What the hell ABC, FOX, NBC and FXX? I thought we had an agreement. No more unexplainable hiatuses for god’s sake. I don’t care that it’s Thanksgiving week. Fall season is slowly coming to an end. With one third of my shows already on winter break and one third not on this week, this is what I watched this week.

Castle 7.07

Not exactly bank hostage situation back in season four, I think the writers have exceeded the kidnapping/bomb storylines for the show. We already had memory loss, invisibility and now train hostage situation, all in seven episodes. Someone is running out of ideas, which is such a shame, remember how fantastic this show was back in season four?

You still remind me a little of Hutch.
Yeah, well, what else is new.
Don’t hurt my wife.
Or any of us.
He’s trying to calm himself down.
He’s wearing a suicide vest.
Jared what are you doing.
These are working people, your people.
Who the hell is Aaron Wilson.
Watch lights. Nod if you’re in, you’re on camera.
Nobody leaves the train!


The Good Wife 6.10

Cary went to jail. Left me thinking for the rest of the day. No more We’re the new Will and Diane for two years? We can only hope the writers won’t do a time jump, but they would have to send Grace to college, and miss one last high school storyline they may try using, though Makenzie’s twenty, so they could pull it off.


The Simpsons 26.08

Best episode of the season.

Midlife crisis at 12 o’clock.
Oh my God I’m amazing.
Dude, usually it takes years to learn such neck confindence.
What the rock?!
Music, beautiful music.
Why is your voice different?
Shut your mouth.
I want his fame and fortune so much.
Happy that our friend is headed for fame and fortune.
I’m not jealeous. I’m envious. Jeleous is when you worry someone will taje what you have. Envy is wanting what someone else has.
Wait, he’s right.

So you can also get famous and leave?
Looks like I have another Yoko on my hands.
All the Yokos are out of the band.
Like on Almost Famous?
When something great happens to one person, everyone’s life gets a little worse.
Oh you mean like generously invite us to watch him be a rockstar.

Without his magic people performing in front of shirt.
Like a kwik-mart hot dog on a paper roll.


Faking It 2.10

Excellent episode, just when I wanted to quit the show. Lauren’s reaction when she realised she has just told the whole school she’s inter-sex was amazing. Amy telling Karma she realised she’s been in love with her since she met her, equally good. One of the two episodes of this show I gave a 10.

Though will never sleep with her best friend’s boyfriend.
Poeple who give out fellowship love bullshit.
No more outing people, remember?
He’s a cop.Don’t suck up kid. I hate bullshit.
I’ve been through a lot of crap and making art is the only thing that makes me feel okay for one second.
What the fuck is this?
Mother can you please remind this customer that we reserve our right not to serve.
Never mind. Take me away.
She does deserve to know the truth.
Punched a cop.
Please explain to me how you could have sex with my boyfriend.
Amy you had sex with a boy?
I only slept with him because I wanted to hurt you in the worst way possible.
Not a great opening. Hope you’re not representing yourself in court.
I’m really screwing this up.
That wasn’t till we kissed at the gym that I realised why. I’ve been in love with you since the day we met. And suddenly we were pretending to be a couple and there was hand holding and kissing. I started to have hope. Hope, that you were realising that your prince charming was princess sarcasm. But when that hope died, my heart broke and I was hurt and angry and I wanted to cause you pain.
After this, you’re done with the art nonsense.
Was any of it real?
I told you I was inter sex!
Did he just say he was gay and he’s in love with me?
Thank you all for your support.
Game change.


State of Affairs 1.02

It was not as good as the pilot, to be honest it was very average. I’m not going to rewrite my notes or the quotes as It’s not the show I’ll be sticking to. To be honest, it’s not a show that’ll survive 13 episodes, most likely not even 6. Since I am not following Chicago Taxi I may as well not be watching this mediocracy.