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As everyone is talking about the little reunion Hilary, Lalaine and Jake had at the bowling alley, here’s 20 best Lizzie McGuire episodes.

1. Inner Beauty

Miranda stops eating as food and how much she weighs is the only thing she can control.

2. Best Dressed for Much Less

Yearbook photos are coming up, Lizzie wants to win best dressed, Gordo- most photographed and Miranda – most paced. Meanwhile, Matt gets famous.

3. Bye Bye Hillridge Junior High

Lizzie and Gordo say goodbye to Junior High, Gordo can’t find the right words to write in Lizzie’s yearbook. This is the finale, Hilary performs ‘I Can’t Wait’, there are some flashbacks and the class photo turns out not as any of us expected.

4. Picture Day

Lizzie saves Miranda’s outfit and Grandma McGuire’s ugly sweater is featured in the photo, just like grandma wanted, the McGuires just won’t be getting any wallet size pictures this year.

5. Pool Party

We meet Lizzie McGuire a 13 year old with an animated alter ego, her two best friends, and we tie dye sheets.

6. Sibling bonds

Matt handcuffs Lizzie to…himself and McGuires hide the key to teach them to coexist.

7. You’re a Good Man, Lizzie McGuire

Kate destroys the school statue, Lizzie takes the blame, in result is banned frm coming to the Spring fling and the party comes to Lizzie.

8. Between a Rock and a Bra Place

Lizzie and Miranda go their first bra shopping with Lizzie’s mom and Lizzie loses her temper.

9. Over the hill

Lizzie is stressed out about who she should be when she grows up, as everyone around her seems to know what they want to do.

10. First kiss

Lizzie gets dumped by her first boyfriend, Gordo tells her she’s the prettiest and most fun to be with.

11. I Do, I don’t

Lizzie and Gordo are paired up for a school family project and Gordo is the garbage man, while Miranda is Ethan’s wife who is a surgeon and isn’t even sure what that word means.

12. Gordo’s video

Gordo’s film reveals the truth about the school.

13. Party Over Here

Lizzie and the gang lie about going to Kate’s birthday party, end up calling Lizzie’s mom for help, and despite doing the right thing, get grounded.

14. Those Freaky McGuires

Lizzie and Matt have a Freaky Friday day when they switch bodies and have to go to their sibling’s school. They find out a little about each other and McGuires are surprised to see them get along.

15. Aargh Rated

Lizzie and the gang sneak into an R rated movie, Lizzie’s parents find out as Lizzie ends up saving a guy’s life and the local hero is broadcasted on the news.

16. And the Winner Is

The gang has a fight and they look for a treasure for a school project. Ethan makes Lizzie see that no fight should get between her and her friends. Matt thinks it’s a real treasure and gets first to the finish line.

17. Lizzie Strikes Out

Lizzie and the gang get invited to go bowling with Ethan, but Lizzie’s dad wants to spend time with her that day.

18. The Longest Yard

Lizzie babysits Matt, who ruins their father’s favorite rugby and leaves the house to fix it.

19. I’ve Got Rhytmics

Turns out Lizzie is good at arythimcs, Kate hires Larry to ruin it for her, and even though Lizzie’s friends save the day, she does not want to pursue something she doesn’t like no matter how good she is at it.

20. Mom’s Attack

Jo volunteers to go on a school trip with Lizzie and her friends, Lizzie feels humiliated as Mrs McGuire brings 60 rolls of toilet paper, while everyone else thinks she’s the coolest mom.

Oh how I miss this show.