Here are some quick October reviews. Look out for the remaining 15 episodes this Thursday.

Greys 12.04

Derek’s killer is Callie’s new girlfriend.

Who screws the interns?
The father of my children.
I’m a widow, I’m dead inside. I’m widow Grey, I’m all okay.
Yours is the face they will remember for the rest of their lives.
I’ve had that great amazing love.


Downton Abbey 7.04

Robert better not die. This is not Parenthood. Moseley and Baxter better end up together, and they better show us. Rose came back and acted weirdly. The writers need to understand that none of us cares about the hospital.

Trying to get through life the best that we can.
And you’re wrong about me, I mind what people say.
But he hasn’t ruined you, has he? And the proof is you’re standing here.


Castle 8.04

As I asked myself where the f do I recognise this guy from It got to me that it’s Gabby’s pervy stepfather from Desperate Housewives.

No, no. Well, yes, yes.
Pathological liars anonymous.
The blind priest just ran away.


How To Get Away With Murder 2.04

This season seems much less planned out.

Do you actually think that murdering someone is not a big deal?
I think about it a lot. Killing myself. Have been since I was a child.
If I don’t deserve to die, than you definitely don’t.
Let’s all find a cliff and go out in style.


How to Get Away with Murder 2.05

We finally got Bonnie’s back story and it was painful, and the show is finally getting more valuable again.

I found Wes and Nate last night?
That man is her father.


How to Get Away with Murder 2.06

I see what you’re saying, Asher is dating Bonnie who as a child was sexually abused by her father. Asher on the other hand gang raped a girl as a teenager. This is good. Who cares about all the other storylines this season, none of them are worth our time.

Contamination the crime scene. Let’s make a note of this officer not wearing gloves.
Tiffany was gang raped.


Grandfathered 1.03

Paget’s character reminds me of me a little more each week.

The age I lost my virginity. 13.
Thanks to you he’s one step away from being Norman Bates.
Mother in Parenthood.
Which Friends character are you?Come on, I’m Monica!
You delay, delay, delay and suddenly it’s too late.
What’s this, a cheesy rom com.


Grandfathered 1.04

Come on, Stamos you do know who Big Bird is, remember how obsessed Michelle was with him on Full House? Posting fake reviews and lying about leaving home on point. Other than that, weakest episode of the season.

Anonymous 2023.
Almost there. Traffic is awful.


The Good Wife 7.02

Jeffrey Dean Morgan joins the cast! An SVU case about mom taking naked pictures of their kids and selling them as art.

Have you seen the movie It Follows?
That’s when I got my first email from a pedophile.
After I came back from school, these men would wait for me.


The Good Wife 7.03

Grace working as Alicia’s assistant/secretary is my new favorite thing about the show. Interns caring about their boyfriends was hilarious too. Don’t go to law school if you want a normal life, simple as that.

Do these new summer interns seem less concerned to you? They worry about their boyfriends and having easier work days.


Scandal 5.03

How can Fitz still treat Mellie like crap?

Shut it down or get fired, people.
We’re running, people.


Scandal 5.04

Quinn has recruited a new gladiator.

Gladiators don’t ask questions.


The Leftovers 2.02

What is it with this season? Pure boredom. Miss Patty and where the heck is Amy Brenneman? So Kevin is a part of rapture number 2?


Switched at Birth 4.18

Were we supposed to be surprised that Daphne’s tutor was gay? Wasn’t that obvious? A very weak episode.


Faking It 2.19

Karma is just jealous that Amy does not pay attention to her anymore that she may actually try to be with her for a while, ruining Amy’s feelings.

The real you is so fantastic.