As promised, here are the missing reviews.

SVU 17.01

SVU is back. Not their best case, but good enough.

You’re suggesting he was able to pass as a woman after 9/11?
He keeps autopsy photos beside his bed?


SVU 17.02

We all know the baby is Nick’s, you don’t have to lie, Amanda.

Usually you’re two steps in front of me.
You’re up for a flight?
Not really.
He gave her a ride, she bled from a papercut.
She had a slightly different scent, like you do.
Being a single mom is not easy.


Castle 8.01

I like the Alexis/Castle alliance.

You closed four cases?
You and Beckett are magic together.


How to Get Away with Murder 2.01

I love how they show us that a straight woman may fall for a woman without being gay. Annalise isn’t bisexual, she just has a weakness for her ex. I don’t think she’ll be hooking up with any other woman. Can we keep Femke on full time? ‘I’m not gonna know you next year’ describes every shared accomodation leaving ever.  You’re just thrown together by an accident, and you won’t keep in touch with most people you meet. Denying ‘thinking about the one that got away every other day’ is what we all do and have to live with.

I’m not gonna know you next year.
I grew up, I stopped playing the victim.
You’re the one sick enough to do this.
Now that you’ve done it, you’re a monster, just like me.
I’m not sitting here every day crying about how you left me for your therapist.
I lied, I think about you every day.
She’s just about to off us.
You’d get no warning if I was to off you.


Scream Queens 1.01

Cleaning up bulimia vomit.
Everyone is encouraged to dress white, be white.
I’m a candle blogger.
Mr convicted sex offender.
These sorority bitches.
Screaming bloody murder for being objectified, even though they objectify themselves.
Oh Pissy Spacek.


Scream Queens 1.02

Just because you know a guy who was in class with the dead girl’s roommate does not mean that it could’ve been you.
Dean of Murder U.
Like a Friends episode, but someone is tryng to kill all the Friends.
What good are you, we can call yje police ourselves.
Cannibal who cooks his victims.


Switched at Birth 4.12

Travis’s back story.

It’s because that girl got raped in the deaf dorm.
Standing up to your attacker like that.
I get what you’re going through. I do . Something happened to me.
It happens to a lot of deaf kids.
It was a family friend, a long time ago.
I don’t think any differently of you.
Something similar happened to her.
Definitely, Have her email me


Switched at Birth 4.13

I don’t think Toby is ready for this, two years ago he was still in high school and he hasn’t grown up since then.

John, walk into the 21st century.


Faking It 1.11

It will be like sisterhood of travelling pants.


Faking it 2.12


Faking it 2.13

Weaker and weaker every week.


Faking It 2.14

Oh so terrible.


The Whispers 1.13

Apparently I haven’t posted my review of The Whipsers’ finale. I was nicely surprised and I am awfully sad that we won’t probably see it next year. Claire was taken by Drew and I’m not okay with never finding out how it works out.

They’re not here for our planet, they’re here for our children


Scream 1.10

Rest in peace, Wes Craven. You will always remain one of my biggest insirations and influences.

Bad luck had it that Pretty Little Liars just went with the transgender storyline a week earlier.

You’re the survivor girl, which makes me the know it all sidekick. Oh crap, I’m gonna die.
I do not vote in favor of splitting up. Nor am I retiring in 3 days. And I will not be right back.
They always come back.
And survival girl at the back of the ambulance.
And survivor of the Lakewood slasher massacre.