Hi guys. I know I haven’t been reviewing films, (or writing proper reviews of shows either) since summer, but I will once the year ends. I have seen 253 films this year, and I want to make it to 300 by 2016. Here are some reviews I had time to rewrite today, some are missing, but will get posted on the weekend.

Greys 12.05

Oh the ugly dinner. Why are we keeping Derek’s killer on? And the bitch had the audacity to come back and pee in Mer’s bathroom. Shonda is making such a mistake hiring her. Best episode this season.

I like the whole where the wall was.
You’re smiling, like you’re in a hostage video.I like drunk Robbins.
Calliope. I used to call her that.
She’s going to join the program at Grey Sloan Memorial.
It’s where Derek died.
Perfect Penny killed my husband.
Derek was my brother.
Penny killed Derek.
Meredith said she killed him.
Penny was just going to tell me how my brother died.
So tell us how. I wanna know what happened. Tell me what happened.
Tell me the rest. Tell me all of it.
Did he say anything to you before you killed him?
Get her out of my house!
We’ll fire that bitch.
She killed Derek.
You should have told me.
Get her out of here before I kill her


SVU 17.06

Amanda’s sister is now a hooker. When she said ‘you were raped on the job’ I wished I could punch her through my screen. She never would have been raped if she didn’t have to protect your stupid ass. Also their mother is not much better as it turns out with her ‘maybe by then you’ll learn the value of family’. Important to point out: Kimmy convincing their mother it’s her agent calling her not her pimp. The new sergant is annoying and does not know anything.

No, that could be DNA.
What happens at SVU, stays at SVU.
Help Amanda and her baby.
You were raped on the job.


SVU 17.08

The new seargant is clearly not SVU material. He messes every case up and doubts Liv all the time! Come on, Liv knows what she’s doing!

He’s successful.
For your facebook page?
Its for Rollins. She’s gonna be pissed she missed it.


Downton Abbey 7.05

You’ve read too many novels, you’ve seen too many movies.


Switched at Birth 4.19

Do I really want to work for free?
Who cares what your mom does for a living?
Who said they need to be fixed.
What’s wrong with being abnormal.
Why is it that you tell her everything?
You chose her. Like always. Right now it feels like the last 4 years never happened.
You’re taking my job?


Switched at Birth 4.20

John being jealous and being mad at Katherine for wearing a tight but not so revealing dress. 10 months later Bay is a tattoo artist. And the last line that reminded me of Lost, ‘we have to go back’. I am said the second halfof season 4 flew by so quickly. I know I would have appreciated this show more If they played it as always, during summer, so no other shows get in the way. And I’m disapointed, as it may mean that we won’t get new episodes in January, but March or something.

You’ve got to let her go.
Your boyfriend payed 400 for the night.
In that dress.
You will be the artist you want to be, someday.
Go on your own.
I’m gonna do that.
But it gets better. I promise.
You should come with me.
To China?
You’ll bring your sketchbook. Get inspired.
The Switchters.
He’s perfect. He’s absolutely perfect.
Look at us honey, we are grandparents.
Carlton now. Carlton forever.
10 months later.


Bones 11.04

Booth stresses over Bones killing off a characted based on him.

You can’t kill Agent Andy. He’s based on me.
Thanks for the spoiler alert.
He’s easily replaceable. Just like agent Andy.
You’re killing Agent Andy? But he’s your husband.


Castle 8.05

Who knows, you guys. All Castle cases are the same.


Grandfathered 1.05

Gerald (Son).
Move the freaking car, man!
I think Vanessa has the car situation handled.
He was blasting Taylor Swift.
She was crying. He was loving it.


Grandfathered 1.06

You’re taking advice from a prepubescent kid.
Hacking into your mainstream.
That woman who tamed George Clooney.
And you are attractive.
I already told everyone in the bus over here.
Fake enthusiasm.
I’m binging on ice cream.
That’s not ice cream.
My sweat is staining up my shirt.
Are you using me for shade.
You were blessed with a big head, share your gift.
It’s locked it’s locked it’s a push.
I don’t play baseball. Did you bring it from your house.
My Amal is out there somewhere.


Nashville 4.03

Deacon’s sister dies.


Nashville 4.04

Yes idiot. I know.
I’m upset because I can’t be the way I am with you around people.
If I didn’t work with people with complicated lives, there would be no one to write with.


Nashville 4.05

Maddie sang with Juliette and lost her virginity to Colton all in one episode.


Nashville 4.06

Why is Dean’s sister from Gilmore Girls being a dumb groupie? Maddie is acting out. I guess they had to kill Jeff off as he joined Scream Queens.

What you wear what song you choose leaves a mark about who you are as an artist and as a person.
What is it, drugs, booze?
You are so talented.
You’re practically her father.
She was a born performer.
I would like to sing you one of her songs. She used to close every show with that song.


Scream Queens 1.05

I’m gonna look like a skinnier Angelina Jolie.
Someone always goes lesbian.
It’s super weird that you sleep with so many old people.
A panic room. Jodie Foster’s was small and gross.
I’m about to get murdered.
The only thing we can do is watch him die.
There wa snever any food in there. Just laxatives.
You and I are gonna outlive that nerd.
Thank you for making that announcement that no one cares about.
What a great way to pretend all those people we knew were not brutally murdered.


Scream Queens 1.07

I love Jamie Lee Curtis in this, but I do love her in everything.

And i do best to try to pretend I listen.
I saw that movie 50 times.
Just cause some damn hoe got murdered in it.
You know a woman’s face was burned with it?
We dont really eat around here.
This university can survive a series of killings.
You know why I never went into therapy? Beause the less we know about ourselves, the better.
Two babies?
That unusually weird girl with weird candle fetish.
You toothless inbreds.
Stupid foreign assholes.
Grace is the killer and this thing proves it.
You can stop killing everybody.
Why are you the same size as a 40 year old woman.
We all have mommy issues.


The Leftovers 2.03

Amy Brenneman centric episode. Finally. Laurie ran off some Guilty Remnants, and broke into some people’s house to get her laptop back from a kid.

I just need a file off that laptop.


The Leftovers 2.04

Evangeline as in Evangeline Lilly. Nice touch Lindeldolf.

Did it happen again? Are the people gone? Are they gone?
And then there are people who really wanna fucking die.


The Leftovers 2.05

Definitely my favorite episode this season, with Matt not being able to go back to Miracle and signing himself up for public punishment, by ‘carrying a cross’ just like Jesus did.

We live here.
I wanna free him. Because it’s my turn.


The Leftovers 2.06

Why so little Amy Brenneman this season? We’re halfway through and she’s been in 2 episodes.

Did you touch her that day?
Yeah its called lensing.
Because we asked them for help and they banished your brother.
I’m a lens?
Demon has chosen you.
Say it again and say it slow.
It’s Laurie Garvey.


Scandal 5.05

Weirdos, focus.
A criminal, a whore, and idiot and a liar.
You fired Elizabeth?


Scandal 5.06

I don’t recall.
Olivia Pope’s band of lawbreakers.
Harrison Wright.
We’re all going to hell.
I didn’t say kill, you really have to let that go.
How sick is this. How sick are you?
He killed your son. My father killed your son.
Please hold for senator Grant.
You are my freedom.
You are going to make me the President of the United States.


The Good Wife 7.04

This is not To Kill a Mockingbird or Anatomy of a Murder.


The Simpsons 27.04

My friend actually did this, asked the police if he has the right to restrain a guy who attacked him a few days prior.

24 years trying to kill a 10-year-old boy.
Let’s move on to the next suspect.
Yes, there are intruders in my basement. Do I have the right to shoot.


The Simpsons 27.05

You gave money to this idiot?
Homer something.
You got into a fight with her because she wanted to give you a bike?


Faking It 2.20

What an awful finale, remember how good the season one finale was or the first half of season 2? When Amy told Karma about her feelings? Lauren can’t leave to Texas, she’s probably my favorite character, with her constant ‘What the fuck is this?’

You can tell me that kiss meant something.
I can’t.