All the remaining episodes are here, now back to weekly tv reviews and film reviews too.  Expect the next post next Saturday, now enjoy!

Greys 12.06

How are we supposed to like Derek’s killer. I hope they’re not gonna make her a series regular. She killed Derek and now she took Arizona’s place.

And you didn’t find that reason enough?
Is there any part of this job that you can handle?
I’m talking to Derek.
And you came in. The spitting image of your mother.


Greys 12.07

I can’t believe the finale is next week. And yet another 4 month break. This episode they did a skull transplant. Webber being Arizona’s wing man was almost as good as the elevator scene, where Mer told the new McDreamy that her story is too long to tell and when she told Owen she promised Cristina she wouldn’t let him go all dark and twisty. Also Maggie explaining racism and white privelege to Amelia.

Wilson, I have three kids. Three. Do you know how little sleep I get?
Are any interns interning at the lesbian bar?
I wanted to punch her in the face.
Guess where I’m from.
Wrong, New Zealand.
I made a promise to Cristina that I wouldn’t let you go all dark and twisty.Just tell me. Do we hate him?
We hate him.
And they’re telling me they’re not boarding coach yet.
Your name is on all the walls. What’s the story there.
It’s too long to tell.
So you wanna grab a drink?
I’m a friend of Owen Hunt’s, so no.


SVU 17.07

Right on top of my notes it says, ‘The pastor, right?’ and indeed that was the case. One of the best episodes this season, but I really thought brother was the rapist just like in the Dugglars’ case.

I had sexual activity.
You didn’t to anything wrong. You’re still a good person.
That’s what he told me.
How about you write it down?
These issues don’t just go away.
He got her other sister pregnant.
I’ve been binge watching this show.
I’m usually right.
Rollins, you’re alright?
I really screwed up. I won’t be able to do this.
We’ve got family, camera crew, and that pastor.
He gets them away from home.
Married?! She’s 13!
She’s legal.
He is Tate’s baby’s father and I believe the other child’s too.
You need to stop talking to her.
He told me that’s what people in love do.
I want him put away!
Most rapists don’t hunt on the streets, they hunt where they’re trusted.


Downton Abbey 6.06

I’ll miss this show dearly. It still does not register it’s ending.

Matthew died in a car crash.
Marigold is sweet but why would any man take her on. She’s so stupid to have settled herself with a child.
Could this be love?
Oh shut up.
Shouldn’t we shake out his pockets?
Have you found anyone to hit with it yet?
If I had it my way, I would have hit a lot of them.
No you may not.
My word is still not good enough after all these years.


Downton Abbey 6.07

So happy for Mr Moseley! Now I just hope he marries Miss Baxter in the Christmas Special.

This is the first place that I’ve laid down some roots.
Nobody is always friendly.
I’ll be very glad If you’ve joined the teaching staff at the village school.
Well done, Mr Moseley.
I can’t give you up.
You will be hurt again, but that is not the reason to give up on the man who is right for you.
What’s so funny?
Just life, Mr Carlson, just life.


Downton Abbey 6.08

Beautiful finale, but they should have went deeper into Thomas’s suicide attempt. I know he’s just the help, but It would be nice to see the emotional fallout. I hope Barrow will be Little Goerge’s Carlson. Sprout will write to Edith’s magazine, under a female nickname. Can’t wait for the Christmas episode.

A house of its repute.
Edith would outrank us all.
She’s quite handful.
You ruined Edith’s life today.
Mrs Pattmore has been loyal to this house and now this house has to be loyal to her.
He said he hoped I made more of myself.
Barrow slit his wrists?
Thomas has cut his wrists.
Do you still think dismissing Barrow was a useful saving, Papa?
And Barrow tries to end his.
Tom says he is in love with you and you’re in love with him.
I can’t be a crash widow again.
I’ll be best man at both of your weddings.


The Good Wife 7.05

Oh Howard. I haven’t seen him represent one client over the last 7 years, but okay.

I’m doing it alphabetically.
That’s convenient.That’s code for old. That’s code for Jewish.
Old fart. Gargoil.
I call Diane Lockhart to the stand.
I see you’re running an adult day care now.


The Good Wife 7.06

She’s black. She suffered. Like my people.


Scream Queens 1.06

Funny and I don’t get all these stuck up people who think this is crap. Every time they reference The Silence of the Lambs, The Shining or Texas Chainsaw Massacre my day gets a little better.

We have gathered here today because a backstabbing little bitch got exactly what was coming for her.
Like a bunch of hobbos.
This dumb dead bitch.
Have fun being dead.
Will you please go kill some people?
Are you having sex with a goat.
Cops finger Dean Munch.
You wanna play quid quo pro Clarice?
It’s a lawsuit.
No, hooker.
For saying Chad was having sex with a goat.
Liquid laxative.
To young girls getting what’s coming to them.


Nashville 4.07

Jeff is dead and they’re having a concert and Scarlett cut her hair. One of the best episodes this season. Julliette finally asked for help and got sent to a rehab centre.


How to Get Away with Murder 2.07

Bonnie’s past and Asher covering up rape is all I care about this season. Is Annalise Wes’s mother? Is that what they’re tryng to say? Is that why he got added to the program from the waitlist? Was Annalise checking all her potential students and then saw him and added him from the waitlist. What are the chances that a son would follow his mother’s footsteps without knowing anything about her? Also, the lady who committed suicide was not his biological mom. Are they saying Annalise got pregnant from rape when she was a little girl?

She’s blafing, you idiot.
Who is she? You’re blushing!
Cause I get to see you again.
We run off together.
Four guys took one girl upstairs so don’t you dare say you didn’t know what they were going to do to her.
She went to a party and her life changed forever.
You just keep on being you.I can’t look at you the same anymore.
She told you, didn’t she?
That’s no problem, I’ve got Sam’s money.
He’s not just some student, that’s him.
You exposed me!


How to Get Away With Murder 2.08

Get on board or you’re the next dead body out there.
Bonnie crying in the shower.
Stop. Call it in.
Bonnie would have already been at the lab.
I need you to be my new Bonnie.
Sinclair has been tapping our house!
Maybe Mr Millstone should be my new Frank.
Another one for Mr Millstone.
Miss Castillo could be me one day.
He’s a part of an incest. And she only had one brother.


Scandal 5.07

SVU case. Bill Cosby case.

To tell the president he just hang a medal on a rapist.
The fact that you rape women.
You knew? Did you give him the drugs because you knew what he would do with them?
So if he rapes a few, then it doesn’t matter.
Liz is gonna be the vicepresident’s chief of staff.
He’s not the President anymore. You are.


Scandal 5.08

First he leaves Mellie, now Liv.

Kill me now.
Olivia is judge, jury and executioner.
Helen of Troy.
I’ve read it throughly.


Bones 11.05

What is it with Bones this season!?

It tastes like metal.


Bones 11.06

And I thought it couldn’t get worse than last week.


Castle 8.06

Same as with Bones, what the hell is going on?

Who are you, inspector Gadget?