to help him that’s not stupid.
No break right?
I think we should take a break.
How are we supposed not to talk for a month?
Why not try what is it Callie?
Sorry, I have my own stuff.
Have you cured death yet, Meredith? When will you cure death Meredith?
Like me anx Derek cheating in Addison.
Did you get excited about her vagina?
Then no.
I’m hot. My husband is an idiot.
That might come back up.
You don’t mean? 10.9.8….1
How’s the diet going.
No late night binges?
I almost had a cheesburger. Then I didn’t.
She was jelous.
Does this mean this thing might actually be working?
It’s my fault. I can’t stop the pain.
Addison Montgomery with a todler?
So what if we don’t tell her?
I don’t know what’s wrong with you. What are your demons?
I finally feel like I might actually survive this.
I should love me and you should love you. I want so much more for you, Arizona.


SVU 16.04

Excellent episode, the promo for next week ‘A case so twisted it can only be SVU’ describes the show accurately. I will never get over how superb this show is.

And I despite having so much to offer, am alone.
He counted out each time he stabbed her. That’s not good.
Idiots. I’m right here and no one even notices me.
He had a knife to your neck. It’s normal to freeze.
This is your fault Gigi. You had your chance.
That’s every other white guy.
I would know how to take care of you. How to worship you.
He spilled water on guy’s lap. I can’t have that.
Is this about my neighboors?
She flirted a lot with unsavoury men at that place.
They’re illegaly restricting my movement.
We need 24h surveillance on this guy.
Hold on did they ID him? 2 out of 3.
I will be coming for you.
She was young, pretty. Not a very good teacher though.
Not you, Nick. Her. You can call me Amanda.
I cannot shoot this trump.
All pretty girls lie.
Shut up I’m talking to her.
He’s been through a lot therapy. More talk won’t help.
Are tou having sex with this guy?
Girls like you always go for jerks like this.
Do you think he cares about you?
These toung girls don’t understand how special you are.
He wanted to be alone with Rollins.
I’m a woman and I wish we were somewhere else right now.


SVU 16.05

That sure is one way to pay for college. Every campus rape always happens in Hudson. Richard T Jones guest stars.

Whatever you’ve done before, it has nothing to do with being assaulted.
Film class is over.
Rollins, you’re telling me this now?
Great speech. Better headline.
At first I didn’t think you can rape a girl like that.
Whatever choices she may have made in the past, she didn’t choose this.
Can tou tell us why you dexided to work in the adult film buisness?
You hoped it would remain private? On the internet?
You understand what you’ve just described is the definition of rape.
I have ro move out by the end of the week.
She even showed her srudent ID in some of them.
A publicity stunt to jump start your porn carrier.
Makes you wonder what the point of a jury is.
And now I only have one left. Goodbye.
There are other schools.
Amanda walk away.
She’ll have sex with a dozen guys.


Bones 11.01

I love…
They tried to take your picture.
It is nice talking conspiracy without being called a loon.
You’ve clearly suffered trauma to your…(Bones talking bones talk)
Yes, I’m blackmailing you.
You promised.
No. You told me not to. It’s a significant difference.
Urine in the coffin so the acid breaks the bones.
I spent some of your money too. A lot of it, actually.
You helped her with the move, with Christine.
Are you damaging the bones?
Daisy’s pregnant.
He says you’re family.
I won’t hurt you.
Maybe I wasn’t the best doctor.
That’s clear.
It’s a high praise coming from you.
Hodgins switched the bones.
I’ll finally get to use my siren.
Jay Edgar Hoover?
‘Nooo God Please No’ was my original reaction to Sweets’s death.
Massive internal trauma. He’s bleeding out.
I don’t know if I can do this to him.


Bones 11.02

New opening credits and hey, let’s hire a guy who looks exactly like Lance, so we forget he was just killed off. I remember what a big deal it was when Vincent died. Maybe it felt more important because Booth and Bones finally got together, and maybe they wouldn’t if Vincent hadn’t died. But then I remember Sweets was the one who told B&B they’re in love with each other by drawing a theory they work so well together because they have feelings for each other. I’ll never forget that. Remember the heavy metal concert back in season 4? When we found out Sweets was too a foster kid and was whipped and beaten as a kid? And thanks to that we discovered Tempe was being locked for breaking the dishes? And how he was Booth’s almost partner? It’s the little things we’ll all miss.

He was family.
Uncle Sweets and Daisy are taking me to the park today.
Good job, Sweets.
Conspiracies are living organisms.
Seely, Seely, Seely. That’s what Lance wanted to call the baby.
Bones throwing the keys at Booth.
Please don’t go.
He played every night to the baby.
I’m planning his funeral.
You can love me later.
That’s why I’m riding in your bumper car. You’re a genius.
Distract me. What movies have you seen lately?
Tell me tou didn’t steal from the exhibition.
She’s always sure when she speaks.
You must have scratched yourself while injecting.
We need Sweets now. The answers are here.
Hoover’s office.
He’s here. He’s a part of us.
We are all who we are, bexause we knew Sweets.
Sweets had a song, remember?


Bones 11.03

See how he was stuck. He was obese.
Yeah, not much of a threat.
King of the lab!
He’s building a bomb.
Mexicans. Blacks. All on drugs.
They must have had sex.
I disagree. Sex and violence are two primal instincts.
Twist. Please continue.
I know a good man when I see one.
Phones carry more bacterias than toilet seats.
B & B.
Oh you named it after us?


Bones 11.04

It’s not gonna work, Bones.
Is our work interfering with your social life?
Then what do I do with these?
You really don’t trust me if my background check is going back that far.
Especially since it’s the only thing we can afford.
And where did you attend kindergarten?
What are you into? Gardening?
This was a beautiful cooperative moment, did you feel it?
What the hell is this?
You can never be to thorough
Perhaps I can assist. Assist? That’s a first.
He’s been catfished.
Do you really think my eyes shine?
This is my research. Oh no Bones.


Downton Abbey 5.02

You tried to have me sacked.
Even my sense of humor.
I suppose he can’t hear us. No he can’t.


Downton Abbey 5.03

I left school at 11. What was I supposed to learn by then?
Nothing vulgar I hope. Nothing of that sort.
Let me drink my brandy in peace.


Downton Abbey 5.05

Nudes colony.
I wouldn’t go that far. Precisely.
I do not quite grast your question.
You forget my wife was one of them. My daughter is one of them.
Did you like Mr Green?
Yes, very much.
We already knew that.
All sorts. What’s going on here?
This house has no secrets.
We’re the future. They’re the past.
I don’t really. But the son’s nice.
I agree with Carlson. Seems very fast to me.
I’m not sure that’s a good enough reason.
I wish men worried about our feelings a quarter as much as we worry about theirs.
I promise you. Nothing bad will ever happen to you.
In my eyes it makes you innocent.
God what a night.
He’ll have you on the operaring table before you can say knife.


American Horror Story 4.01

What an idea. This show is marvellous. I can already say ot will be better than the teenage focused season three. Shouldn’t this show be a little scary? With a killer clown, this season will work. I can’t wait to get background stories of all the characters, especially the supporting ones. The theme music and the collage are my favorite of all the seasons. Can’t wait to get a look into all the remaining characters that we haven’t met yet. Jessica Lange killed David Bowie’s Life on Mars. Downloaded it and cannot stop listening to it.


American Horror Story 4.02

A curfew? You’re going to ruin my buisness.
He did seem drunk though.
Blood marks.
The clown posing with other clowns.
No better. No worst. Just regular people.
You can’t live on candy and conyack, Dandy.
She reminded me of the pregnant hippo we saw in Safari.
Please tell me this is a rest stop.
I’ll pay you handsomely.
A little tone deaf.
Daytime is for kiddie shows and clowns.
Meatloaf. Meatloaf.
If we’re going to have any fun.
Cause I’m feeling like a criminal.
On what grounds, officer?
She made you feel like shaise.
I thought all I needed was an audience and then it would all come together.
They took Nip.
Nip in the bag.


American Horror Story 4.03

Elsa really should not have performed on Halloween. Jessica Lange’s cover of Lana Del Rey’s Gods and Monsters is marvellous. Haven’t stopped listening to it. I can even ignore the fact that they, again, didn’t change the lyrics and Jim Morrison is mentioned in the 50s. Remember the pilot and John Lennon in David Bowie’s lyrics?

Coney Island’s a little cold this time of year. How about Florida?
I find clows delightful.
Even after death the demon’s face was smiling.
Can’t wait to go trick or treating and terrorize the neighborhood.
Curfews are for poor people.
Or maybe you’re blinded by a pretty face.
She looked at the paper and she knows what to tell her.
That bitch stole my carreer.
It’s your song, Elsa. It’s the most heartbreaking song I’ve heard.
Esmeralda, you’re hired.
The freaks. They’re everywhere.
I’m sure that’s not the only thing you give away for free.
Nobody cares what happens to a freak.
You look like a nice christian girl. The only proper question is how to display the body.
The clown took him.
Pick up those drum sticks and start banging.
Oh yeah give it to me.


Castle 7.04

Potato chip flavour.
Who kills an ice cream man?
Got it. Easy.
We are all writers.
Somewhere in that pile is a key to find our witness.
Then he changed the channel.
Mr Castle told me to let it go.
Searching through their stuff.
Jerk face over there.
Behind you. Oh what a fall they took.


Scandal 4.03

You can answer your phone.
We have to talk about the First Lady.
It’s a video of people doing things.
I’m not. A gladiator?
When one of us goes missing, the rest looks for them.


Scandal 4.04

Call Cyrus Bean. To tell him we’ve got the president’s daughter.
I need you to shut down the cell service at this address.
What are we doing? Getting you into college.
I just saw the dirtiest sex tape I’ve ever seen and it stars his teenage daughter.
The only way I could have sex with two guys is if i was raped? How lame are you?
What about what I did to them?
What are you two doing here?
One was blond. Does he have a tattoo.
Olivia! Mellie.
I’ve dealt with drunk Mellie and Smelly Mellie and screw everything Mellie and eat everything that’s not nailed down Mellie.
You’re sitting, eating chips and getting drunk at 11 am. Tony’s voice on 11 am.
Sex tape? She takes after her daddy then, doesn’t she?
Where do you have the tape?
2.5 million dollars.
You’re exploiting them. You’re child pornographers.
And sexist. If you were a boy, they would want to high five. But you’re not, so your knees will have to stay closed.
Who brought Ronan into this? I did.
Ballard gave me the order.


Scandal 4.05

Yes, I would like to report an assault.
Why isn’t she running?
In what context are we normal?
So you get drunk at 8 am in the morning now?
You’ve told me this crazy story a thousand times.
Then why don’t you believe me?
Do you have Jake?
I’m here because of her.
Why isn’t the car parked out front? It’s 2.50.
Can you read? Reading is fundamental.
Quinn figured out and cut the body open.
I told tou the truth and you lied to me.
Next time ypu wanna chat. You’ll find me dancing on his grave.
I was at the Pentagon trying to get a confession out of our son’s killer.
No no. It’s good. It helps.
Jerry’s death was meaningful.
Take your scotch and your chips. Drink. Eat.
Why are we all trying to be Olivia Pope?
Everyone who touches you pays the price.
Did you kill my son?
Mellie took a shower.


How to Get Away With Murder 1.04

Wes was right.
What the hell’s a shooting star?
This is what pilates can do for you.
I don’t think I can ever see Liza as someone other than Paris Gellar.
I just know everybody hates their boss.
Sara Paxton guest stars.
Liza going all Paris on her.
Did they just here about what he did to his ass? Nothing more awkward than your teacher knowing about your sex life.
He fell out the window.
Holy crap. We make good spies.
Maybe something fell off.
Rebecca, smile. You’re going home.
Tell me what’s on the phone.
The wig.
And the eternal question, What is your penis doing on a dead girl’s phone?


How to get away with murder 1.05

Judge me if you want. Just do it while we’re carying the damn body.
Tou need to show off that’s something to talk to your therapist about.
I still remember that episode of NYPD Blue. Excused.
You’re making a score card?
How about two hairy guys? Enjoy.
Know the blog inside and out for tomorrow. There’s like 800 entries.
Well done.
You’ve got something?
I just like making people feel uncomfortable. Makes me feel better for some reason.
Bitch please.
Look at the wallpaper.


Nashville 3.04

Jeff is going to sign Maddie and Daphne.
Reputable and discret.
I honestly haven’t heard a single word you said after Hey.
Would you like to go with me while I try on my wedding dress?
I want you to be happy.
Why did Gunnar ask you to stay? Why didn’t you?
You and me are gasoline and maches.
But I love her. But I want her. But I need her. What you need is to move on cause the night is still young.
Because if I won’t who will? Because she’s like my kid.
I’m gonna stay on the line with you.
Deacon Claybourne’s bus left without Deacon Claybourne.
What happened to us? It’s like we spent the whole year taking turns at apologising.
Jeff has signed one woman and she’s a reality tv star and you can ask Layla Grant how that’s going for her.
You don’t wanna be Rayna Jaymes. You wanna be the one and only Sadie Jones.
Scarlett, sing with me.
Not everything is always about you.
I just signed with Rayna Jaymes and Highway 65.
You and me are gasoline and maches.
You’re the one who destroys people.
I need to know if I can sign a couple of kids to the label with just one parent’s consent.


Nashville 3.05

Zoey took Juliette’s place in te show and Julliette gave Avery the big news via text.

I’m pregnant. It’s yours.
I like to drink. Run around with strangers. Everythung that screams out danger.
Yeah, but I prefer chocolate milk.
This trip sucks. You suck.
Is she sure it’s not Jeff’s?
It’s true, isn’t it? I’m plain.
I told that devil to take you back.


Bad Judge 1.03

Then I choked him.
Look at him. Overruled.
Could ask sexurity to do it.
It’s called Mockingbird.


Bad Judge 1.04

What are you doing with the jacket? This doesn’t just happen.
I’m like a chick magnet for 30 something lesbians.
See what I mean. Actually she’s kinda cute.
You know there was this one time in college.
You’ve seen me at McDonald’s when I miss the breakfast cut off. You wanna add a weapon to that mix?
Why is your lock 69 69.
Because it’s hilarious!
I hope you don’t mind I made a sandwich.
You might wanna move your briefcase.
Don’t forget everyone underestimated Elle Woods.
Are you refering to the film Legally Blonde?
The handle is too small for my hand!
We have tou on tape.
Is that going to be a problem.
Guns Guns Guns.
That explains a lot.
You idiot.
He said happy ending.
He was thanking me.
Oh that’s nice!
Oh he’s grandma wife is gonna be pissed.
Erin Brockovich! Great flick!


The Simpsons 26.04

We’re in hell. Cool.
Hey Lisa touch this.
Keep your pants on Marge.
Mom, please tell me I can go to hell.
Clockwork yellow and Mrs Poppins.
I’ll be the judge of that.
Stanley Kubrick.
The others.
This house is haunted.
I work 12h a week.
What kind of an afterlife is this? Can’t even shake my dead kid.
I can’t believe you wasted our money on fruit.
Might as well clean while killing myself.
Wait a minute. Who killed Maggie?
Isn’t it about time you went digital.


The Good Wife 6.05

Who’s that?
Elisabeth Tascioni.
What is she objecting to I haven’t finished my question yet.
Why are all the computers counting down? I feel like in a Bruckheimer movie.


The Good Wife 6.06

I’m your body woman.
In my opinion.
Have you heard this song Call me Maybe?


Faking It 2.04

Joined drama club and left to LA for pilot season.
My face covered with pimples on my HD tv.
My face exactly.
OITNB people on every show I watch.
Taylor Swift pretty much said it all.
If you like me, maybe I’ll like myself.
Who the fuck is Oliver.
I could pond it and pay for college.


Faking it 2.05

The balls in the room, best gift ever.
I was so wrong about this class. This class isn’t straight. This is the gayest thing I have ever seen.
If you melt her heart, you’ll save all the villagers.
Do not get him started on Batman.
He and Alfred lived in a cave and designed outfits.
Like I’m about to own all your asses.
Karma loves guys.
And you?
I love Karma. That’s the whole problem.
I’m starting to realise other people will live in them with us.
You know what they say. If tou love something, set it free.
Oh, fuck it.