How are we enjoying the fall season? Are you as disappointed as I am? I actually caught myself wondering what’s happening on Revenge two sundays ago, and then I realized nothing. Nothing is ever going to happen on Revenge, as after an awful season 4, we won’t see what Victoria Grayson is doing, and I am not fine with that. Now back to the post, episodes missing, like the two hour premiere of SVU, HTGAWM, Bones, Nashville, Scream Queens etc. will be posted in a separate post tomorrow. All those premiered this week will be posted next week, as I didn’t want this note to be too long. I started watching The Grinder, but after two episodes, I can honestly say, It’s not for me.

Greys 12.01

What a disappointment. I am looking forward to what my favorite show has to offer this year and please let it be something better than this pile off bullshit.


Greys 12.02

Thankfully, the dull season opener was only that, a mistake that hopefully will never happen again. Meredith, Amelia, Alex and Maggie carpooling, doesn’t get any cuter and PG than that. Alex should have just rented a place not buy one, preferably in a better neighboorhood, like I finally did. Yes, no more loud and lousy flatmates for me. Remember when Bailey was the Nazi in season 1 and everyone was so little? I will always associate Greys with my teen years and I love that It’s one of the shows that’s built and raised me. How will Mer adjust being chief of general surgery with being a single mother of three?

Your neighboors seem nice.
This place is ran by ladies.They called Bailey the Nazi.
All she does is talk to me or at me.
I understand why Amelia suggested her. Edwards gets things done.
I deserve more.
I need a me and I believe that you can be a me.
I would like to apoint you chief of general surgery.
You are the calm in the centre of the chaos, you have been since I met you.


SVU 17.03

Could have been better, but didn’t we all love how supportive the teen trans’s parents were?

Boy dresses as a girl that makes it a special victims case.
The freak needs to learn a lesson look.
No transgender child should ever be singled out or hurt.


Downton Abbey 7.01

I can’t explain how how it will be to say goodbye to this show. The first episode focuses around the very awkward but fun sex talk between Carlson, Miss Hughes and Miss Pattmore; and everyone panicking about upcoming stuff cuts.

You could have rang for her yourself.
Tell her this, in my eyes, she’s beautiful.
I love her Miss Pattmore.
I’m bursting with pride that she would agree to be my wife.
You’ve clearly had a bad dream and confusing it with reality.
20 year time a house like this won’t be standing if it isn’t an institution.


Downton Abbey 7.02

For all I know I’d have to cook and do the garden.
You’ve worked here boy and man, if you don’t deserve to be married here, than no one does.


The Good Wife 7.01

How could Peter fire Eli, he’s the biggest asset of the show. Fortunately, Alicia won’t let him disappear into thin air. For a kid in college, Grace certainly has a lot of free time to play Alicia’s assistant all day long. Canning and Florrick is what I’ve been waiting for the whole summer.

Alicia Florrick, attorney at law.
Who is it?
No one, I’m calling myself.
You just lost your greatest assett and made your worst enemy.
Now you’re just making these jobs up.
She can’t inherit it.


Castle 8.02

This show is so not going in the direction I want it to go.

Did you guys get lost or did you purposely wait until the last possible minute to show up.
Please don’t tell me that son of a bitch was right.


Scandal 5.01

This season will be a drag.

I am not sick!
I can’t go home until you fix me.
Olivia Pope is in President’s bed, which means she’s up in our business.


Grandfathered 1.01

When Wouldn’t it be Nice starts playing. And Bob Saget saying ‘you don’t want that do you? when the screaming child passes him. This show is gonna give me mayor Full House feels and that’s what has kept me going the last few months. What a great pilot.

I’m sorry we don’t allow children.
Am I right Victor? White Victor?
What if I were gay and I met him at a bar?
I came across a buzzfeed list called 28 reasons why having a dad is the best and by number 12 I was crying so hard I was dehadrated.
It appears that you only own one set of clothing.
Saves you mental energy to focus on work.
I’m currently unemployed.
This scene is ridiculous anyway, running through traffic is more dangerous than the fall was. Just call an ambulance, dummy.
We were here, we’re here.
You carry an old photo of yourself?
Take a picture. Not of yourself, us.
You don’t want one of those do you.
Why do you have a meat thermometer in her butt?
People are meat.
You look a little young to be a doctor, could you get someone older, Asian if you got it.
Parenthood is pretty much an endless string of moments when you think you killed your kid.
It’s not dyed, it’s colored.
Have you had botox.
Yes, but not on my face.
Gerald’s dad is such a Clooney.
Ponyboy and Sushi.


Switched at Birth 4.14

To Angelo.


Switched at Birth 4.15

Nice Frida Kahlo lesson, I’m impressed, SAB. Should have mentioned her communistic views just to really shed a light on who she was as person. My Birthday falls on the tragic bus accident’s anniversary, among different unflattering events. A lovely episode, despite the Emmett drama, can’t they just stop showing him? No one cares how great he’s doing in LA.

And one of the unhappiest.
He slept with her sister.
The jealousy, the obsession it destroyed her.


Switched at Birth 4.16

I see what SAB writers wanted to do here, but it’s not okay to have sex with someone’s body while they’re passed out. He deserved to have his life ruined just like any other guy who thinks so does.

Then she googled me.
Doesn’t mean our lives are over.
Everytime someone googles me the word rape comes up.
He’s a good person who made a mistake.


Switched at Birth 4.17

Bay asking herself questions every artist does.

What if she’s the best thing that I’ll ever do?
It’s been 4 years since I’ve created her. I haven’t come up with anything half as good since.
You’ll never run out of amazing ideas. You’re just beginning.
I think I’m gonna stay here, figure out my next idea.

The Leftovers 2.01

Getting weird and did we really need so many new characters? Why were the girls running in the woods naked? Where the heck is Amy Brenneman? We’ll see what the second season brings. Teenage girls running naked in the woods while all the water from the lake has dried up is an interesing Lost-like mystery I wanna uncover.

Miracle Town, Departures : 0.
Is she adopted or did your mom fuck a black dude?
Dad, the water is gone.


The Simpsons 27.01

Scary threat of a breakup of the couple we’ve been following for 27 years, fortunately, it was all a dream. Yet oh so funny.

That’s just to remind me where I parked.
There’s a spider in my room.
There’s four old people before me.
All my problems are my parents’ fault.
Smithers come up from my rear and grab me.
Marge has changed her status to it’s complicated.
Simpson, where are your shoes.
I’m just a lonely man with a bag full of drugs.
Those are strechmarks young lady, I’ve had three children.
Doesn’t look like she uses that much shampoo either.
Sleeping through our theraphy session.


The Simpsons 17.02

The Gilbert family has learnt a valuable lesson. Srew everything.
Buddism is really just quitting in yoga pants.


Faking It 2.15

I honestly don’t know why I am still watching this show. Every week the episodes get worse and worse. And it’s not like Amy and Karma are gonna end up together. For all we know Amy may end up with a guy. Second half of season two is too slutty and just too, well, straight. Why does every show need to have a The Breakfast Club kind of episode? I know it’s one of the ten best teen films, but this was not a tribute.

No snapchatting your genitalias.
You can’t keep eating yourself up.
Come on give me


Faking It 2.16

I am proud of my intersex daughter.