Parenthood 6.08

Dad, mom thinks I’m an idiot.
Have you seen Dylan?
That doesn’t make any sense. It’s not even kitchen hours.
You need to expel Aaron Brownsteen.
Sweetheart every kid at this school has behavioral issues. That’s the entire point of Chambers academy.
Yes, he’s a freak. We all are.
Max you’re being a little too Aspbergers.
As headmaster your personal feelings are not your concern.
We’ve fot ourselves a toothpaste commercial. For a reduced price.
Crosby what are you, uncle Adam?
Yhym. That’s great.
I’m never gonna like Max in that way.
Someone has to raise some money, which is what I’m trying to do.
I’m the dad. That means get out! Let’s go Breakfast Club. Beat it.
Let’s get our faces on park benches.
One direction isn’t playing either, so you’re in the wrong line.
Did the kids bring anything good?
Actually there’s a bottle of Brandy.
Oh yeah that tastes like high school.
Even if she did mean it, she won’t in the morning.
Max, I will never love you, okay? Just leave me alone.
We’ll all get our time to shine.


Greys 11.07

But we are.
Quiet. I got a pulse.
Amelia, you’re a doctor.
I want a different doctor. She’s a junkie!
She’s losing it.
Yes she is.
Those are your rights. It’s the past. And you don’t have to defend it.
You never get away from it.
No you don’t.
And you didn’t barf into your mask. Bravo.
And none of you stopped him?
Other shoe. We’ve got this. Go.
How can you do this to me? You’re my brother.
And I’m historically lousy at being a sister.
I wanted her job. I wanted my old job back.
Derek, why did you even…
Well, that was stupid.
That doctor.
Doctor Shepherd.
She promised.
Everybody lived here.
We all have sexual relations. That’s terribly weird.
See. Everybody lives here.
I don’t know who I am anymore. I’m angry all the time. I’m miserable and I don’t know what to do with it. All I do is hurt people and I just can’t get control of it. I don’t know what to do anymore.


SVU 16.08

Is that the guy who hit on Rollins?
Then we will.
I have a sister I haven’t spoken to in two years.
And you were supposed to do what exactly?
I wasn’t talking to you, Mama Bear.
I wanna save this little boy and whoever else they have.
He was the victim?
You were the sweetest boy.
They would’ve sent someone older, tougher.
He would just come in.
Is this Henry?
SVU Sergent.
Nice Olivia nice.
You know how it feels to be raped.
What happens in the box stays in the box.
I had a parnter like that.
So they can watch this.
He’s gonna be raped.
You’re that stupid?
So when your kids go to college…
Benson, any good at undercover?
Show him the picture.
These are Henry’s parents.
It was better if it was me and not somebody else.
He was the one who chained me down for you.
Dear lord.
Three pieces of crap delivered.


Revenge 4.07

What good is an insomniac bestie for if not for midnight house calls.
Because you need some late night reading?
It won’t be easy.
Is it ever?
It’s like digging for oil and finding gold underneath it.
And who knew he screw Amanda out of all that money?
They really cared about each other.
Who else was her friend?
There is no way this ends well for you.
Emily Thorne, I’m David Clarke. I thought It was time we met.
Amanda knew how much you cared about her.
Thank you for speaking to me.
Any time.
He didn’t even recognise me, Nolan. How could he not know who I am?!
And the helicopter is gonna be here in 5 4 3 2.
Unacceptable. I could have died in there.
Funny you should ask.
I didn’t.
Victoria, get out!
You could have come for me, but you didn’t! You could have come for me!
Amanda? It’s you.


Bad Judge 1.07

That would have been a good information to know.
Relatives? Cousins?
What? Haha. Inside joke.
Wow, cas.
Aren’t all sign language the same?
We’re going to a hotel. That’s where prostitutes take their johns.
I think most of those people are prostitutes and johns.
Otherwise you can’t have the free champagne.
Get up, you’re embarassing yourself.


Bones 10.7

This is not gonna be good for my divorce settlement.
You are delightfully naive.
A fun, loving person.
Yes in a second. Just gotta get a picture of this for the christmas party.
Would you mind getting me the victim’s nose?
Yeah, I can show you how to do that later.
This way. No tips.
Okay snuffs. Take the bill out of your nose.
Way to go Dr Brennan.
We fight to try and change the past and put it away but the pain is a part of who we are.
Because I’m very brainy.
Bunny didn’t seem to mind.
Yeah, why not mom?
Mommy’s gonna talk to us.


Castle 7.06

Castle and Kate got married! The case reminded me of the good old days when they couldn’t see they’re in love with each other, also the mirror scenes to the pilot.


American Horror Story 4.06

As if it matters. We’re all just spinning on the wheel.
Inbreeding has caused enough pain in this family.
Because they are freaks. So am I. But when I’m with them I feel normal.
Enough about the twins. I’ve had enough of this.
I demand you have fun at once. Or I’ll put one of you against the wheel.
Hello, ladies.
And suddenly it was clear why we’re here.
Now please don’t speak to me further.
Is this freak bothering you?
As a matter of fact, he is.
You’re not even American.
You’re making me angry, Dot.
You’re not playing by the rules.
And it won’t even fight back.
September, November.
Little culture for TV viewers. God knows they need it.
Yeah, like a butterfly.
You never even called a doctor, did you?
Speaking of cheap perfume.
I don’t know they don’t seem to be in any rush.
Dandy, why are you crying?


Downton Abbey 5.08

How unpleasant.
Wouldn’t you agree Mrs Bates?
Bully what out?
Fetch the case, Sprout.
There’s quite something about Marigot. I can’t put my finger on it.
Funny is one word for it.
But why? What have I done?
Sometimes I think my life has no possibilities.
Have some water.
How about lack of self knowledge.
I’m turning in my notice.
Where is miss Danker?
Who has a life where everything is easy?
Why should you let them cheat you of your future?
Anything’s worth a try.
I’m crying, because I don’t want you to leave.
We have our memories you and I.
Mrs Danker was take ill.
Never mind, I wish she’d been taken away by the man in white coats.
We didn’t want any desperate confessions. Remember, this is not your day.
If you’ll do anything to stop this wedding, I will leave you.
Am I expected to be a good loser?
It’s too late for that, my dear. Far too late.
People grow up and move away and things change.
He wasn’t good enough for you, Milady.
He says he’s come here to arrest you.
Sorrow seems to shadow them.


Nashville 3.7

Give it up for the queen of country.
That’s what you gotta write.
Is that why?
Dude, seriously she write this?
It’s hurt. But it gave me a voice.
I’m bleeding my sorrow out.
I googled you.
In a couple of weeks he’s going to be your step brother.
Hey how does a can opener work?
I’ll go up there with you.
Juliette’s song.
Rayna’s song.
Carry on here comes a better day.
What if I give you the story of Deacon Claybourne.
Feel like I need to take a stand.
Sorry I missed the first. Want happen again.
When she’s coming.


Scandal 4.08

It’s so nice to see Samsung instead of an Apple on TV, especially if it’s Samsung Galaxy S5.
David Rosen.
I wonder what the law says about that.
At his new apartment that I paid for. Like an idiot.
I damaged you.
If you will.
Oh I will.
Ironic, isn’t it? It’s always the ones who are the closest to us.
It’s not appropriate. What they’re about to do to each other, with their bodies.
Havvy saw it.
The pages, they’re blank.


How to Get Away with murder 1.08

Who else could it be, her virgin boyfriend?
Do you believe him?
You had when you said you were at Yale and I believed you like some kind of fool.
And here she is dragging the body of her nanny.
I’ll be partying it up.
I watch court TV.
Maybe don’t use sex as an example on stand.
I have to put up with your terrible mousy existance.
Did you want me? No.
Bad things happen when you have sex.
Like what?
What, you have it?
It really doesn’t matter who has the trophy.
I met Lila the night she was killed.
He’s not a good man, Annalise.
You’re fired.
Dude, you should have told me you live in a ghetto.


The Simpsons 26.6

Civil war coffin.
That could be anyone’s.
Even God hates jazz.
Better send the dog down.
Tasty Boy.
I don’t know. You die?
Oh My God.
My ass is about to project.
Get a load of these freaks.
And bury Bart.
Where’s Maggie?
It’s 6:08 can’t you just let me enjoy my day?
Why are you wearing your uniform then?
Because these are the only clothes that fit me, okay?!


The Good Wife 6.09

I won’t stand beside you. Not again. Not in a million years.
Zip your pants, shut your mouth and stop banging the help.
Because child services told me to.


Faking it 2.08

It’s not like it was with Amy.


Web Therapy 4.04

Providing the service to people.
I guess that’s the only way to look at it.
Good for you.
Oh, you drink for charity.
Which hole does it go into.
You’re gonna be the face of the new product.
I want your face on it.
Grace bought twelve. She doesn’t even have that many holes.
That was the whole crew of overweight office workers.
And it’s gonna be a good evidence in the court of law.
Oh that’s a nice wallpaper.


Chicago Fire 3.7

No more cousins from you.
Do not unbelt your seatbelt.
They’re cracking open the car from the bottom.
I smell gas.
He’s happy. Who cares how he got there.
That act won’t save you.
The instructor is awesome.
Fire department. Call out.
Oh man.
It’s Lindsay’s brother.
We’ll send it to Manhattan’s SVU.


Chicago PD 2.07

You remember detective Rollins?
That’s relevant how?
This is gonna end bad. I just know it.
What’s worse than gettinh killed.
Just trying to remember the ones we’ve saved.
Lean on me.
Why does he still has her listed as a foster mother?
Olivia Benson’s on the phone.
And miss your smiling face?
I’m not an expert on many things, but when it comes to these kinds of crimes unfortunately, I am.