Hi guys, welcome back to liveoffmovies. Fall Season is in its full and I’ve been taking my sweet time not posting my reviews. My bad. I was working two shifts, focusing on an internship, I only yesterday realized, I did not want. Plus I was busy moving to my new house. Now that it’s all mostly done, here are some long overdue reviews. The rest of the episodes (over 30 now!) will be posted later next week, once I do my taxes and figure out how to fill in the new expenses form and buy a washing machine and get everything not working in my new house fixed. Uff listing all of these was tiring enough. Thankfully only half of the shows I watch premiered new episodes this week, and Switched at Birth is already on a break, so I’ll have time to catch up with my posting schedule very soon.

First of, Gilmore Girls is coming back! GG got a revival! First Full House, now Gilmore Girls. Thanks, Netflix. Life is good.

Second of all, The Whispers was cancelled. Now we’ll never know what happened to Claire and the kids.

Thirdly, let’s talk about the new season of AHS and why I’ve decided to quit it. I am a huge horror freak and I have always been, but at the same time I have never been a fan of the vampirism genre. I couldn’t follow Buffy or Charmed, never started True Blood or Vampire Diaries. There are a few vampire films that I have enjoyed, like Nosferatu, The Hunger, Fright Night, The Lost Boys, Dracula, 30 Days of Night, or Stake Island, but not enough to explore the genre any further. Furthermore, I am a huge fan of Jessica Lange, and watching the first two episodes of the series, I kept thinking of who her character would be. What we were most scared of, happened. The show got bad without Jessica. The first four seasons were relatable to some extend, season two, even though, my favorite, the least. There are a few shows that I had to talk myself into watching for a couple of episodes, and then, continued watching, because it would be weird to stop. I have tried watching the first episode of the fifth series twice, and that has barely ever happened before. Pilots are supposed to be the intriguing, or even the best episodes. And finally, to quote my father, I have no time for some mediocre fairytale that does not concern me. Which is why, I say goodbye to American Horror Story, at least till next year.

Bones 11.01

I have been disapointed with Bones for the last couple of seasons, probably since season 7, as nothing new ever happened. I am furious that no one is mourning Booth’s brother, because I still remember when season 4 came out and Jared helped save Booth. I remember season 4 too well, as back then the episodes were pretty spectacular, and now they’re all the same. ‘Booth was beaten as a child’ automatically reminded me of Sweets and the episode when he accidentaly showed B&B his back, and Brennan talked about the foster parents who used to lock her up, and now I’m getting nostalgic over, yet again, season 4. Kim Raver guest stars, I’m not sure she’s done anything else than 24 after Teddy left to Germany on Greys.

Please leave me with the bones.
Booth was beaten as a child.
It’s Booth’s brother.
I have more questions than answers which is unusual.
That one is Booth’s.


Bones 11.02

Very disapointing. Also, Kim Raver’s character did not bring anything to the storyline. Why hire her then?

That’s Jared in there, my brother.
Bones, I’m okay.
This is who you’re geniuenly are.


Bones 11.03

Who knows what the case was about. Also, gross, I couldn’t eat and I always eat while watchinhg Bones.

Daddy’s looking for uncle Jared.
You aranged a show for me?
How she got in and out of the crib.


Greys 12.03

Season 12 is not as good as we wished it t be.

Someone invited you to your ex boyfriend’s wedding? So rude.
I can’t have sex with you.
I really do like her, she makes me the not so crazy sister.
What do you think they’re paying her?
Izzie anted to freeze her eggs.


SVU 17.04

The cases are disastrous this season. Nothing new. Mariska all breathing heavily after walking up those stairs, very relatable.

Also Detective Rollins, I assume you know she’s pregnant.


SVU 17.03

The only way I could have been more shocked is if they told us Cragen is the father, instead of Declan. Good case, not told as well as we’d expect from this incredible show.

He could have killed you. You survived.
Then he raped the little girl too?


Castle 8.03

Entertaining, and that’s all we need from this type of show. Who knows who killed the guy though?

Hey bro, you know what frat the dead dude was from.
Dude, you look like you’re 40.
Including sending your daughter to a house of drunken fratboys, dressed like a slutty angel.
Beer pong challenge everybody.


Scream Queens 1.03

It was a hilarious episode, nicely surprised. Also, Texas Chainsaw ladies and gents. I absolutely adore all the ED insults. I have a friend who has quit this show saying it’s dumb, and she continues to watch AHS, while I can’t stand it. Scream Queens is light and fun, and it has Jamie Lee Curtis, and surprisingly well written for this kind of show, and I have actually missed it this week. Life is too stressful not to watch a few light shows.

It could be really anything, bulimia…
Especially when she was tweeting, ‘I’m being killed.’
Bitch is not even cute.
Don’t ask me if I wanna go, hoes.
You started freaking out when I said I wanted to sleep with your corpse.
You have that Samantha Ronson thing going on.
Find that tortured gay kid in your life and hold them close tonight.
Welcome to Film Analysis.
Which I consider to be the best film. Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
Are we all running from Chainsaws of our past?
What we do with the hurt of that trauma defines who we are.
A uniform she ripped off from an ice cream stand.
The intesity of thh experience of being haunted by a psychopath has really bonded them.
You and I are moving into kappa house for a week.
My father is Charles Manson.
Bitches gather’ound.
Bitches, I would like you to meet Chanel number 6.
Chanel says I can hold her hair back on purge nights.
What’s insane are your tweets to the executive producer of the hit TV show How To Get Away With Murder.
6 months ago you tweeted @ShondaRhimes If Annalise Keating really wanted to get away with murderm she’d find a partner and work as a team.
I need to sleep with a white noise machine on.
Baboon attack.
I’ll set the machine to slasher movie and we’ll leave it at that.
Didn’t you hear the screaming?
No! I mean, yes, I heard screaming, but that’s because the white noise machine was set to slasher movie.


Nashville 4.01

Just like I thought, they couldn’t kill Deacon off.

You may not know it now, but this is the best friend you’re gonna have your whole life.
Push her in front of an upcoming traffic, I don’t care.


Nashville 4.02

Nice to see everyone appreciating Layla’s talent again. I want Jullitte’s old manager to represent her! Just imagine how far she would get with his help. Meanwhile, Will got dropped from Luke’s label for being gay. Do we want him on Highway 65? Yes!

We have a solo gig for you tomorrow night at the Bluebird.
Layla, amazing show, seriously. I was blown away.
I know you have a manager, but should that ever change, I’d like to be your first call.
I’m sorry son, I’m gonna have to drop you from the label.
You’d record my songs yourself?


Scandal 5.02

Finally something is happening. I absolutely loved the ending. The secret is out.

President is about to get Poped.
For the first time ever, President and his mistress will address the country.
My Casey could make fake photos like that in 15 minutes, she’s very good with computers.
You’ve got an alibi, Huck?
She’s making a statement, fix it.
Mr President, you don’t get to be like anyone else, that’s the job you signed up for.
You leaked these photos.
I get turned on by crime scenes.
Are you the President’s mistress?


How to Get Away with Murder 2.02

Femke’s character, reminded me of Shirley Maclaine’s character in The Children’s Hour, I bet it’s gonna be one of my favorite storylines this season. Sadly, they let her go.

You screw up again, you’re gonna be the next dead body in the house.
Please explain the extent of your relationship with Mrs Keating.
If she’d been able to get into Harvard.
If not a tranqualizer.
Researching your next murder?
Let the slut shaming begin.
Always bringing me problems, never solutions.
What I did, it was for you. To take care of you.
I didn’t take care of you. I ruined you.
You needed to be saved from me.
Now go home and don’t kill anyone.
Because a part of me is still in love with you.
I hate how you make me feel, because I can’t have you.
It was good with you. And real. Too real.
But you’re the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me.
I’m not saying marry me. Just think about it.


Downton Abbey 7.03

Everyone continues to stress about their job.

I know what a catalogue is.
Typical, 30 years of serving, one wrong move and snap, you’re out on your ear.
I can’t see the future, but then I suppose none of us can.


Scream Queens 1.04

She’s not dead. She’s haunting the campus with her fatness.
Now Zedae will win because we live in the age of Obama?
When I find a gravestone I like I get turned on and rub one out to it.
Hey, that’s my sister and she’s not a bitch. But I am.
Also not a student.
Zeade should have considered the fact that she was gonna get kidnapped.


Scream Queens 1.05

The Shining and The Silence of the lambs references.

Give me the exact replica of the maze from The Shining.
Apparently, one of them died or something.
Excuse me, it’s not my fault that some old guy died in the 70s.
Excuse me, than who’s fault is it?
My husband was shot in Dallas, you idiot.
Or the human mattress Nancy Reagan.
Dibbs. I’m Nancy Reagan.
You’re a weird psycho lunatic who’s gonna end up in an asylum somewhere staring at the wall.
All smartphones have GPS in the evern when they’re dead.


Grandfathered 1.02

Grandfathered got a full season and well deserved too. I gave this episode a 10, but now I don’t really see why, oh well.

You were driving and you stopped to write that down?
Let’s sit by the garbage. By the garbage!
Yeah I got it.
So you take a lot of pictures of yourself.
Thank you, it’s se;f expression, gives me a way to be artistic.
I’m gonna make instructional male up videos on youtube.
You follow her?
Since the day I met her. Sounds creepy, I’m fine with that.
Jimmy get in here, I need man to sit on.


How To Get Away With Murder 2.03

Femke is gone and we’re back to the usual boredom. I couldn’t care less about the siblings this whole season is based around.

What does sex have to do with criminal law?
Sexual healing.
Move, find me a pervert.


Faking It 2.17

This season is ridiculous. Why am I still watching this show? Good thing it’s only 20 minutes.

When did you become such a Pretty Little Liar?
You’re a woman and you’re a gay man, let’s hear you roar.
The bi label is just a step in the coming out process.
Drunken hookup. Curious. Bi. Full blown gay. Elton John.


Faking It 2.18

How come this is the end of their junior year and they’re all so sexually experienced? Even in 90210 there were some virgins junior year.

What’s wrong, already screwed everything with a pulse?
We are more than our scars.
What is she doing?
No clue.
Don’t do this.
Or what?


The Simpsons 27.03

No one outfats me.


The Simpsons 27.04

Halloweening your house.
I’ll take this to my dad and tell him it’s his new roomate.


Happy Halloween since I won’t see you till November.