I’m so behind on film reviews, I owe you almost 200 titles. Here are some of them, and now I’m onto 10 more.

Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead

Oh, The 90s and family films. It’s as hard to find an aboninable one, as to find a stupendous one nowadays. This one was funny and cute, and wouldn’t we all wish to get a stable job without anyone checking our credentials? I am glad the older brother got his act together, but he should have gone to work too, so the film does not come off as sexist. A little over dramatic, a little dark-comedy-ish, but overall a 90 min you definitely won’t want back. Thanks Netflix.


Paper Towns

As much as I enjoyed it as a whole, I thought that leaving town before graduating was an extremely immature behaviour. It looked like she didn’t think she would have to go to work. How do you expect to start over when you’re not going to college and it does not look like you’re going to work either? You can’t just say ‘screw it, I hate this town, I don’t need a high school diploma, and I am not going to work’. How is she going to support herself? I haven’t read the book, but I would rather see Looking for Alaska than this again.


The Man Who Knew Too Little

Absolutely adored the parts where he didn’t have a clue, which frankly was throughout the whole film. My favorite scene was when he got stopped by the police after running over all the cones and the guy who was chasing him said to his men ‘he’s good, he clearly has connections’ when it was the first time he met the cop. The greek dance was a little long, but none of the less entertaining when he danced with the bomb. This is one of Bill Murray’s quieter projects, but he should do even more comedies like this one.


When Calls The Heart

Why would they invent a fake aunt, when they could have just done exactly what they did in the series of the same name. They should have introduced Elizabeth as who she was in the book, not her niece finding her diaries and following her footsteps.



Best horror/thriller I have seen in months. Entertaining, claustrophobic, the only problem is the weak ending. I told you Emily Alyn Lind was going to have an amazing career after playing the little Amanda on Revenge, and she really is.


The Visit

More funny, than scary. I am very glad I could relate to this film on a personal level due to Ed’s character’s obsessive compulsive disorder. But why didn’t he wash his hands after peeing rather than throwing a fit over the tissues being gone. And no OCD person would run around on their hands and knees under the house. The owen scene reminded me of Case 39. A friend of mine watched it before me, and when I asked him he said he can’t tell me as he didn’t want to spoil it for me, but the moment, when thy find out -spoiler- that these people were not their granparents is the absoulte best from the whole film. I don’t think the kids would have dropped their cameras when running out of the house when carried their cameras everywhere with them.


The Gift

A friend mentioned above said to me he thought the gift would be an actual gift, not rape. The film was a little too long, and lacked action, I really thought it would be more similar to The Purge, but they got a gift as a form of a child, in a creepy pervy ‘The Resident’ way, but they did. The thing is the wife didn’t do a thing to the assailant and she was the one raped and the main character could just as well leave her with the child. If the ending was different, the film would be simply awful.


The Gallows

It was a little better than the trailer at the cinema suggested. The haunted play takes lives of students involved in the ressurection of the play. Looked low budget and sometimes that’s all a horror film needs.


Sharknado 3

The first one was entertaining, the second one laughable, the third one, disastrous. I know that Aubrey Peeples is doing great on Nashville but they should not have recast her character. Best scene, when the guys head is bitten off at Jaws Shark Park while taking a picture.