As I’m trying to make a list of 30 Christmas themed films I’ve never seen, which is quite a challenge, as I think I’ve covered all the titles I might like last year, I have a little time to write some reviews, amd as I’m going on a holiday in 2 weeks, I won’t be posting any film reviews till next year. My plan is to publish 10 more posts with film reviews in November and then only the TV ones in December. I don’t know which shows will still air in December, but I’ll review all of them.

Me and Earl and The Dying Girl

If you were that kid who spent all their time making your own versions of popular films, then you’ll get this film, as that’s exactly what the main characters were doing. Where you that film freak that everyone knew they’re gonna exceed in what they do? Did you get distracted or discouraged along the way and now you don’t do anything film related anymore? The kid spent a whole year making a film for his friend. I hated that they lied to us that she doesn’t die at the end. As a whole it was an enthralling coming out story. I hoped it to be like Perks of being a Wallflower or It’s kind of a funny story and it was in a way, just more melancholic.


House Arrest

Jocose and unerringly how all family films should be. I said it in the previous post, but 90s family films are one of those little things that make my life better. I wish Jamie Lee Curtis did more films like this one. Didn’t we all want to lock our parents in the basement?


The Little Rascals

Turns out I’m too old for some of the family films after all. The film was witty, but not exactly what I expected.


I Spit on Your Grave 3

I absolutely love the I Spit on your grave series as I’m a huge fan of the rape and revenge genre. The original The House on the Left and I Spit on Your Grave, pictured rape, but took a path of revenge as a healing process. I thought the remake of the first part was very good, but i was crest fallen with the sequel. They went from rape and revenge in the first one to rape porn. The second part was more scary, as the survivor could not end her nightmare as they brought her abroad and the person she trusted was related to the rapists. The third one though does not show almost any rape, but focuses on avenging rapists. There was this 80s film called The Ladies Club where the rape survivors went to rape survivors anonymous meetings and they decided to castrate/murder all the rapists. I highly recommend it to everyone interested in the subject. This is what this story is about. I absolutely can’t stand the ending of ISOYG 3, as it shows that rape victims don’t have a chance of having a normal life, as the girl will probably end up jailed for life.


Hocus Pocus

I am still disenchanted that Thora Birch isn’t acting as much and that her career didn’t start off after The Hole, American Beauty and Ghost World. I remember following her career as a kid, like I do now with a few other actresses. I watched all her films when they came out and I’m sad she isn’t doing this to that same extend anymore. It’s like with the Olsen twins, or Kay Panabaker, I will never get over them retiring. Why can’t someone I don’t like and who is talentless retire for once? The only way I could have enjoyed this film more would be if I watched it on Halloween, back when I was Thora’s age. This is most likely my second favorite performance of her as a little kid after The Monkey’s business. And I am definitely watching All I want for Christmas this Christmas.


Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

What a piece of garbage. When I first watched the first movie, I was shocked with how good it was, and glad that looked past the teen franchise headline. The second part doesn’t have the closing labyrinth or the mechanic spiders. Instead it has zombies and a bunch of boring talks between the characters. I will watch the last part and It better be rather gnarly.



When It came to Netflix, I asked my horror mates if they’ve seen it and they said it was chilling. To be honest, I found it quite displeasing. We all have seen these types of horrors, where they focus on the picture as there’s some other entity on it. It looks like the girl did not avenge them because they raped her, even though she did kill these two who did, but she was still obsessive of the guy. Why on earth did he electrocute himself? Everyone knows you can’t shoot or electrocute a ghost. The final scene was what finally convienced me. Watch it, because, believe me, you’ll like the ending.


Window Wonderland

This is not exaclty the type of films we had in mind when we let Chyler go on Greys. After years, we’ve finally accepted her exit, but we expected her carrer to start off, not to go back. I love Christmas films, but this was like one of those crappy Christmas dog films that no one knows why people make, and you won’t enjoy unless you’re under 8 or have a dog of the same rase at home.