I don’t know what’s more scary, the fact that no teenager in the room new what prohibition is or how little of communist system they showed in the film. It felt like just another Harry Potter film. Remember how the kids had to hide in the woods in Harry Potter 6 part 1? Oh how surprised I was to see some links to WWII or communism for that matter. Remember what Donald Sutherland said in one of Hunger Games’s special features about the books perfectly showing Panem’s communist regime? The kids who sat there beside me saw just a good plot. They thought ‘omg, how did Susanne come up with the war-like stressful atmosphere. I can only imagine my father’s reaction to those reluctant kids. He would lecture them and probably smack the reluctantness out of them. Wasn’t Effie at the Capitol in the book? Didn’t she show up at the very end when the war started? At least this way they did not have to introduce too many new characters. How much weight did Josh Hutcherson and Jena Malone have to lose for this part? And since I’m slightly touching esthetics here, Julianne’s eyes are grey enough, they did not have to give her these awful contacts. I am very happy they did not censor the ‘Snow selling Finnick and other victors’ part. Julianne Moore was perfectly casted. Any other Alma Coin would annoy the hell out of me, especially after reading the book. She made her intriguing at least. At this point I may as well be routing for her, rather than for Katniss. At the very end when Julie was speaking, for a minute there I thought I was watching one of her speeches in Game Change. Alma Coin did not differ much from the book, but she sure as hell was not so talkative. Katniss did not stare at her and was not fascinated with her hair, in the film, Effie was. I was afraid they were gonna cut the first film off where the first part of the book ended, and unfortunately I was right. How are they going to fit everything from part two into one movie when the strory is so rich in details? The scene when they all run downstairs and the bombs go off was definitely most nicely shot. But what kept racing in my head was my sarcastic ‘of course she’s laying on the stairs and everyone is stomping on her, ‘take your time Katniss, you are the mockingjay”. The ‘Prim you came back for the cat’ scene was taken from the book, thank god. Snow’s granddaughter untying her hair was probably my favorite addition. And Julianne Moore was listed 6th in the credits, yes I counted. Lorde’s song in the credits will be downloaded later this week. Same with Jennifer singing The Hanging Man. When the Mockingjays are over she will definitely be approached by some record label. In loving memory of Phillip brought a tear to my eye, god, such a talent.

I cannot wait for the fourth part. With Prim’s fate and Julie falling off the balcony, the final part is going to blow our brains out.