Where were Greys, SVU and The Simpsons this week? I was going insane with just eleven shows, so I started watching The Good Wife, a show I left in season two back in September. I’m also in the middle of my Six Feet Under rewatch. I haven’t seen more than two episodes since middle school, around the year the show ended and I thought it would be a good idea since I don’t remember many details. I just saw that ABC will air just 8 episodes of each show this fall season and be back in January. Remember when they used to air 12 episodes before Christmas? Or last year when they aired 10? Most of the shows will air their 7th episode of the season and then they’re back on hiatus for two months, as if we haven’t suffered enough because of the 4 month long summer break. This ruins all my TV related plans. I will be done with The Good Wife and Six Feet Under by December, and then I will be stuck going insane over the films I want to watch but cannot find anywhere yet again. On another note, I’m finishing my 14 hour shift in an hour.

Parenthood 6.06

This episode fell too close to home. It was absolutely wonderful. Drew has to choose economics because his mother cannot pay off his student loan and he has to help his pregnant sister. As someone who had to drop out of uni and go to work just to start paying off my parents’ loans, you can imagine how relevant Drew’s speech was. Also, how painful it is when people don’t understand the choices we have to make for our family. I have met so many people who react to my financial troubles exactly like Natalie did, telling me to focus on myself and that my family’s problems are not my problems. When of course they are. The writers made an excellent job here, as usual. Same with Crosby not being able to take his son to Harry Potter world. How cute was this scene by the way? Everyone who was a pre-teen when Harry Potter came out gets it. I saw so much Lorelai Gilmore in Lauren Graham’s Sarah this week, I froze for a second and had to rewind the whole scene. It gave me such flashbacks, it just felt weird and like time stopped and this (almost) past decade never happened. I finally got used to Hank, till this week I was still hoping for Mark to come back, as we all rememember how much fun he and Sarah had and how stupidly happy their were. How about Kristina hating the Bravermans at first? Reminds you of Hank comparing Bravermans to Starbucks. Episode that will leave me analizing for a week. I will miss this show dearly.

It’s more than my apartment.
It’s just so much better here with you guys.
I value you more than him.
Gane night? Do you play for money?
You have till junior year to choose your major.
Would tou like to stay the night?
That is not appropriate.
That’s why I didn’t fire her 3 months ago.
And I like hanging out with you.
She saud I had nice eyes.
Then I think she’s headed into that direction.
Nora’s cute. You’re fun.
Yes it was.
It looks like most of it is out.
Tou should figure out what makes tou happy.
Now she’s my best friend.
I was much worse.
This is Mr. Back up plan.
You’re apologising?
How did that happen? How long will it last?
Not long.
That is my life. I’m not changing it. It’s the reality.
I don’t have a back up plan.
Almost as good as the real thing.


Revenge 4.05

I’m not sure about this season. There’s too many characters that annoy me. The show is still excellent, but why can’t Madeleine and Emily get all the screen time? Why do they have to share it with Charlotte/Daniel/Margo/new cop/the redhead? I couldn’t care less about their storylinea. It’s utterly annoying.

She took him to Amanda’s grave?
You think he blames you for the death of his daughter?
I’m gonna find out what really happened to my girl.
Only family can go through. You don’t qualify. At least not yet.
God, Charlotte, she took him to what was supposed to be my grave!
Do come in we have so much to discuss.
Now tell me where my father is.
I’m ypur grandpa.
The bar? – He didn’t want to see the album at all. Isn’t that weird?
Then why was she living above the bar?
She’s sliping away from me.
My father needs Amanda Clarke.
You’re not Victoria. You’re worse. You’re Conrad.
No wonder you love to hide behind all that crap. How else could you live with yourself?
This was my house.
I swear to you Amanda. I will have revenge.


Downton Abbey 5.06

I could not be happier about where Violet and Mrs Crowley’s relationship is right now. They went from constant arguing to ‘You’ll find she’s a constant visitor.’ Edith cannot have some couple raise her kid and then just change her mind and take her away. Baxter may be my favorite character right now. Bates admitted to knowing who did harm to Anna and Violet was being herself throwing her hilariously sarcastic opinions all over the place. Mary swept the floor with Edith, but we’re not bkaming her as nobody likes a downer.

You’ve never looked worse.
He was a nice man. Though what he saw in Edith.
What Baxter have to do with it?
She’s refusing to wash your… things.
And you wonder why I have neither lady’s maid nor butler.
Let her stay.
When you served your sentence for theft…
Does her ladyship know your story?
Yes, she knows everything.
I know what it was.
To make me more like other people.
Oh It is you. I thought it was a man wearing your clothes.
Hopefully not, as you usually spoil everything.
I envy her.
All this thinking is overrated. Before 1914 no one thought about anything at all.
Why are you smiling?
Because you’re innocent.
I can’t stay. Not if I’m ever gonna be happy again.
I think she’s splendid.
I think she’s cracked.
Convert to what?
There’s always something. Isn’t there?


American Horror Story 4.04

Elsa’s backstory explains last week’s choice of song to all of those who found ‘Give it to me’ and ‘Waiting to get hit hard’ from Lana Del Rey’s song repulsing. You probably didn’t, my mother would. Elsa having her legs cut off did not impress me as much as drugging and raping the nurse or Meep being killed in life. Yes, I did notice all these scenes are rape related. Before they told us Meep was dead I was sure he was going to be assaulted and before Elsa’s legs were cut off, I thought the same. Maybe I was wrong, maybe not. Probably not in Meep’s case. Three rapes in one season? We did have a rubber man raping Connie Britton’s character and the doctor raping Sarah Paulson’s character in Asylum and a sport team raping Emma Robert’s character in Coven. Ryan Murphy said Freakshow is Jessica Lange’s favorite show, and after four episodes, I understand why.

They could never love me..
You’re not the one.
Excuse me.
This is not amusing. You’ve come to the wrong tent for tour silly little Halloween prank.
I am not one of them.
See if I can help her.
Even then I was a star.
No one puts on a show better than I do.
In the end, I wasn’t Elsa. I was nothing.
Time for the real Halloween.
I hear the copy even made it to theatre.
I was a star.
She’s the one.
Everybody run!
Get back here! I haven’t finished the show.
Catch me of you can, asshole.
You ruined my Halloween, you stupid girl.
How come you talk so stupid?
But I’m a good person. Mama said so.
Kids love me.
That’s a lie. I’m a good person.
I’m so dumb. I can’t even kill myself.
Children forgot they loved me.
You made the demon veep.
We want to thank you.
I’m a talent scout.


Bones 11.06

Speaking of Gilmore Girls, you should have seen my reaction when Kirk appeared on my screen. Made my day. Shame he didn’t have a bigger role though. It was a great episode, I don’t how many more times can Hodgins be a suspect until the show gets boring, but it might just reached it. One of my first notes on this episodes was about the burnt person being the one Hodgins just fought with. Some of the cases lately are that obvious. I must remember to show this episode to my father as Kirk was his favorite character on GG. Not Bones related, but he’s favorite scenes are when Kirk’s checking the condition of the Dragon Fly Inn and runs away from a mouse and when he’s running out of the Dragon Fly naked covering himself with just a pillow right after Lorelai and Luke kissed for the first time.

Don’t be rude. Let her finish.
A uselful device for people with no memory or powers of observation.
You’re an incompetent forensic anthromologist
You’ve never researched any of your other books.
Does everyone in this place hate each other?
You and I are okay.
Oh my god there’s a body on fire.
The evidence’s burning.
This isn’t the time for science lessons.
Who’s got the LED lamps?
I’m feeling more like a security guard at a Beyonce concert.
Go find a Kardashian.
That makes me want to kill someone so I won’t waste the time.
I want a public defender and a sober one.
The DNA is a match for Doctor Hodgins.
Which means no suspects have alibi.
Including you.
Do not compliment the killer.


Castle 7.05

A case seemed fresh, at least this one. Remember last week’s invisibility case? The video at the end is a treassure. I want this on my phone asap.

Wow. You nailed playing yourself
That’s impressive.
And that god personal appearances?
It’s a little too obvious.
Crime scene photos, but not ours.
It already is.
Wrong suspect NYPD. I’m still here. What will I do next?
I’m not getting anywhere with this.
You’ve got 47 followers.
Why target a no name like her?
You have a blog?
Can tou force me to go with you?
No. Then bye.
They’re taking that photo out of context.
I gotta get one of these.
Why would someone let random people stay at their place. – Oh please Kate.
The basement is a rental unit.
He’s got people in custody too.
Like me or I’ll die.
Or tour mommy made you.
Hi, I’m Richard Castle.


Bad Judge 1.05

I can’t believe this genius show was just cancelled.

That’s me out there.
Maybe I should get a dog.
That call can wait.
Show on the road. I’ve got places to go.
She was pregnant?
Boo ya.
Anyone wants some pickled eggs? Pass it along. Sardines?
Did they cancel Pretty Little Liars?
Got everything fugured out, red?
These pants give you front butt.
You guys have the same pimp or what?
Let’s all get sexually repressed kid off.
I’m as serious as your mother’s coke addiction.
I don’t know if i’m high fiving myself ot slapping a todler’s ass.
All right hooker skirt.
Really? You just got here.


Nashville 3.05

I’d say it’s a pretty good day for me
Well then don’t.
You can pack your stuff.
I know you loved me once.
Which one of you actually lives here?
I’m having fun. I’m allowed.
Please tell me you’ve got a bonus single that you haven’t told me about.
Daddy, I was so scared.
The father is Avery Berkley and that’s all I’m gonna say.


Scandal 4.06

Brian Benben guest stars! I was so scared he retired! I’m loving the new Abby, standing up to everyone.

You want me to have the chef send tou some fried chicken?
Check out that little fella over there. He has assassin written all over his face.
I need to talk to you about Jake.
Who used to sleep with my best friend.
Your nuckles are awfully bruised.
So please if you love her. If you love her at all.
You’re telling me he may actually be innocent?
I’m gonna need you to shut up.
Or vaxinate fat kids.
How does she know?
He’s looking for a legitimate reason to fire me.
You don’t know him the way you know me!
Why are you being such a…?
I’ll leave you to your funeral.
Hashtag justice4Cooper
I will be remembered as a wife of a man who did something with his life.
You wanna screw me.
My word is not gonna change anything.
Not choosing me is okay.
I made sure I chose the ugliest woman and he still managed to bang ber twice a day for 8 years.
I want to go out with a bang.
I outpoped Olivia Pope?
I made him feel pretty.
You may wanna check your bell door.


How to Get Away with Murder

In two weeks we’ll know who killed Sam, so the show should get tight soon. This episode, half of the points go to Bonnie and the OITNB, my two favorite characters. The biggest shocker, Annalise didn’t kill Sam, the kids did? I was pretty sure they were covering for her, with the carpet and all.

I guess we finally know why you’re here.
No idea.
It’s for Annalise. I’d do anything for her.
You and Rebecca?
Frank, forgot your coffee.
I want the trophy.
Oh, it’s good.
With me, now.
You’re scaring our client.
That’s the best thing I’ve seen in days.
It’s always the one you least expect.
Wouldn’t you be?
Did you have her killed?
If she’s gonna get disbared, will this go on our records too?
Let them know what you’ll have for dinner.
Whatever it takes. Isn’t that what you said?


The Good Wife 6.07

A proof of other crimes.
It was like I was watching a ship go down.


Faking It 2.06

On second thought I just bought new shoes that need to be broken in.
Shrimp girl?
Nobody does neon anymore.
Fifth Harmony.
It’s pretty fucking loud.
Oh good you found one, this headache is killing me.
She is definitely rocking with the homies.
Part of you wants her to tell you ‘I want to be with you and I don’t care who knows it.
Lauren’s my friend when she’s on ecstasy.
I’m on what?!
You heard me the first time, didn’t you?