Quick reviews.

Bones 11.09

Wanda and Buck are back! Entertaining.


Bones 11.10

At least they did not kill TJ Thyne’s character off! Also, nightcrawler is one of those jobs I would be really good at.

Why are we always the lucky ones?
Cause someone needs to be here to help the ones who aren’t.If you don’t know, then it’s not serious.
Hodgins is paralised, Angela.


Nashville 4.09

I just love how the age difference is starting to be a problem for the Conrad sisters. Maddie needs to start treating her sister with respect, as right now she’s the annoying charater of the show.

Stop laughing at me. I said stop laughing at me.


Nashville 4.10

I can’t believe we need to wait till late March for new Nashville.

Two people making music. It’s quite intimate.
Baby I love you so much, will you marry me?


The Good Wife 7.10

KSR. Kidnap, sudate, rape.
It’s people. They’re scum.
Actually, he’s a registered sex offender.
6 years ago you got a message from Will Gardner and I deleted it.
Will said he loved you and he would give up everything to be with you. I erased it.


Scream Queens 1.11

Torturing these losers.
Buying cheap presents for our friends.
We’ll be late for the midnight hippo stompido at Walmart.
Americans in sweatpants
Cheap crappy garbage they can’t afford and don’t need.
That will turn her earlobes green and give her an infection.
Oh as if number 5.
That’s not what feminism is about.
Shut up hoebag.
To feminism.
2hours ago you were like lets kill the bitch.
All those in favor of kicking Grace out of the Kappa house?
I don’t want your first time to be with a serial killer.


Scream Queens 1.12

It was Boone.
Who did you kill?
This is not a philosophy class, it’s a serial murder.
Spoiler alert. It’s one of your sisters.
Let’s honor his memory by moving on.
Who are you, Forrest Gump?
I lost my virginity to a Nickelback song.
It could save you from being killed.
How to find mr or mrs right.
You rich damn hoes are going downtown.
Tim Daly.
Princess Leia.
You’rr going to an asylum.
Not guilty. Guilty.
I love it here, I never wanna leave.
There were no boys to stay skinny for.

Grandfathered 1.10

Stamos’s smirk character did not make this plotline feel sincere.

Can you play it from the top. It seems to be helping Edie.


The Simpsons 27.08

I honestly no longer remember these episodes. But my notes, under unreadable quotes, say…


The Simpsons 27.09

Like I said.


The Simpsons 27.10

‘Did you doodle on your official report?’ – Now that’s relatable
Goth Lisa?