Parenthood 6.07

One of the five best episodes of the show, absolutely spectacular. 20/10.

It’s currently 6am.
Don’t interrupt me, Nora.
I don’t trust your organisational abilities. Evidence, it’s 6:03 and you’re still in bed.
You see a mermaid.
Mermaids aren’t real.
What’s his name? (nothing is more Gilmore Girls than this scene)
Who’s name? What’s going on?
I have a test in 3 days and I don’t even know how to read the question. I need to know how to read the question.
5 or 6 hours.
What is happening? Why isn’t the car starting?
Nora is heading into the street.
This is not on my list of responsibilities!
Yeah, who’s Jake?
I think we have different parenting styles.
Wow. Really?
It’s not an asset. It’s a home.
If I can’t have you in it, I don’t want it.
I am very very upset. That’s why I’m doing my breathing and calming exercises.
I like being by myself more than I like being with other people. Why is isolated bad?
She’s yelling about a stupid movie.
Why is she yelling about the movie then?
It’s not about the movie. Don’t you understand that?
What do you mean you don’t know?
It’s not normal, is it? I should have asked.
Are you supposed to be eating these? Are you supposed to be watching that?
I’m doing a lot of things I shouldn’t be doing. The system has broken down. It’s amazing.
Excuse me. Not alone.
I’m just here in the middle of all these memories.
I recently realized that I’m not good at communicating.
Oh my god you’re just realizing this now? I’ve only been telling you this for 18 years.
I’ve got Aspbergers.
But are we really good? You have to e specific here.
You used to intimidate the crap out of me.
I’m saying goodbye, Zeek.
You love your wife?
You know I do.
You love her, you fight for her.
What are you doing. Are you eating a cookie?
Not eating a cookie, don’t worry.
A year ago you told me to fight for you. I’m fighting for you, Julia.


Greys 11.06

What people?
She still calls you Dr. Grey.
That’s my name.
She’s family.
This was already a bad idea, why are you trying to make it worse?
I’m so sick of you playing that card.
And Zola needs more black people in the family.
I traded my marriage for your job.
What is wrong with you people, you can’t uninvite someone!
I brought wine.
I’m an alcoholic.
I’ll be dead in 6 months.


SVU 16.06

Somebody, anybody, help us! He’s got Zoey!
The man, not the bird.
Our tracker apps.
Now we call Liv.
Next time call me earlier.
Call the academy.
If you can live on this planet a d not be emotionally disturbed, then you’re not a real human.
Their timelines are way off.
They’re in their own world.
They can’t be tried as adults.
Tell them how Perry scared you.
Glasgow man comes to me at night.
Pinky swear.


Revenge 4.06

Great use of Angus and Julia Stone’s For you.

I always was too sentimental.
It’s the good thing about truth, you don’t need talking points.
Downloading his FBI record.
Oh my God.
I respect your instinct.
I’m your mother. A fact you don’t respect, but your doorman does.
This girl’s mentally imbalanced.
Oh so she’s a friend of yours.
I’ve fallen apart and I needed help. I checked into a psychiatric hospital.
I dropped it as soon as I found put you had an alibi.
Where is he?
You meant Victoria, right?
Life is just a series of moments.
Can’t imagine what it’s like to be you.
You’ve hit rock bottom. Only you can pull yourself out.
Your mother killed him.
People look at you different, when they know.
I just love live TV. You never know what might happen.
Your lies finally caught up to me.
He didn’t. You did.
Wake up and smell the subtext, Emily.
If he’s lying about that. He’s lying about everything.


Bad Judge 1.06

If anyone knows how to pass a bar, it’s you.
Generally for these types of invitations I’m busy.
Yolo, hoes!
When it comes to that part of anatomy, you’re an expert.
It’s Alec Baldwin. He’s dope.
That’s because I’m looking at one right now.
Instead of some bikini model.
Thank you very much, because I do everything I can to stay fit.
That man attacked my eyes with his buttocks.
Especially the redheads.
Pretty. Clamedia.
This is like sad nerd museum.
Where’s the meat?
Due to we misread his RSVP.
We all know about that. I know a little about infections.
You saw an ass. People have been showing their asses from the dawn of time.
Muah, muah.


Bones 10.06

Phyllis Logan guest stars.


American Horror Story 4.05

Seal boy in the box.
Dandy what have you done!?
Squeezing the silver screen to that little black and white box.
My name next to some instant coffee or shampoo?
Motion pictures will never be replaced by TV.
Come on give me your hand, stupid.
Tell me more about this television.
Their mental perversion.
I need to be a fantasy.
May I ask how did they expire?
You should have had a cupcake.
Introduce me to the sweet language of murder.
But I am mo clown. I am perfection.
There’s nothing worse than loving someone you can’t have.
Whatever magic happens, happens.
How are tou still alive?
I have brought you something I believe you want.


Downton Abbey 5.07

It will make for a funny evening.
We have to tell Cora.
Why the sudden dance? Edith’s gone away, so what?
A lack of compassion can be as vulgar as excess of tears.
It’s the most honest thing she’s ever said to me.
When I say we need some air, we need some air.
Why would I want to walk?
It wouldn’t be honorable.
We haveto find another tenant, damn it!
Why are you smiling?
Because whenever I see a problem, you only see possibilities.
And you didn’t think to tell me that I have a 3rd grand daughter?
Get rid of it?
Not quite as much.
Lord Martin and I decided to get married.
Future Lady Martin.
We can go back to planning our future like normal people.
You’ve told her, haven’t you?
Everyone has their troubles, Milady.
Oh dear.
She’s quite untrainable.
I’ve got used to having a companion.
But Isobel and I had a lot in common, I will miss that.
Mrs Baxter won’t say it, but she’s in a difficult position.
She-s not looking very clever.
Why is that ridiculous, she’s half American.
This is completely ludicrous.
Time to call it a day, ladies.
He’s right. It would do you good.
Oh my god. There’s Mary.
He’s as touchy as a beauty losing her looks.
No no that’s simply demonstration of discontent.
Kiss me. What?
Moseley and Baxter.
It seems idiotic to me.
And me.
Well, I wouldn’t.


Scandal 4.06

Did state senator just? On video?!
We used to be married.
You can’t handle this.
Watch me.
He said you tried to kill yourself.
So yeah you won, yatzee.
My jaw was wire shut for 6 weeks, two of my front teeth are fake and my collarbone hurts everytime it’s gonna rain.
I handled him. The way my father would.


How to Get Away with Murder 1.06

I’m not the one who’s gonna be beaten, raped and violated in jail.
You still feel like making jokes now?
It’s legal to pay the experts.
Prayers are for the weak. I’ll stick to beating or ass in court.


The Simpsons 26.05

Wait a minute, that’s not something people really feel.
Screw it, we’ll just go outside.
Show some compassion for people who just can’t stop smoking.
Jane Fonda.
I don’t recall.
Take one.
I’m not screwing you over.
Useless left handed crap.
Turn my back on this man.
She’s into romantic comedies. I like movies where there is only one day a year murder’s legal.
What are you doing, man?


The Good Wife 6.08

There’s a rape wall.
Actually there’s 60 reasons. That’s how many names were on the wall.


Faking It 2.07

My trainer and I will come too.
It’s like a normal karaoke. Just everyone sings Pink.
What do you think, is he good at his job?
Why does it feel like Amy’s your girlfriend and I’m second best.