First of,

the most important, thing I’ll be talking about for the rest of my life and rewatching a couple times a year: Link to Gilmore Girls’ reunion at AFX :

I need the series to start up again, not just a movie or a 13 episode Netflix special. 7 more seasons.


The summer season is here, and it’s missing Faking it and Switched at Birth. Good thing we still have Bones through half of June. Waiting for Orange is The New Black to kick in. Sadly, The Leftovers will be back in September and I already marked my calendar for the summer. I’m trying figure out how I’m going to plan reviews of the only summer show I’ll be watching, Pretty Little Liars. Later this week there will be a post with Bones and Younger finales and new PLL. And two special TV notes already planned out. I’ll also start posting final reviews of all the fall-spring shows for this year. In a week, review of the full 3rd season of OITNB. Then, twice a week, I will be posting my notes on the films I watched within the last year and failed to find time to write about, I have more than 100 titles left, so summer is covered. And then Pretty Little Liars episodes 6.03 till about 6.10 in one note in the middle of August and then 2 last episodes of PLL along with season premieres of Switched at Birth and Faking It. And then in Fall, back to week by week reviewing.

Bones 10.20

I ship Aubrey and the new girl, but then I think of Sweets and Danielle Panabaker’s character and how that didn’t work out for some reason. Bones might have saved itself with Sweets’ death and Aubrey. But I’m still not sure about Booth losing his sobriety.

It wasn’t your fault. She was an addict. It had nothing to do with you.
To orotect the things she didn’t realize were ruining her life.
Sweets wrote a book about that. It was friendship, that was the foundation of their relationship.


Bones 10.21

One thing I don’t want, is to lose any more characters. Hodgins and Angela can’t leave. The look on Tempe’s face when Angela said she’s leaving broke my heart.

You can think whatever you want as long as you give us his number.
So you two did a little yoga and then he left?
Are you seriously telling me you’re going with your gut?
Gut, I think.
Your repeated blows with a tablet made tablet start recording (what? Is that possible?)


Younger 1.11

One episode a week is just not enough! Liza told Josh she’s 40! I hope she leaves him for good so she can be with Mariska’s husband. Am I actually hoping everyone finds out so she can rewrite that book?

How did I miss the memo on book doctors?
The whole passage where she’s trying to hide her strechmarks?
Your age from file says you’re 26, but you write like a 40 year old.
Maybe they’re impressive. Like battle scars.
You’re just too young.
I’m a 40 year old mom from New Yersey.


Pretty Little Liars 6.01

It works. The Alison look alike who was always doing things for A is Sara, the other kidnapped girl. But It’s scary to think A kept her in his layer for those 4 years. What happened to the girls when the doors closed? My bet is on A showing them some gruesome videos and torturing them mentally. The layer looks like a shrine, that’s true, but maybe Charles is alive and is an adopted son of DiLaurentis, that they gave up once they saw how much work will Alison be and maybe he was expressing some psychopatic behaviors. Or maybe he was their other son, who they locked in Radley for the same reason? Spencer new Charles when she was little, or she recognised him from Radley. She’s most likely related to him through Jason. My bet is on Charles being… Lucas.

You’ve been here the longest Mona. What do we do?
A wanted us to look dead for our families.
He’s going to kill me -M.
Charles is a Dilaurentis!
Has she been down there that whole time?